One Piece: Sea of Romance



10 Years Later


In a small labor village , there stood a crowd looking at the calm blue sea. It wasn't the beautiful sea they were looking at, but at the small boat that slowly moved out on the sea. Sitting on the boat were two teenagers, who were well known among the village. Many of the villagers wore smiles on their faces; feeling proud for what the two teenagers were determined and what they were set out to do.

"Well, they're finally setting out, eh mayor?" A black hair, young woman inquired. The young woman was a well known proprietor of the tavern, Makino. "I'll miss those rascals," Makino said with a smile.

The mayor just 'humphed' with his arms crossed on his chest. "But if they do become pirates, they'll bring shame to the village," The mayor grumbled.

"I never thought they'd really do it!" One villager said with chuckle.

The seagles screeched in the calm skies as they flew above the two teenagers on the ocean sea. One was a young man who looked to be 17 years of age. He wore a straw hat that now nestled perfectly on his head after years of growing on it, ever since a certain red-head pirate gave it to him. The straw hat had covered most of his messy black hair, except for his black bangs. His two black eyes shined excitedly as he rowed the boat. Under his left eye was a scar he had gotten from stabbing himself by using a dagger ten years ago. He wore a sleeve-less, red bottoned vest that covered his muscled chest and six-pack stomach. His slight muscled arms were shown to show his slight tan skin from going out in the sun all the time. He wore a blue jean shorts that reached toward his knees, and for his feet, he wore a pair of regular flat sandals. He was known as Monkey D. Luffy.

The other was a young teenage girl of 14. She had long raven-blue hair, which was tied in a high pony tail that still reached to her mid-back. Her neatly cut raven-blue bangs reached toward her unusual eyes by only 3 centimeters above them. She had two lavender pupil-less eyes, but with her eyes focused it could easily identify that she wasn't blind. She had soft pale skin with three whisker marks on each side of her cheeks. Behind her raven-blue strands of hair, which framed her heart-shaped face, were a pair of two pointed ears like an elf. She wore a fox shaped locket around her pale neck. She wore a lavender sleeve-less, kimono shirt with a black, un-zipped jacket with red flames sprouted at the bottom and a nine-tailed fox on the back of the hooded jacket. She wore black baggy, knee length, shorts with red flames. For her feet, she wore black ninja sandals and held two katanas, which are wrapped in a white cloth, on her back. She was known as Vixen D. Hinata.

It had been 10 years since Luffy had saved Hinata on that dark night at the harbor. Ever since then, Luffy never left Hinata's side as she slept unconscious. He was very curious who the mysterious girl was. It wasn't till the third day did she finally wokened up.

As time gone by did they formed a strong bond and friendship. Once Hinata knew more where she was from, Hinata instantly knew she was from a different world from her own. Deep inside her, she hoped she was in the same world as that boy she kept seeing in her dreams.

Over the years Hinata had come to see Luffy like an older brother like Naruto along with two other boys. The same goes for Luffy as he came to see her like a little sister. So she decided to change her name like his, considering the fact that she wasn't a Hyuuga in the first place.

Luffy was one of the five people she had told about her demon heritage. Like the others, he had accepted her and said about having the coolest little sister in the world. This, of course, made her blush, but she had felt more accepted and happy.

"Wow! It's a good day to set out to sea!" Luffy said joyfully with his signature smile as he rowed the small boat with his companion, who just looked excitedly out at the beautiful sea.

"Yeah, you're right! Neh, Aniki? When is that stupid sea monster going to show up?" Hinata asked as she cocked her head cutely toward her older brother.

Before Luffy could answer, the boat began to tilt when something huge began to rise from the ocean. Hinata's eyes widened, for this was the first time seeing her new home's local sea monster. To her, the sea monster looked like a giant eel with sharp, large teeth.

Luffy grinned once he layed his eyes on the sea monster, who had eaten Shank's left arm in order to save him. "Looks like you've gotten your answer, Imouto-Hime!" Luffy grinned.

Hinata looked at the sea creature in awe and nodded her head. She really wasn't too worried how hungry the sea monster was looking at them. Besides, no matter how much she wanted to kill the rotten fish herself, she knew Luffy more than deserve to punch it himself. He had a repayment to pay on the thing.

"Sorry I have to do this, but here's an attack I've been perfecting since the last time we met!" Luffy said with a smirk, as he stood on the boat and took his stance.

Hinata used her chakra toward her feet and bum to keep herself still and not to fall off.

