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One Piece: Sea of Romance



Discovering Heritage

It was October 10, the anniversary of the Kyuubi's destruction upon Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. It was the day of mourning for people who had lost friends, lovers, and families from the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. During that frightful day, the Kyuubi had killed many people as it ran toward the village to destroy it. He was soon stopped by the Fourth Hokage, the Leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. His name was Namikaze Minato.

By sacrificing himself, Minato sealed the demon fox in a new born baby. The baby was the Fourth Hokage's son since he could not bear to sacrifice another family's child. His son's name was Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. Minato's last wish was for the village to see and respect his son as a hero before he died.

Unfortunately, the village did not see his child as a hero, but the Kyuubi himself.

It was then that the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, put a SS-Rank law to never tell the new generation or anyone else about Naruto being the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, or the penalty was instant death.

But this did not stop the villagers. For the past four years, the villagers had done everything they could to kill the poor boy.

The boy never made any friends...except for one.

"Are you ok, Naruto-kun?" A girl with shoulder length raven-blue hair and two unusual lavender pupil-less eyes, asked worriedly. She wore a torn and bloody lavender shirt with an equal torn and dirty pants. Her pale legs were bruised, scratched, and covered in blood. The same went with her arms and bruised face.

A boy with wild spiked blond hair and amazingly azure blue eyes, layed on the floor with the wall behind him was holding onto his weight. He panted heavily as he clutched onto his scar stomach that was completely covered in blood. Like the girl before him, he was completely bruised, scratched, and covered in blood.

He looked up toward his worried friend and gave her a reassured fox-like smile. "I'm fine, Hinata-chan! I should be the one asking you that question," The blond said.

Every year on October 10, the villagers always mobbed together and tried hunting Naruto down. It happens every year on his birthday, but ever since he made friends with Hyuuga Hinata-she gets dragged along with him. Naruto always told her to go and run when he noticed the mob every night when they were together, but Hinata was extremely stubborn. She didn't want her first true friend get hurt by himself. It was because of him she has gained courage that she never knew she had.

Naruto sluggishly gotten up along with Hinata.

"You better get back home before those temes begin to notice you were gone," Naruto said with concerned eyes toward his best friend.

"Are you sure? You lost too much blood this time," Hinata asked worriedly.

Naruto gave Hinata a sincere smile that he only shares with her and the Third Hokage.

"I'll be fine. Now go! I don't want you to end up in trouble because of me," Naruto said.

With a hesitation, Hinata nodded. "Ok, but be careful," Hinata said before giving Naruto a warm hug and limped off home.

"See you tomorrow, Hinata-chan!" Naruto waved with a grin. Hinata waved with a smile.

Hinata quietly walked at the backyward of the Hyuuga Resident walls. Biting the bottom of her lip to ignore the screaming pain she was feeling from her aching body, Hinata silently and slowly climbed up the walls with her chakra she had learned from her chakra control training. Looking over the walls, Hinata scanned across the yard to make sure no one was around.

Seeinng the coast was clear, Hinata carefully climbed down.

As soon as her small pale and bloody feet touched the floor, she was soon pinned on the wall. A rough and familiar hand choked around her small soft pale neck. Hinata's eyes widened in fear as soon as her lavender pupil-less eyes were met with white pupil-less eyes that were filled with malice, cold, and hatred. She could feel her body tremble in fear before those eyes.

Those eyes belonged none other than her father...Hyuuga Hiashi.

"Where were you this whole afternoon and night, Hinata?" Hiashi asked coldly.

Hinata gulped as both sweat and blood dripped down her bruised face. She was extremely weak and she didn't know if she could survive another round of her father's "training" sessions. "I...I was with Naruto-kun," Hinata said weakly with a croaked voice.

Soon Hiashi's eyes grew even more colder and angrier. Hinata winced when she felt more pressure from her already bruised neck. Hiashi dropped Hinata to the floor, who immediately held onto her neck and started a coughing fit. Unfortunately, Hiashi wasn't going to give Hinata time to recover. He quickly grabbed onto Hinata's raven-blue hair and dragged her toward the dojo.

