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Two aristocrats sat comfortably at the receiving area, enjoying their tea. When finally, the older one decided to start a little chat with the younger noble.

"I hope that the dinner was to your liking Earl Phantomhive." Vincent stated, aware of Ciel's uneasiness.

"Of course, the food was delicious. Thank you again for inviting me here."

"No, I should be the one thanking you. You lighten the mood around here with your grace".

"Oh, you praise me so. I am nothing but a boy myself." Ciel countered, feeling more awkward of their conversation.

"Dear earl, I am quite curious about your right eye. What happen to it?"

"I had an accident years ago. My right eye was necessary to be sacrificed."

"That's tragic. But I do trust that time healed it?"

"Yes Lord Vincent, time did. Yet, I didn't regret receiving this beautiful scar." Ciel said, pleased by the thought that his scar is his strong bond to his beloved demon.

"I envy you. Years ago, I also experienced a sad misfortune." Upon saying this, the lord suddenly removed his left glove, revealing to Ciel his prosthetic hand.

"What—?" Ciel asked, and his face, stunned.

"It's hideous, right?" The lord just watched Ciel's horrid face upon seeing his condition.

"And I can still remember every second of it, as if it only happened yesterday." He continued, suffering and nothingness reflected his void orbs.

Then, Ciel blinked twice when he thought that he saw something flickered through the lord's eyes. It was an old flame from a shard of Vincent's memories. . .


"Your time is up, pretty boy." The malicious shadow whispered through a young man's ear.

"Please, I beg of you. Give me more time, it's too early for me to leave." The young man pleaded, who's standing on his knees.

But the shadow only gave him a petrifying laugh.

"I am not a benevolent contractor, besides, I've been waiting patiently for this time to arrive." He reminded the man, showing him his mad grin.

"No, —my child. Please, great spirit, can I offer you another gift instead? He's my only child, I promise you that I will give you anything —."

"Silence human! We made a deal, and I will claim it!"

The young man cried upon hearing this, his heart is breaking into pieces. He cursed his self for being too arrogant and ambitious when he was young. He made a pact with the unknown entity to achieve his selfish goals. Now, the time has come to pay his debt. And his only son was the agreed prize.

"Now, now human. I'll be back around midnight. And be ready to hand me your son." The entity ordered him, then vanishing into the thin air.

"No, not my son —! Why? Why did I become so foolish?!" The man bellowed, cursing his own self to hell.

Yet, he knew that the debt must be paid.

'But it will never be my son.' He vowed.


"May I know what happened to your hand, Lord Vincent?" Ciel asked, bringing the wandering mind of the noble back to reality.

"I can't openly provide you the reason behind it, but I can give you a clue. I'm Rumpelstiltskin who's back for vengeance. And one day, I will claim what's rightfully mine from the start." Lord Vincent stated, looking intently at Ciel's eyes.

"Really? That won't be easy. If I were the queen, I would definitely hire one of Rumpelstiltskin's kin and make the both of them fight to death." Ciel countered, tired of the lord's intimidation.

"Oh? But how can you do such measures if you've got a weakness?" He asked the earl, his eyes starting to get interested.

"A queen will never have a weakness, she's got no choice but to —."

"Sacrifice his only child?" The lord suddenly cut him off with this answer.

"Child —?" Ciel finally got alarmed after hearing that word from the bitter lord. Then his hands unconsciously moved down his belly, caressing the slight bump and assuring that his dearest son is secure.

"Yes, the queen now have a weakness. A weakness that will cause her downfall if it's seized by her enemy." Vincent explained.

"But she won't be a fool, she will surely protect her child above all else." Ciel replied.

"You are quite wrong, my dearest earl. A clash will always be like a chess battle. If there's a new addition to her chess piece, it will always start as pawn. So, it will only mean that the child can never be protected by her knights." The lord stated, his gaze is now penetrating right through Ciel's verdict.

"If that's the case, then she will make her child turn into a knight." Ciel answered him with a determined voice.

"Yes. . . That's a good move, but are you even sure that her child can survive the brawl?"

"Yes he can, he's a strong fighter —like his father, the King."

"Oh, yes —I bet he is." Lord Vincent mused.

But their conversation was interrupted when the door suddenly opened, then a charming child came into view. . . Both the nobles' focus were now on him.

"Mama! Uncle Sebby and Uncle Michael sucked at hide and seek, I beat them twice in a row!" Anthony bragged, too pleased of his wins.

"Really? Wow! Your really good, my dearest." Ciel praised him, and he's also pleased by the demons' gentleness to the child.

"Mama, why do you have a serious face?" He asked, concerned at Ciel's facade.

"Your mama is just warming up her wits." Lord Vincent explained, answering him instead of waiting for Ciel's reply.

"Wits? Why? What happen?" Anthony asked again.

"It's nothing, dear one. Your uncle and I is also playing a game." This time Ciel responded, assuring the little boy.

"Really? Oh! I want to join too!"

"You already are, little one." Lord Vincent said, his face showing a wily grin.

"I am? So, what should I do?"

"You gather your strength, and hold on, tiny Anthony." Sebastian interrupted, together with Michael, they finally showed up from the shadows.

"Uncle Sebby! I told you already— do not call me tiny! You meany. . . " Anthony exclaimed, pouting cutely.

"Alright, alright. So Anthony, since you beat us what would you want for a prize?" Sebastian asked, getting the boy's interest again.

"Read me another story again, uncle!"

"As you wish, do you have any request then —?"

"I think that's enough for tonight, Anthony needs to sleep. It's already getting late." Lord Vincent suddenly cuts them off. Then, both the demon prince smelled his temper rising.

'Odd. . . Too odd indeed.' The princes thought.

"Aw . . But uncle, I'm not sleepy yet." The young boy protested.

"Now, now Anthony. Don't whine like that, a growing boy like you needs plenty of rest in order to become a strong gentleman." Vincent insisted, his voice becoming serious.

"Alright. (sighs) Good night mama." Said Anthony, then giving Ciel a peck on his cheeks.

"Good night to you too, my dearest. Sweet dreams." Ciel replied.

As the young boy was escorted out by Marriott, Ciel's interest also vanished. Then he decided to make their leave since his main reason for being on the manor from the first place, is gone.

"Lord Vincent, we'll also be excusing ourselves too since it's already this late." The earl stated to the older noble.

"Pity. . . Alright Earl Phantomhive, see you soon then." Said Lord Vincent, his face became expressionless.

"Of course." Ciel politely replied.

'But not sooner, I hope.' The demon princes thought, not wanting to visit the lord's lifeless manor again.

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