Brennan stood in her room in castle Fairfax; she lived with Lord Lucien who told her to stay there. When she was fifteen her parents disappeared and they left her and Russ to live with their uncle, Lucien, now eight years later and nothing changed nothing was different Brennan was a very intelligent woman and she didn't like having to be trapped in a giant castle, she once dreamed of living in a castle but not anymore, nobody liked her everybody would snicker as she walked down the castle halls. They royal parties were worse everybody would look down on her, she was fed up. "Temperance, come with me..." Lucien said as he opened the door to her room "We need to go outside, the party is starting my 15th year of ruling, now hasn't time flown past?" Lucien said but Brennan ignored and walked outside reluctantly, she hated this, she was going to get laughed at again because of how socially awkward she was.

Booth spent years of training to be a knight and finally get to work for Lucien, working there was like the biggest dream for trainee and professional knights alike; he was assigned to be a guard for the party at castle Fairfax, he lived in Oakfield so it took a while to get there. After making it just in time he was soon told he had to stand next to the fountain, in the place where nobody would notice him so anybody who wanted to assonate Lucien wouldn't expect for him to attack. Booth just happened to look into the crowd and saw Brennan walking towards where he was told to hide, he watched as the other girls snickered at her and mumbled a whole load of things about her, the other knights would say things about her too, especially the females he didn't understand why she was so perfect. Booth couldn't just stand there and watch this he came out of his hiding place and stood in front of her "Hi..." He said making Brennan stop in her tracks, the girls looked at Booth, they were wondering why he would talk to her "Ummm...Hi who are you?" Brennan asked looking at him in confusion, why would he talk to her? "I'm Seeley Booth, I'm one of the knights, trainee actually." Booth replied and Brennan looked at him almost with disbelief that somebody was actually talking to her "I'm Temperance Brennan, I'm Lucien's niece." Brennan said also introducing herself "Why are you talking to me?" Brennan asked with a curious look on her face "Because I want to, and er, don't let those girls get to you, your beautiful!" Booth suddenly said making Brennan blush a little. "Hey! Booth! Get back to your post!" His trainer shouted "How about we talk tomorrow, before I have to go back to Oakfield?" Booth asked but his trainer was still yelling at him to go back to his post "Okay, under the castle, where the demon door is." Brenna replied making them both smile, Booth ran off before he was yelled at any more, Brennan felt a flutter in her chest as she thought about meeting him tomorrow, she was secretly excited.

That night Lucien called Brennan to his study "Sorry Temperance, I know you want to go to bed right now but I must do this first" Lucien said before opening the door to his study. Booth was standing there "H-Hey Temperance..." Booth said and Brennan smiled "Why is he here?" Brennan questioned but was also happy to see him "I saw you two talking I thought you'd be more comfortable when we do this...Stand in the middle of the platform both of you." Lucien said making them both nervous "Don't worry, it won't hurt." Lucien said but with a dark undertone. They both looked at eachother and slowly walked into the middle of the platform; it seemed to have a seal in the middle. It started to glow a blue and they both flinched "That's amazing! The legend is true! Your both was said that two would meet, one that was related to the cleverest hero the other is related to the one who held the sword of aeons" Lucien said but it soon turned into manic laughter "Now I can stop it from happening! Now I can stop fate!" Lucien said before drawing a gun, Brennan grew more scared, Booth also started to feel fear "Put the gun down" Booth said as he remembered his training "No! I have to kill you both!" Lucien exclaimed as he got ready to shoot.

Booth stood in front of Brennan, just before Lucien shot the gun a man rushed in with electricity flowing from his hands "Garth!" Brennan exclaimed, she remembered Garth from when he used to work with Lucien he taught her some things about using the power of will, she never thought of doing it perhaps because she thought she would be no good at it."Temperance! Get out of here!" Garth exclaimed, Brennan grabbed Booth's arm and dragged him out "I know where to go, I know all the secret passages here!" Brennan said as she pulled Booth along "I used to escape through them...before Lucien locked me in my room." Brennan continued, Booth was in shock Lucien was so cruel to her; it explains why she wasn't surprised about the gun or him threatening to kill them.

Brennan pressed a stone in the wall revealing a passage they both walked in and the door closed behind them "Temperance, I'll take you to Oakfield with me you'll be safe there for now." Booth said as Brennan managed to lead them through the dark "How can you see where you're going?" Booth questioned "I can't, I've just been through here so many times." Brennan replied as they made it to another wall, she pressed another rock in the wall opening it "Here..." Brennan said as they started to catch their breath "We're not out of danger yet." Booth said as he went on ahead with Brennan following.