The Hyuuga Residents were soon echoed by Hinata's painful screams as Hiashi began torturing his already injured daughter.

Hinata limbed back to her room after 5 hours of her father's "punishment". Her right arm was wrapped around her bloody and ripped chest of her shirt. Her left arm was completely broken as it was covered in blood. Her legs were completely covered in gashes of blood as she slowly limbed down the Hyuuga halls. Her lip were dripping in blood from coughing up blood during the "punishment". Her breathing was irregular and her weak body trembled; wanting nothing more but to collapse.

"I still don't understand why Hiashi-sama still insist having that demon vixen,"

Hinata stopped before she could let herself be seen by the corner. Being the extremely curious four year old child that she was, Hinata stood still and began to hear the conversation between the two Main Branch Hyuugas.

"You know why he insists upon having her,"

"Even if she is a demon and daughter of both the Kyuubi and Byakura no Kitsune Yokais-she's completely weak!"

'Who are they talking about? Daughter of Kyuubi?' Hinata wondered as a sudden pit of dread began to form inside her unsettled stomach.

"Still, to think Hinata was fool enough to believe she was Hiashi's daughter or human for that matter,"

"No surprising though. After all, she has inheritted her mother's, Byakura, bloodline. The same demon who had given us the Byakugan in the first place,"

"Yes, I know. Of course, she doesn't only have her mother's ability, but mostly of that of her father's - the Kyuubi,"

Hinata thought her heart just stopped, but didn't care if it did.

'I'm...I'm a demon? My real father is Kyuubi?' Hinata thought with wide shocked eyes.

She slowly backed away and once out of range, Hinata immediately ran toward her room as she completely ignored the aching pain from her body, especially her legs. Shutting her bedroom door, Hinata ran to her bed and layed there while looking up at the cieling. Her body was numb. She couldn't feel the pain from her broken left arm, legs, bruised face, and everwhere else that was screaming in pain. Her eyes were blank that held no emotions behind her lavender pupil-less eyes. Her shock was still there as questions were formed in her shocked mind.

'But then again...it all makes sense. Why else would father - Hiashi and Kana would hate me so much? Not only that. Every time I call them mother or father...it just never felt right and why I felt stronly bonded with the other normal foxes in the forest and of...Kyuubi, my real father,' Hinata thought as she sat up painfully from her bloody stained bed.

She limbed toward her desk and looked through her sealed desk with her right hand. She wiped her bloodied thumb on the seal and the drawer immediately opened. She carefully took out a fox shaped locket. With care and tenderness, Hinata opened the fox pendant of the locket. Inside was a picture of a handsome young man of 25. He had wild spiked hair that was the same style as Naruto's hair, but instead of golden blond - It was dark crimson red hair. With a long thin ponytail on his left shoulder. His eyes were narrowed fox-slit dark crimson red eyes. Instead of blood-lust or anger, it was warm with care. Inside those caring red fox-slit eyes held nothing but playfulness with mischieve and love. He was pale like herself and had three whisker marks on each side of his cheek like Naruto's birthmarks. His ears were pointed at the end like an elf; just like Hinata's own pointed ears that were hidden by her long combed raven-blue tufts of hair at the side of her face. He wore a red sleeve-less collared shirt with black thread of strings that were loose, which showed part of his well fit pale chest that were masculine, but not too much. This was all it was shown in the locket.

Hinata knew now who the handsome young man was. The name on the back of the locket was no coinsidence. This was a picture of her father, Kyuubi, without his fox form.

Whenever she had it or even looked at the picture, she always felt a foreign emotions inside of her: comfort, care, warmth, protected, and love.

