An Interview Gone Wrong

"Hello welcome back," Crystal said. "We had some technical difficulties but now we're back on air." She glanced at Noodle. "Soo Noodle, what do you like to do for fun?" Noodle was texting.

"Just text..." Noodle trailed off. She placed her phone in her lap. "Play guitar really."

There was an awkward moment of silence...

"Well..." Crystal unfolded a piece of paper. "Some fans of you all have sent in some questions for you's the first one. Do you all play pranks on each other all the time? This question was from this fan named Ra-sheed..." Russel grabbed the sheet of paper out of Crystal's hand.

"Rasheeika," Russel corrected her. Murdoc gave the usual evil laugh.

"Of course, love. All the time. But, we jus' don't play tricks on each other, you see? Whenever we go to parties and stuff, we trick everybody there! One time, when we we're all at the after par-ty, this girl wanted a hot dog-"

"Muds, Muds! Don't tell this story please..." Russel begged.

"No, no I insist-"

"But Noodle is here." He looked at Noodle then rolled his eyes. Murdoc continued.

"I-I-I-I-I-I got this hot dog, right? We we're all at this par-ty, so this girl wanted one, so I placed the bun on my (BEEP) right?"

"Muds, please don't start..."

"'Ou mean you put the bun on it?" 2D asked.

"N-no, no, no, I put my (BEEP) in the bun and put ketchup all over it. I put it on the plate-"

"Oh god."

"And walked over to her. She kept grabbing it and stuff. And I was like 'yeah girl grab that hot dog, grab it and then-"


"And we're back!" Crystal said. "Just some technical difficulties."

"No! No! You can't just con them like that!" Murdoc yelled. He put his face into the camera. "They forced me to stop talking and put us off air! Isn't that a load of bullshit?" Crystal and the whole audience gasped.

"Editior! You missed a curse word!" Crystal yelled. She smiled at the music group. "So...2D, what's been going on between you and your girlfriend A-Dawg?"

"Nothing really," 2D replied. "Jus' lovin' each other that's it."

"2D, 2D," Murdoc said, shaking his head. He looked at Crystal. "I mean, I haven't even heard any moaning from face-ache's bedroom. So there really is nothing going on."

"Murdoc!" 2D yelled. "Thas' none of your business!"

"It is my business because I listen to what's going on in your room through the door!" Everyone looked at Murdoc all crazy.

"Murdoc, I knew you had some issues, but," Noodle began. "But you're acting like a stalker on the trail, yes?"

"Well to settle this, let's get A-Dawg out here right now!" Crystal yelled. The crowd started cheering and A-Dawg walked out. She sat next to 2D. "So Ashleigh-"

"A-Dawg," said the girl.

"A-Dawg, what is the truth?" She looked at 2D. Ashleigh whispered something in 2D's ear. 2D nodded. "Is there something going on in the bedroom?"


Murdoc gasped. Noodle gasped. Russel cracked his knucles at 2D.

"What kind of stuff?"

"Well what do 'ou think?" 2D asked Crystal. "Yes, we do that stuff in the bedroom."

"What stuff?" Crystal asked.

"Are you that stupid?" Noodle asked. "They have sex! Gosh!"

"You know what, I can't listen to this any longer. If I do I'm gonna up-chuck on all of you." Murdoc took his microphone off. Then he walked offstage. The rest of the band was still sitting in their chairs.

"Well there goes this interview. I'm Crystal Johnson and we'll see you next time!"