Just when the sea creature opened its mouth to eat the both of them, Luffy threw back his right arm with his left hand clutched onto his right shoulder. His left leg was lifted from the floor to give more power for his ultimate attack.

"Gum-Gum...PISTOL!" Luffy shouted as his right arm stretched toward the sea monster and punched it at its jaw.

The powerful impact of the punch sended the sea creature flying back toward the sea, most likely unconscious.

Luffy's right arm went back to normal with a snap. "That's what you get, you darn fish," Luffy humphed with a wide smirk.

Hinata whistled as she watched the sea monster go flying. "Wow! That fish must really pissed you off if you used that attack. I mean...wasn't that your first made up attack you invented?" Hinata asked, trying to remember correctly since it had been awhile.

Luffy nodded. "Yeah! that we've gotten that done, first things first. We've got to get a crew!" Luffy said as he circled his right arm.

Hinata gave a thoughtful expression. "How about 10 men? That should be enough, right? Don't want to have too many people," Hinata suggested.

"Yeah, that should be enough and we'll need to pirate flag! Look out world, here I come! I'm going to become...the King of the Pirates!" Luffy shouted with a grin.

Hinata smiled. "You bet! You're not the only one Aniki! I'm going to become...the reborn of the most powerfullest fox demon - the Queen of Demons!" Hinata shouted with her own fox-like grin.


Chapter 1

Straw Hat Luffy and Fox Demon Hinata


"Wow! What a great day! The weather's so nice!" Said one happy and carefree Luffy. "Who'd have thought this voyage would end in disaster so soon?"

"Knowing that it's you...probably about everyone in the East Blue," Hinata said calmly with her arms relaxed behind her head.

Luffy just laughed with his right hand holding onto his straw hat. He then looked at the sea that's sucking their small boat. "Hard to believe that we're getting sucked into this giant whirlpool," Luffy said as he looked down at the said whirlpool.

"That was because you were really careless, Aniki," Hinata said with half-lidded eyes that looked extremely bored, despite the situation they were in. "If we die here, Aniki - I swear to my father I'm going to hunt you down in the afterlife,"

Luffy merely grinned and shrugged. "Well, it's too late now. Down we go..." Luffy sighed, with his black eye-brows slightly furrowed and his left hand held onto his chin while his right hand holding onto his left elbow. "Too bad I can't swim though,"

Hinata gave an incredible look of disbelief toward her older brother. With her right eye twitching, she slightly hit Luffy on the back of his head; knowing well enough it won't hurt him a bit.

"Aniki no baka! It won't matter even if you can swim! You'll still drown!" Hinata sighed as her mouth slightly twitched to a smile.

Soon enough, their boat was too close toward the whirlpool that the water collided on the boat and the D siblings. With one loud shout, they both fell inside the water with one boat and two barrels.


Out on an uncharted island floated a very feminine ship. It was filled with hearts and colored red and pink. The black flag was a skull faced to the right. On the skull was a red heart on it.

A hand with long red nail-polished fingernail smoothed upon the wooden edge of the ship. Her finger held a diamon ring along with other sparkled rings on each of her other nails and pearl bracelet. The finger must have belonged to a woman.

The finger was lifted and was covered in white dust.

"Why is there dust on my bulwark?"

"A thousand pardons Lady Alvida!" A crew man pirated shouted in fear and plea. He wore a red and white polka dot shirt with a yellow sash and black, knee length pants. He sweated nervously as his eyes widened in fear. His hands waved in front of him. "I-I thought I'd cleaned every inch of this ship...! I'll clean everything all over again! Please - !"

"'Please' what...?" 'Lady' Alvida questioned.

"Please not the IRON MACE! I-I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" He shouted.

Unfortunately, he was instantly killed when 'Lady' Alvida hit the crewmen with a gigantic, spiked mace. With a thump, the crewman's dead corpse fell to the ground with blood staining the floor. Alvida lifted the black mace to her shoulder.

"Koby! Who is the fairest throughout all the seas?" Alvida asked with a threatened tone in her voice that promised death if she wasn't given the answer she wanted.

A boy with short pink hair with black glasses sweat in fear. His hand left hand was behind his head in a nervous fashion, conscious of the way the mace hit the crewman's head gruesomely. His body shook in fear like the rest of the crewmen on the ship. He wore a white plain shirt and black pants.

The boy was Koby, the cabin boy of Alvida's ship.

