Chapter I




The room was white, not a sterile hospital color, but more a creamy, homey texture, and it had a soft, gentle feel to it. Light filtered through high windows and the sound of birds chirping echoed in from the nearby park outside. Alphonse Elric smiled to himself as he moved towards the large king sized bed in the center of the room. He had known from the moment he laid eyes on it, that this was the perfect home away from home for him and his brother. Though it was true that they both held military merit now and because of which they were always welcome at the dorms, the young boy did not think them a suitable place for his brother at this time, given his condition that is.

Turning his attention towards the other occupant of the room, Alphonse's smile saddened, and he sat at the edge of the bed, his dirty blonde bangs brushing over his tired gray eyes. They were getting long, he noticed, it was time for a haircut. Facing him, bundled under a large comforter, sat another boy with long, shoulder length hair that matched the shade of Alphonse's, albeit a bit lighter. His large, half-lidded, golden eyes were blank and emotionless, barely revealed beneath the young man's long bangs. He lay against his pillows unmoving, the small rise and fall of his chest the only indication of life.

"How are you doing today Nii-san? Was the new nurse good to you? The Fuhrertold me she was nice and pretty, just how you like them. I'm sorry I was out so long, but you know work is a hassle. Were you lonely without me?" There was no response, not that Alphonse was really expecting one. His brother had been in this comatose state for almost eight months now. The doctors have no clue what is wrong with him, and Alphonse had met with some of the best alchemists left living in the world, but… still…

The boy sighed heavily and moved a little closer to the other, brushing the bangs off the elder boys face. Eight months of research and still nothing. It had taken Edward six years to restore Alphonse's body from the gate, but he did not have that kind of time. His brother was in a vegetative state, if nothing was done soon, his body could just waste away. Alphonse eyed his brother's wrist wearily. There were not one, but several IV cords attached to him, keeping him filled with the proper nutrients to remain semi-healthy. They could only do so much though; if the body did not absorb the nutrients then it was a futile effort. No matter how much drugs the doctors pumped into his diminutive body, without his mind telling him to live, Edouard would certainly die.

Al did not want to think about that at this moment. In fact he did not think there was a time when he would ever want to think about his big brother dying. Instead, he tried his best to purge his mind of any unwanted thoughts and snuggled closer to his unresponsive brother, running small fingers into soft, light hair.

"Today was very stressful, Nii-san. The doctor that Ling recommended did not show up, even though he was supposed to be here today. I know he is coming all the way from Xing, but…" Alphonse paused to untangle a troublesome knot from his brother's golden locks. He continued and laid his head on Edwards shoulder. "Ling misses you. He told me to tell you that, when you get better he'll come over to hang with you. I don't know if you would appreciate that." Al chuckled as he pictured the expression his brother would have at the sight of his hyperactive best friend. There was no doubt that Ed would probably run straight back into a coma if Ling tried to hug him again. He frowned as his hand stuck once more in a large tangle. "…Winry called today." He continued, reaching for a brush on the vanity beside them. "She said she has some vacation time coming up and is going to come down to Central to see us." The boy smiled, situating himself behind his elder brother and beginning to stroke the long hair in a practiced rhythm.

"Is that not great, Ed? We haven't seen her for such a long time. I heard she cut her hair." Alphonse stopped brushing for a moment, pretending that his brother had just ranted about stupid girls cutting their stupid beautiful hair, and why in the hell would she do something like that. The younger boy knew that it was just his over active imagination, but it comforted him. He knew that when he looked his brother in the face there would be no response, no flickered of irate emotion…no Ed as he knew him. Trying his best to stop the flow of hot tears down his face, the young man continued his one-sided conversation. "You know Fuhrer Mustang is having a peace conference in a few weeks. All the countries ambassadors are coming. It is his first big meeting since his promotion, and he wishes you could be there too. Well, he never outright said it but…" The boy released a satisfied gasp as he successfully split his brother's hair into threes. "You know he has always been like a father to us. Even if you won't ever admit it, and he really misses you too."

Alphonse stopped in the middle of braiding the others hair, wondering idly as to why he was doing it in the first place when it was almost time for bed anyway. He stroked Edward's fair hair, relishing the feel of it, burying his nose into the golden locks. He would never forget the pure ecstasy this brought him, after six years the feel, the smell, the knowledge of his brother being right next to him, alive and here with him. "Because…" He whispered softly as he lay on the soft feathered pillow beside Ed, wrapping gentle, yet strong arms around the other. "…Because you are still here with me Nii- san, right? Your there somewhere and you'll come home to me soon… and tonight we'll dream together…like we always do."

The boy felt his eyes drift closed slowly, and he prayed to whatever divinity that would listen, that he could dream tonight as if he were once again a small child…with no worries for what the next day brings.

Hello, there! For those of you who do not know me, I am Faith your author and guide for this story. I hope you all enjoy it despite the obvious fluff in which inspired me to write this. I love fluff between the Elrics' because they are so cute. This story takes place after the veggie- Ed ending of the bluebird's illusion fan game. It was inspired by the song "Flying dreams" from the movie the secret of Nyhm. Roy and Riza will make their appearance next chapter as well as a few others. Hope you enjoy.