For Mz. Raine's Quotes Challenge

Quotes: Sometimes in order to not fall apart, you have to let go of what keeps you together.

It's so hard to be strong when you love the one thing that makes you weak.

You don't die from a broken heart-you only wish you had.

Story: Leaving

"I'll never leave you, Cho. Never. And if I do, you can attack me and beat me until I'm nothing more than a pulp. I'll deserve it, if I leave you. I'll never leave you."

But you can't beat the pulp out of a dead body. And killing yourself because your boyfriend left you after saying he wouldn't isn't a really good excuse for doing so. But he had left me… he had died.

I knew it wasn't his fault. I wanted it to be his fault. I wanted to scold him and shout at him for being too ambitious. You can't shout at a dead person, though.

"Cho! Close your eyes!" shouted Marietta.

But it was too late. I had seen Cedric Diggory's dead body as soon as it had appeared.

I wanted my eyes to be deceiving me. I wanted this to all be a nightmare, and that tomorrow, I'd wake up, and the third competition was yet to be completed. Another part of me, though, the sensible side, knew that Cedric was dead.

Then, I wanted to die. I wanted to through myself off the top of the Astronomy tower. I wanted to put myself right in a dragon's mouth. I wanted to escape the world.

"Cho, it's okay," Marietta whispered. "What would Cedric say if he was here?"

I knew exactly what he'd say if he was here. He'd say: Stop being such a sap! Get up and go live life! Be strong.

I couldn't be strong, though. I was a being with a crumpled heart. I would never, ever be strong again. Cedric was the one thing that held me up, the one thing that stopped me from dieing every day.

"Cho…" Marietta shook me.

I was down on the field, grasping Cedric's shirt and crying into it. Several pairs of hands were trying to pull me off. I didn't let go.

"Cho…" Marietta repeated. "There's no turning back the clock. Cedric is de- gone. You have to except that. Let him go, please."

I released him, but I would never truly let him go. He would still burn in my heart, forever. He may have left me, but I would never leave him.