Koby laughed nervously, and said with a shakened voice, "Why you are...Lady Alvida! No one compares to you!"

"Correct! Which is why I will not tolerate anything dirty! The ship I sail in must be as clean and beautiful as I am. Understand?" Alvida asked threatenly at the frightened boy. "Remember, Koby, were it not for your vast knowledge of the seas, I would feed you to the sharks! So don't push your luck!" Alvida said threatenly with a glare.

Koby now sat with his legs crossed and his hands held tightly on his knees. His knuckles were white as his body continued to shake and faked a shaking smile. "Y-yes...that's very kind of you," Koby said, shakily.

"Other than that, you're worthless! Here, shine my shoes!" Alvida ordered, as she kicked Koby to the head.

"Y-yes Lady Alvida! Right away!" Koby said weakly, as he took out cloth.

Alvida was anything but beautiful. The whole crew were just too frightened for their lives to admit it to her face how unbeautiful she truly was. She was extremely chubby and fat with freckles on her cheeks. She wore a cowboy-like hat on her black, curled hair. Red lipstick were painted on her wide lips and wore a large black cloak. A white bandana around her extremely small neck. A square patterned red and pink, stretched, buttoned shirt. Along with white stretched shorts and red small heeled shoes.

"I don't want to see even one speck of dust on this ship!" Alvida, the Lady Pirate Iron Mace, ordered.

"Aye, aye!" The whole crew soluted as they cleaned the ship.

"That's enough! You're pathetic!" Alvida shouted, as she kicked Koby to the face.

Koby laughed nervously as he shakenly gotten up. "...S-sorry..." Koby apologized.

"If you've got time to grovel, then you've got time to scrub the tiolet!" Alvida said threatenly with her mace, and held up her right fist.

With a shaky and nervous laugh, Koby nodded. "Yes, milady! Right away..." Koby said weakly with his face pale. He immediately slumped his shoulders down in depression as soon as Alvida left. "...Right away..."


Koby rolled two heavy barrels toward one of Alvida's sheds. A pirate crew with little black hair and beard opened the shed, and immediately noticed Koby rolling two barrels.

"What's that Koby? Did these barrels of rum wash up on the beach?" He asked with a growl and narrowed eyes.

"Y-yeah and it's not empty!" Koby answered nervously. "I wasn't sure what to do with it..."

"Well I know what to do with it! Let's drink it all up!" A buff, shoulder length blond smirked.

"But if the captain finds out, she'll have our heads!" The black bearded pirate said.

"She'll never find out!" A black and white stripped beanie pirate said. "We're the only ones here. Just Koby and the three of us know about this,"

"I guess you're right," The black bearded pirate smirked.

"And you ain't seen nothin', right Koby?" The beanie wearing pirate questioned, with a threatening glare.

Koby held his hands up and looked at them in fear. "Right! I-I haven't seen a thing!" Koby laughed nervously. "Please don't hit me..." Koby pleaded in fear.

The three pirates smirked and walked toward the two barrels, much to Koby's relief.

"Well, men! Let's drink up!"

Just when they were going to open the barrel, a familiar strawhat pirate popped out of the barrel. Luffy let out a loud yawn, much to the men's shock when they saw the 15 year old boy pop out of the barrel.

"What the devil?" The blond pirate shouted.

"THAT WAS A GREAT NAP!" Luffy grinned. "Hmm...looks like I survived somehow. I got so dizzy I thought I was going to barf!" Luffy laughed.

It was then he noticed the three men and Koby in the shed, looking at him with wide eyes.

"Huh? Who are you guys?" Luffy asked.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?" The three crewmen shouted in return, with anger represented amongst their wide eyes.

A groan was soon heard from the other barrel. Everyone turned around to the other barrel and watched as Hinata popped out of the barrel with her eyes rolling around from dizziness. She stretched her arms out, and the three men drooled at the sight of her well-developed and huge C-cup breasts. Luffy, who noticed the men checking his little sister out with lustful eyes, immediately punched the three on the head.

" time I'll be the one rowing the boat," Hinata said, as she fixed strapping her two katanas on her back.

"What are you two doing in there?" The beanie wearing pirate asked angrily before Luffy could get a chance to answer to his little sister.

Just as Luffy was about to answer...again, a frightening shout was heard.


Suddenly, a black spiked mace spun horizontally and hit the shed dead on. They all yelled as the shed collapsed down on top of the men inside, except Luffy and Hinata. Still being inside the barrels, the impact of the attack sended them bouncing off inside the forest nearby the shed.