She had found the locket one day from Hiashi's study room when Kana, Hiashi's wife, had ordered her to go look for him. As soon as she entered the room of Hiashi's study room, Hinata felt a strong tug inside her. Wanting to know what the tug wanted her to go, she had soon found the locket inside Hiashi's desk. Ever since she had held it on her small hand, she felt the familiarity toward it. She felt happiness and in peacefulness - as if she was glad to find a long lost treasure of her's. Ever since then, she never gave it back. It belonged to her after all. It said so on the back of the locket after all!


Even when Hinata had said it in her thoughts, it felt right to call the all powerful Demon Lord her father. It didn't feel strange at all. It felt natural...

Hinata gently closed the locket and put it around her bruised neck carefully with a bit of difficulty. Considering the fact that her left arm was broken. She took out a sheet of paper, a pen of ink, and a beautiul fox necklace that's curled up in a ball with a red ruby in the middle. It was like the fox was trying to protect it.

Hinata quickly wrote her letter and then rolled it with the necklace inside it. She then closed her eyes as she concentrated on her other chakra she had discovered a while ago. She never knew what it was...that is till now. It was her own demon chakra that was sealed by those Hyuuga bastards. The sealed seemed to have weakened and began to leak out. With much concentration, she rushed her yokai chakra toward her broken arm. Having her father's similiar chakra made her own chakra to heal her serious injuries within seconds. Her broken arm was no exception, but it took a lot of effort since the seal was still completely intact.

With that done, Hinata limbed toward the window. After coughing up more blood, she opened the window and hopped out. She gasped and winced from the pain of her legs. More blood started dripping all over her body and reopened her wounds. She had nearly fell when her legs almost gave out from the amount of pain she had felt from her legs.

Biting the bottom her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain, Hinata immediately ran toward the Resident's wall and ran toward the wall to the other side of the wall. Ignoring the cries of pain from her legs, Hinata ran toward Naruto's apartment.

Once there she carefully put the letter under the door instead of the mailbox. They had an agreement to send her letters under the door so Naruto wouldn't mistaken it as a trap from the villagers.

After setting the letter under the door, Hinata left with one last look at the building. She weakly ran toward the dark forest that no one ever dares to go inside. Hinata knew she will be able to spot her thanks to the amount of blood she was loosing on herself.

"Hinata? Why are you covered in blood?"

Hinata weakly turned around and was met with two beautiful and shining cold dragon-slit teal-blue eyes. The raven-blue fox yokai (demon) gave a warm smile at the person before her. Coming out of the shadows was a beautiful and graceful four year old girl, walking toward Hinata. She had long flowing soft white hair that rivaled the snow itself and reached near her butt. She had soft pale skin just like the snow. Her shining dragon-slit teal-blue eyes seemed to sparkle to the night that Hinata had always loved about her friend. Her once cold dragon-slit teal-blue eyes soften to regular warm teal eyes. She wore a pure white kimono shirt with a thin white ribbon tying it in place. She wore leathered black jeans. On the back of the white kimono shirt was a picture of a dragon. Her feet were bared with scars and dry blood.

"Nice to see you again, Yukihime," Hinata greeted with a smile as sweat dripped down her face from using so much of her energy to keep standing and running around from earlier.

"What happened?" Yukihime asked as she narrowed her eyes.

Hinata sighed as she weakly rubbed her injured right shoulder with unease. "My...Hiashi gotten carried away again," Hinata said softly.

"Because you were with Naruto again," Yukihime said, knew very well how much the bastard Hyuuga always seemed to react whenever it came about the blond.

Hinata nodded.

"So, why are you here? You usually come by in the morning," Yukihime wondered as she raised a graceful white eye-brow.

Hinata bit the bottom of her lip. "I'm planning to leave the village," Hinata admitted with a sigh.

Yukihime's eyes widened. "You plan to the leave the village? Why?" She asked.

With another sigh, Hinata explained everything she had learned that night.

"So basically the Hyuugas aren't really your family, but two of the most powerfullest demons in the Elemental Continent," Yukihime recited simply.

Hinata nodded.

"Wow...that must have been a shock for you," Yukihime said.

