When An Interview Goes Wrong

"Hello I'm Crystal Johnson and I'm sitting here with the famous band, Gorillaz!" The audience clapped and hollered. "Please introduce yourselves."

"I'm Murdoc Nicclas. Bassist. Owner of the band.

"2D, singer and play the keyboard."

"Noodle, guitarist."

"Russel Hobbs, drummer." Crystal cleared her throat.

"Well, are you all planning on making another album?"

There was a moment of silence.

"I don't know, we just wanna take it easy, you know..." Murdoc mumbled. "Take it sloooow."

"I've been makin' me own music." 2D said. "I mean, I haven't made the beats, just the lyrics. I was hopin' lil Noods here can help me."

"What the bloody 'ell is Noodle gonna do?" Murdoc snapped. Apparently he was drunk. He drank a whole bottle of volka when they were riding to the studio. "She is 'bout to go to thaat place where the people have those Jackie Chan moves and that language, don't get me started on that gibberish-"

"I'm going back to Japan," Noodle corrected him.

"Russel," Crystal turned to him. "What are your plans for the future?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know, gotta wait and see what happens. See, I don't really plan for things-"

"Yep, yep thaat's truee," Murdoc slurred. "I mean, he never really thinks. One moment of time he stayed in the basement of Ike Turner. Ike Turner! You went a wee bit mental didn't ya Russ?"

"The guy sure did look like Ike Turner."

"This guy may be the best drumer, but sure is unprepared. Remember that little ghost in the video...er, what was that video again?"

"You mean Clint Eastwood and Rock The House?" 2D budded in.

"Yeah, yeah, even face-ache remembers."

"I guess I have that bad luck. So man ghost possesed me. And I had to make some har decisions and lose some things. Those were some hard times. I mean, I had to lose my closest friend Del, the ghost who used to live inside me. We were best friends and-"

"Russ, Russ.."

"Sorry man."

"Take it easy man. Take it easy, have a salad...you know what I mean."

Crystal looked at Noodle, who was texting and then 2D. "2D, would you do another album if you were told to?"

"'Ou' mean forced?" 2D asked.

"Yeah...let's say that..." Crystal shifted in her seat.

"No, not if I didn't want to. Really, I don't let Muds or anybody else push me around-"

"Oi, you! Get me astray! NOW!"

"Yes sir..."

"And what about you Noodle?" Crystal asked. There was a moment of silence. Noodle was fiddling with her phone. "Noodle?"

Murdoc grabbed the phone. "Inteviewer is talkin' to you!" Noodle tried to grab her phone but Murdoc still had it tight in his hand. "Who you textin' anyway?" She grabbed the phone then hit Murdoc in the head with it. "Dammit Noodle!"

"Excuse me Mr. Niccals, this show is live and there isn't suppose to be any cursing on the show," Crystal said.

"What you mean no cursing?" Murdoc yelled.

"Awww, here it go..."Russel said. "Another episode."

"I curse all the time you skinny, no good, whore with your perfect make up and blonde hair! I own the show!" Murdoc ran to the camera man and pushed him out of the way. "I own this fuckin' show now!"

"Murdoc-San!" Noodle yelled.