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Summary: If the blessed has the Holy Trinity so does the wicked... from a pure soul of a mortal boy, only tainted by a demon prince— a hellish fruit will be conceived. A prophecy was foretold at Hell Chateau that a powerful demon prince will be born to defend their race from their most cunning enemy 'The Fallen'. He will be formed from his mortal mother's womb— and with his father's blood was of the strongest demon prince ever lived. But a familiar shadow from Ciel's horrid past was lurking around, and will try to stop this trinity— will Ciel and Sebastian survive this dark presence or will it lead to a tragic death?

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Chapter I: The Gift Of Danger

The distinguished noble family of Phantomhive's household is busy today, everybody knew that this day is very special, so mistakes MUST be avoided. Our beloved black butler, also let this day be an exception, so instead of waking his young master early— he decided not to disturb his lover's peaceful slumber. Yet, not too long— a dreadful scream broke the peaceful silence.

"Ah—Sebastian! Ah! Sebastian! I'm dying!" A strangled cry was heard from the master's bedroom of a certain 13 year old beauty. Hurried footsteps ran to where the source of the voice came from, then banged the door open, finding the boy losing his color.

"Ciel!" A worried face from a handsome man proceeded directly to the suffering boy, trying to calm him. "Come on, breath normally. Relax, my love."

"I'm relaxing! Damn it! Ah—!" Ciel cursed under his breath as the torturous pain lingered a bit more on his lower abdomen.

"Geez, I bet that hurts a lot." The blond chef said, mortified from the scene in front of him.

"The young master— I want to comfort him." Finny muttered with teary eyes, overly worried.

"I hope this mutation would end up soon, I can't bear to watch this." Muttered Merien, and same as Finny, she's almost crying.

"Now, now, we should strengthen ourselves more, aren't we? The young master needs more encouragement from us." Tanaka suggested, who is currently back to his normal self, as all of them gathered around to support Ciel.

"This stupid mutation! Ah—I will really castrate you after this! This is all your fault!"

"I know, I know— now bear with this a little. I will ease the pain." Sebastian lovingly smiled down at him. He swiftly placed his hand at Ciel's abdomen and revealed his fangs. The young earl, somehow, became calm at his securing crimson gaze, then within a blink of an eye— Sebastian was now latching at his neck.

"Ouch, that always seemed to hurt more—ooh—when he do those things, it always feels creepy." Bard mumbled.

"Hey, that's one way of giving the young master energy to survive the mutation. He must share his own strength to bo-chan all throughout this pregnancy season." Finny protested childishly.

"I know, it's just that— it's like, I'm still dreaming about him being a demon, and all about their strong bond and broken contract." He explained.

"Though it's all like a fantasy— we'll always be with the young master right?" The red-haired maid asked.

"Of course we will— we vowed loyalty to bo-chan, forever." Bard grinned.

"What an excellent armor you've gathered here, Sebastian. You really are a perfect butler from all aspects." Tanaka thought, happy and contented by this.

True, it became quite a shock to all of them when they knew, just yesterday, about the hidden mysteries behind their master and their butler. Although, it almost dragged them into madness, still, it made them happy that they were really part of the household to be trusted by such secrecy.



"I am a demon prince."

"A what?!"

"Geez... these idiotic servants weren't just clumsy but deaf as well." Ciel thought, almost swearing that his eardrums broke from their shouts.

"Finny! Bard! Merien! Don't you forget your manners in front of the master!"

"Ah— yes!" The three answered in unison.

"Ah, finally... an answer to all this mysteriousness, I wasn't expecting to know it much earlier." A very-normal Tanaka answered, staring back to Sebastian's serious gaze.

"True, but certain things happened that need everyone's cooperation and attention."

"Anything for the young master!" Said Finny with a determined face.

Sebastian only nodded and sighed as he looked at them, they maybe idiots but they are worth it for their loyalty and trust.

"As a demon prince whom the young master formed a contract with, his soul is bound to me for eternity. Although bo-chan got his revenge from his downfall before, I refused to devour his soul because I had harbored special feelings of affection for him— ever since. Then we both decided to lengthen our stay here, thus postponing our journey down to Hell Chateau."

"Ah— the power of love." Merien said, dreamily.

"But the young master has gotten more mature— well, engaging both of us to intimacy." Sebastian smirked, mocking Ciel with his famous Cheshire cat grin.

"What the—? Sebastian! You're the one who's—!" Ciel protested but was cut off again.

"Well, you know, penetration— sexual activities, if that wasn't clear enough to all of you."