The three pirates layed beaten and hurt from the shed collapsing on them.

"You lazy swabbies! Who's the fairest throughout all the seas?" Alvida questioned, with a dark sneer.

The three pirates sweated nervously and immediately stood up.

"Lady Alvida! You are...of course!" The three frightened men said.

"And you dare to defy me?" Alvida glared with a growl.


"Don't play dumb with me! I could hear you talking all the way from the ship! Which one of you had such a 'great nap'?" Alvida ordered dangerously.

The beanie wearing pirate gasped after he remembered Luffy shouting those words out loud after he banged out of the barrel. Thinking of a plan quickly, he said, "Uh...Captain! We have an intruder!"

Catching on what his fellow crewman was doing, the black bearded pirate said, "Yeah! That good for nothing Koby brought these strange fellers here!"

"What! Could he be a bounty hunter after the price of my head? Koby! You traitorous little runt!" Alvida cursed angrily.

"But the only bounty hunder bold enough to come here..."

"That's ridiculous! The Navy has him locked up...!"

"But if he's as clever as they say...he might've escaped! After all, they say that the infamous Roronoa Zoro is that clever," Alvida smirked.


In the forest of the island stood Koby with Luffy and Hinata still in their barrels.

"Um...are you two ok? Are you hurt?" Koby asked worriedly. "After getting knocked around so much you must be - "

Luffy merely laughed. "We're fine, just a little surprised is all. My name's Luffy!" Luffy introduced himself with a grin.

"And my name's Hinata! Where are we?" Hinata asked, looking around with curious eyes.

"This island is the hideout of Iron Mace Alvida, the lady pirate," Koby explained. "I'm Koby, her cabin boy,"

"I see..." Luffy paused as he and Hinata gotten out of the barrels. "Well, none of that really matters to us," Luffy said.


"You wouldn't happen to have a boat, would you, Koby-san?" Hinata asked kindly, with a warm smile.

Koby blushed, then looked at them with confused eyes. "But why?" Koby asked.

"Ours got sucked into a giant whirlpool," Luffy said, with his easy going grin.

"You got sucked into a giant whirlpool?" Koby shouted in shock, as his eyes widened themselves.

"Yeah, it caught me by surprise!" Luffy huffed with a frown, as he crossed his arms on his chest.

"Only because you were being careless!" Hinata muttered, as she lightly slapped Luffy at the back of his head.

"You're both lucky to be alive! ...But if it's a boat you want, I have one...sort of," Koby said.

Luffy and Hinata blinked then looked at each other. Hinata shrugged, which made Luffy grin. They then followed Koby to get a boat for their next adventure they set out to do.


"What's this!" Luffy asked, as he looked down at a very weird looking boat. The boat looked to be handmade from flat wood, and didn't look all that great. "A coffin?"

"Luffy!" Hinata shouted, with scolded eyes.

"I built it myself. It took me two years..." Koby revealed nervously.

"Two years?" Luffy shouted, with widened eyes.

"Don't you want it, Koby-san?" Hinata asked, with confused eyes as she tilted her head.

"...I really don't need it anymore. I built it to escape from this place..." Koby said, as bended to look down at the boat. Sweat dripped down his face as his eyes expressed his fears he was revealing. "...but I don't have the courage to try it. I guess it's my fate to be a cabin boy for the rest of my life,"

Hinata stiffened upon those words, as her raven-blue bangs shadowed her painful expressed eyes. Luffy looked at his little sister in concern, but didn't say anything. He instead looked at the pink haired boy to finish.

"But I once had a different dream," Koby revealed, with a whistful eyes.

"Why don't you just escape?" Luffy asked, knowing full well his little sister wasn't going to ask. He could feel his sister's depression. As much as he wanted to take it away, he knew it wasn't the time to do that yet.

Koby immediately stood up and shook his head. "N-no way! Just thinking about what Alvida would do to me if she caught me makes my bladder weak...I just can't risk it...!" Koby said, fear evident in his voice. "I'll never forget that fateful day...I just wanted to go fishing, and I boarded a pirate ship by mistake. That was two years ago. In exchange for my life, I've been working as their cabin boy,"

"You're kinda clumsy and dumb!" Luffy said bluntly, with a sigh. Then let out his carefree laugh. "Not to mention you're gutless too. You really are worthless,"

Hinata sweatdropped, and face palmed. Even to this day, after many years being with Luffy, she still couldn't believe how blunt her brother could be at times. Then again, Luffy had always been more of an honest person to other people.