"It was, but it all made sense so...it wasn't a total shock," Hinata said with a painful shrug. She looked up at the dark sky. "I better get going,"

"Can I come with you?" Yukihime asked, concern held in her beautiful teal eyes.

Hinata shook her head and winced at the pain from moving her neck slightly. "No, I want you to stay. I want you to look out for Naruto for me," Hinata said.

Yukihime sighed, but then nodded. "Alright, but be careful,"

"Don't worry, I will. I promise I'll come back...someday," Hinata said with a warm smile as she hugged her white haired friend.

"I'll hold you to that promise then," Yukihime said softly.

"I will," Hinata promised as she then ran off toward the Konoha gates.

As soon as she left Konoha, Hinata could feel her body giving out from blood lost and the massive scars she had on. She ignored the pain though. All she wanted to do was to run further away from Konoha. Away from the people who hate her for who she was...for who her father was. Away from the people who will never accept her and away from the people who had already been belittling her.

Hinata ran blindedly as she pushed her legs further; with her chakra underneath her feet to speed herself even faster. She ran so fast and blindly that she never noticed the tree root ahead, which led her to trip down on the floor. Hinata winced from the pain of her ankle, but then lay numbly from the floor. She hit her head hard on the floor, which reopened her bloody wounded skull. Her vision became blurry from her surrounding as she felt her head become extremely dizzy. She could fee her consciousness slipping toward the darkness.

'I...I wish I lived in a place where...a world where I can be accepted. Even accept for who I am. Heh...a wish that I hope to have but...I'm just sick of it all! I know that I don't have to worry about Yukihime or Naruto because I know for a fact that Yukihime will finally show herself to Naruto and become great friends...maybe to something more or at least I hope so. I just so badly want to be away from here...away from this world where I will never be accepted. I want to be with...' Hinata paused from her numb thoughts.

A boy who looked to be four years older than herself suddenly popped inside her head. Just remembering the boy's piercing turquoise eyes made her heart slightly jumped in quick beats that Hinata couldn't understand why, but she then found herself warm at the thought of the boy. She felt a different kind of protectiveness when she thought about those eyes.

'I want to be where he lives...' Hinata thought before she lost consciousness. Not knowing that her plea had been heard.

With a flash of flaming light, Hinata vanished.

The sky was dark and the stars shined brightly on the raven colored sky. A splash of water of tiny waves were heard in the night. The waters of the ocean was black that reflected the stary night sky. The sands were pitch black as the ink that made the whole beach even more dark as if it were a land of darkness. Crunching sounds of feet walking on the sand were softly heard. On the sandy beach was a young 7 year old boy, walking calmly on the beach.

Under the boy's straw hat was a raven black hair that colored the dark sky with his bangs near black eyes. His eyes shined happily that was filled with innocense and excitement. There was a small scar under his left eye that he had inflicted not long ago. He wore a white T-shirt and red baggy shorts with lots of pockets on it. For his feet, he wore a pair of sandals to walk around the beach more easily.

He was none other than Monkey D. Luffy.

It had been a few days since the red head captain Shanks, had left Luffy's home village. Luffy really missed the man who had inspired him to become a pirate and making his dream to become King of the Pirates, along with Shank's crew. He had made a promise to Shanks, his crew, and himself to become King of the Pirates and he intended to keep it.

A large grin appeared upon his face that resembled like a monkey.

Soon a giant flames of light appeared nearby. Luffy's eyes widened in shock. The flames slowly died down and Luffy noticed a small body appeared where the flames had once appeared.

Worried and confused, Luffy ran toward the small body. He nearly threw up from what he saw and his eyes widened even further. He could tell that the injured and battered body belonged to a girl even with all the blood and scars covering her. She looked to be only four years old!

'I better take her to a doctor!' Luffy thought worriedly, as he carefully picked the girl's small and light body. 'Wow! She's really light,'

With that last thought, Luffy ran off toward his village to save the girl he was carrying. Not knowing how much this girl will change his and many others' lives.