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted, fuming with anger and deep embarrassment, painting his face red.

"Why, bo-chan? I am just merely explaining this to them, since you couldn't brought this all by yourself." The butler explained, playing innocent.

"Damn you. . !" Ciel cursed under his breath.

"So. . .Let me guess— the young master got pregnant?"

Silence. . .

"Very good Finny! You're not an idiot after all!"

"Really Sebastian? Yay!" The gardener jumped happily.

"So, the young master is pregnant. . ." Merien mumbled. "Wait. . ." Another long pause.

"PREGNANT!" All four of them reached their limits upon hearing another shocking news, as they completely blacked out and lost their consciousness.

"Note to self: Too much shock will lead to fainting."

"And whose fault do you think is it? Geez... Sebastian."

End of Flashback


"Although it is really hard to believe at first but the evidence is clearly shown in front of us." Bard stated.

"You're right, Bard." Merien and Finny answered.

"Feeling better now, my love?"

"Better? If this little tyke isn't moving every second then I will!"

"Now, now. Hey there, my strong little son, let's not cause your beloved mother too much pain, okay? Your poor father is left here, sabotage, and is dealing with my moody little wife." Sebastian mocked while massaging Ciel's abdomen where his son is forming, and who, immediately behaved within his touch, bearing his strong presence and demonic dominance.

"What the —? I'm not little! And you're already poisoning his mind against me even though he's not born yet! I am the mother here!" Ciel protested again, getting into his pregnant-emotional state.

"Hai, hai." His demon lover only grinned at his cute pouting face.

"You sick pedophile demon, how could you impregnate me in such an early age."

"Uh. . . speaking of age, my love. Happy 14th Birthday Ciel."


"Oh, yes. Young master come with us." Finny happily brought his young master down the dining hall, revealing their little. . .

"SURPRISE! Happy birthday, young master Ciel!"

Set in the big dining table, decorated with freshly-picked bouquets of white roses, are party hats, a stuffed turkey and a big chocolate cake with a mini-Ciel chocolate form on top and a neatly scribbled 'happy birthday Ciel' in front. They all knew that the young boy doesn't want a lavish feast so, this simple yet warm celebration will surely be appreciated.


"I am — I mean, I like it."

"Yay! The young master likes it!" Finny shouted again with joy.

"Shall we begin this feast?" Sebastian announced, eliciting cheers from the other servants.

"Ah wait — is that a present?"

"I think so Finny, but what's it doing here? I don't remember anything about a gift there before we left." Merien wondered.

"But if it is addressed to me then I shall open it, give it here."

"My Ciel, you shouldn't open things that were mysteriously sent."

"Shut up Sebastian. I'm going to open it because it's mine."

"Here comes his spoiled and moody character again."


"Nothing, my Ciel, aren't you going to open your present?"

"Tch, of course I will. I hope this one's good or it'll end up in the attic." Ciel muttered with an irritated voice. But as he opened the mysterious box. . . THUD!

"My Ciel, is something wrong?" Sebastian asked. But the respond he only received was a deathly-pale and shocked face from his lover. Everyone wondered what's inside the box — then they saw. . .

"Noah of Arc play set?" Sebastian thought again but suddenly realized. 'Wait! It is authentic! But how can this be? This kind of toy must be extinct because of the fire but — '

"Father. . ."

"Young master, the former Lord is already gone." A concerned Tanaka said but was dumfounded by the other contents of the gift. Then all of a sudden, Ciel's body trembled madly, his beautiful eyes were almost breaking into tears; his demon lover quickly picked him up and wrapped him within his arms into a securing embrace.

"Young master. . ?" The other three servants were lost on the events, wondering about the stunned face they first saw from a calm Tanaka.

"Tanaka is it a fake. . ?" The butler's eyes narrowed at the letter and the fresh white rose Tanaka is holding.

"It is, unfavorably genuine."

"No. . ." The young boy nestled even deeper into his lover's broad chest.

"Hush my love. We will both figure this out. Whoever this game master is- I will definitely hunt him down. Because I am one hell of a butler." Crimson eyes flared angrily — dangerously gazing right through the darkness that no one can ever hide.


'Every word of the letter was burned into me, like a new branded seal in my deepest soul. Is this another chess game I have to play with no choice? But why now? I am not only carrying my life alone — I have another one inside me. My little Anthony. . .'

(letter's content)

Happy 14th birthday my little angel, did you like the toy I sent you? I know it has always been your favorite. I miss you, my only Ciel.


Lord Vincent Phantomhive

'We will see each other soon. I will make sure of it.'


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