"You don't have to be that frank..." Koby whimpered, as he cried depressingly. "'re right. I don't have the guts to float around at sea in a barrel like you two. Luffy, Hinata, why did you go to sea anyway?"

"Well, ya see..." Luffy gave Koby a wide smirk. "I'm gonna be the King of the pirates," Luffy answered.

"And I'm there to help him to achieve his dream," Hinata smiled, but Luffy knew that wasn't the whole truth. 'I can't tell him my true objective. I need to get back home to truly achieve it. The only thing I have to do is get stronger while helping Luffy become the greatest King of the pirates this world will ever see,' Hinata thought.

"K-KING OF THE PIRATES?" Koby shouted, his eyes widened in shock as sweat broke down. "'d have to make the WHOLE WORLD kneel to you!"

Hinata slightly jumped by the sudden yelling from the once shy and nervous boy. Luffy wasn't at least bit shocked or surprised. He was relaxed as he sat down on edge of the boat with smile.

"Wealth, fame, power - you'd have to achieve it all!" Koby continued to rant. "Don't tell me you're after Gold Roger's lost treasure, ONE PIECE! Do you want to die? Every pirate in the world is after that!"

"And so are we," Luffy said bluntly.

"But the odds against you two are astronomical! It's IMPOSSIBLE! You want to be the King of the pirates in the Golden Age of piracy? It'll never happen!" Koby shouted, but then groaned and fell down when Luffy punched him on his forehead. "HEY! W-why'd you hit me?"

"You were HYSTERICAL," Luffy answered, with his right hand on his hips.

Hinata sighed. "You could have at least toned your strength down on that hit, Luffy," Hinata said, with her arms crossed underneath her perfectly shaped breasts.

Luffy shrugged and grinned.

"N-no, it's ok. I'm used to it," Koby laughed nervously as he rubbed his bruised head.

"I'm not afraid to die, Koby!" Luffy said, as he laid his hand on his straw hat and brought it in front of it.

"Huh?" Koby blinked.

Hinata's expression blanked as she looked at her older brother.

"I've set myself to become the King of the pirates, and if I die trying...then at least I tried!" Luffy smiled with determined eyes.

Kyuubi's daughter lowered her head. Her raven-blue bangs shadowed half of her face, and bit her bottom lip.'Not while I'm around...I'm going to make sure you don't die, Aniki,' Hinata thought.

Koby looked at Luffy with widened eyes. He looked at the raven haired teen with admiration of his determination.

"Y-you're not even afraid to die?" He asked in disbelief, yet filled with amazement.

'No...afraid of his own death isn't Luffy,' Hinata thought, as she reminised all the past memories of Luffy facing death many times with no hint of fear...ever since Shanks saved him.

Luffy looked up thoughtfully. "Nope. I believe I'll succeed, or am I just deluding myself..." Luffy said.

'I never looked at it like that before!' Koby thought, as tears slowly flowed down his eyes. "Maybe...I can be like that! If I'm willing to risk my like trying..." Koby sniffed out quietly.

"Huh?" Both Luffy and Hinata looked at Koby questionably.

"...Maybe it's possible! Do you think I can join the Navy?" Koby asked, toward Luffy and Hinata.

"The Navy?" Luffy and Hinata blinked with surprised expressions.

"We'll end up being enemies...but I want to join the Navy and fight the bad guys! It's been my dream since I was a little kid!" Koby shouted compassionately. "Luffy, do you think I can do it?"

"How would I know?" Luffy asked with his usual smile.

Hinata rolled her eyes. "I'm sure you can do it, Koby-san," Hinata said softly, with a warm smile.

"Alright, then I'm gonna do it! What've I got to lose? I don't wanna be a miserable cabin boy my whole life! Better to risk my life trying to achieve my dream! I'll join the Navy...and then...I'LL CAPTURE ALVIDA!" Koby shouted.

"WHO are you going to CAPTURE, runt?" A familiar voice shouted, when a familiar fat and ugly woman used a huge mace and destroyed the wooden boat.

Luffy looked up by slight surprise, while Hinata immediately gotten Koby out of the way. Koby looked at the destroyed boat in shock and paled.

"My boat!" Koby shouted.

"You little sneak!" Alvida shouted, with an anger tick on her forehead. "Did you really think you could escape from me?"

Lifting up the mace on her shoulder, Alvida glared at the three before her. Hinata noted a large group of men behind her.

'Probably her pirate crew,' Hinata thought.

"Is that the bounty hunter you hired? Well, they're both certainly aren't Roronoa Zoro," Alvida said, looking at Luffy and Hinata.

Hinata perked up and looked at Alvida with shocked eyes. 'Zoro? How does she know about him?' Hinata wondered, as she tightly gripped one of her wrapped katanas from her back.

This didn't go unnoticed. Luffy looked at his little sister and looked at her with concerned eyes. He immediately recognized by her actions that she knew the name well.

"So I'll give you one chance to repent. Who is the fairest throughout all the seas? ANSWER ME!" Alvida shouted with a glare.

Koby laughed nervously. "Lady Alvida, you - " He said, but gotten cut off by Luffy.

"Hey, who's that tough-looking old biddy?" Luffy asked innocently, as he pointed toward Alvida.

Hinata snorted.

Koby, Alvida, and the rest of Alvida's crew had their mouths dropped and looked at Luffy in shock.

Alvida growled as her eyes looked like they were about to pop out from the intense glare she was giving Luffy. Her crew began to sweat in fear and shouted in anger to save their own lives.

"How dare...!"

"No way!"

"Luffy! Take it back!" Koby shouted fearfully, as he held his hands on Luffy's shoulders. "Througout all of the seas, Lady Alvida is...Lady Alvida is..."

Koby began to hesitate as Luffy's words echoed in his head.

"I'm gonna be the King of the pirates, and if I die trying...then at least I tried!"

"LADY ALVIDA IS...THE UGLIEST OLD HAG OF ALL!" Koby shouted with a determined frown. Just as his courage came, fear began to resurface as he looked at Alvida's furious form with a gulp.

Luffy merely laughed with Hinata giggling along with him.

"YOU LITTLE - !" Alvida shouted angrily.

'I said it and I won't take it back! No more crying for me! From now on, I'll fight for my dreams!' Koby thought as he yelled in fear.

"Good for you, Koby!" Luffy grinned as he pushed Koby out of the way.

Hinata stood next to him and brought out one of her wrapped katanas. "Want any help, Aniki?" Hinata asked.

Luffy smirked. "Sure," He said.

"L-Luffy! Hinata!" Koby looked at his new friends with a worry expression.

"It makes no difference to me!" Alvida growled, as she began to attack Luffy and Hinata with her large iron mace. "You three are going to die!"

With a large WHAM, the mace hit right at Luffy's head. Hinata merely smiled, but still ticked off toward Alvida for trying to hurt her older brother.

"That didn't hurt!" Luffy smirked underneath his straw hat. "'Cause I'm made of rubber!"

"Impossible! No one survives the Iron Mace!" Alvida shouted with shocked eyes.

Without missing a beat, Hinata quickly unwrapped her katana to show a magnificent sword. The handle was light lavender bandages with a white crystal fox face at the end of the hilt. The sword itself was made of pure white crystal with hinted purple and black mist storming inside the see through crystal sword.

As soon as it was unwrapped, Hinata summoned a bit of her demonic chakra around the katana.

"Demonic Shock-Wave!" Hinata muttered her attack.

With a quick and swift graceful movement, she lift the katana up and send it downward toward Alvida. A shockwave of purple chakra pushed Alvida painfully.

Koby watched in awe.

"YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING!" One of the crew members shouted in shock at both of Hinata's attack and Luffy being unharmed.

Taking his cue, Luffy grabbed his left arm as it stretched out.

"Gum-Gum...Pistol!" Luffy shouted his attack.

"What the...?" Alvida shouted out painfully.

Letting go, Luffy punched Alvida right at her face with a painful WHAM! Which sended her further away and knocked her unconscious.

Alvida's crew freaked out and all shouted in fear and disbelief.

"Give Koby a dinghy!" Luffy ordered.

"He's going to join the Navy," Hinata finished, with her arms crossed against her chest and held a soft frown.

"Y-yes sir, m-ma'am..." They said fearfully, with sweat covered their faces.

Luffy laughed and Hinata smiled softly.

Koby let out a few happy tears as he looked at the two gratefully. "Luffy...Hinata..." Koby smiled.

It was until this day that started Luffy's and Hinata's journey that would soon be filled with adventures...and danger ahead. Whatever that will lay ahead, they knew they will forever have each other to help along the road. For Hinata especially, since the second she heard his name out of Alvida's mouth.

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