- - - Prodigy - - -

Rex Racer is nearing the end of his test laps in the Mach 5 Prototype Everything is just fine Pops

He wears a black racing uniform with matching black helmet, a black leather boot floors the accelerator petal and the needle on the RPM gauge moves to the red zone.

Pop and young Speed standby by and watch the computer monitor as a warning appears. Rex, slow it down! Something is wrong with the engine! Slow down! You re red lining! exclaims Pops.

Rex doesn t reply, but pushes the prototype further than it s ever been pushed before! The prototype begins to glow ever brighter until nothing but a glow is seen! Faster and faster the car flies across the track until it impacts at high speed against the wall and explodes!

Pops and Speed see billowing smoke on the track from the observation tower, It can t be! Oh no, Rex! they exclaim together!

Moments later they are both down on the track. A fire truck arrives and attempts to put out the flames. Smoke rises high into the sky.

Speed, I m afraid that no one could have survived that crash, I m sorry. says Pops regretfully.

No! He can t be gone! replies Speed who turns and runs away crying.

Speed! he exclaims. Pops heart is broken, Rex, you were so young! I should have been the one to test the prototype! It s all my fault!

Pops remains as minutes later the firefighters extinguish the roaring blaze. Finally the fire is out, nothing is left of the car but twisted, charred metal, it s literally blown apart. Pops is prepared to see the grisly remains of his son, but to his surprise he finds none!

What? But how? exclaims Pops.

Pops shakes his head, Rex s disappearance is a complete mystery.

Several years earlier even before Speed was born

The sound of tennis shoes scuffling across a tennis court the loud impact of the ball being returned over the net echoes at every volley as tennis balls shoot out of a machine.

Mom Racer is having a brisk workout practicing on the tennis court, a hobby of hers to stay fit as a fiddle. As the machine shuts off, a small voice asks to play. She agrees and waves her son onto the court.

Young Rex steps out onto the court wearing white tee shirt and shorts. He quickly gets the ball into play. Mom Racer returns the ball easily so Rex can keep the exchange going.

They continue playing awhile, Rex missing a few times but each time he is encouraged by his mom to not give up. He is determined to try harder. They continue the exchange until Rex returns the ball with a really hard hit catching her off-guard; she reacts with swift reflexes and returns the ball slightly out of his reach. Rex stumbles and falls to the court, skinning his left knee and begins to cry.

Seeing her son injured, Mom Racer is at his side in mere moments holding him closely tending to him. She vows to protect him always

Later that same year

Close up of a small hand writing on a chalkboard and the sound of chalk tapping and sliding across the chalkboard, seemingly without end.

Remarkable. Especially for one so young! No doubt a true prodigy. Mr. Racer, may we speak with you in private?

Rex, that s enough now son. Go with the nice lady, I ll catch up with you in a couple of minutes.

Sure Pops! Did I do okay?

Yes Rex, just fine, now run along now.

Rex leaves the room and Pops remains to discuss Rex with the two administrators. Outside Rex picks up a magazine and begins reading it to himself.

Has he always done well in school?

He has, replied Pops, and he s already skipped several grades. His teachers speak very highly of him. Although he s old enough to be only in grade school, he attends high school and has nearly fulfilled the requirements for a high school education.

He seems to exhibit a photographic memory and has a natural affinity for mathematics and science. As expected he ll soon need to further his education, with his accumulated knowledge he can easily be accepted into our university. Of course we ll prepare a curriculum that will meet his needs. Do you think he ll be able to handle the adjustment?

To tell you the truth, Pops begins, I think he ll love it. He absorbs knowledge like a sponge! He s already read all my technical manuals and always asks for more! exclaims Pops.

Rex is still reading the magazine as Pops joins him in the outside office. Let s go son.

One of the administrators stands at the doorway and comments to Rex, You can take that with you if you want.

No thanks, I just finished it. It was pretty cool! Bye mister! says Rex as he places the magazine back on the table. The man waves at them as the two leave and glances back at the magazine with a strange look. On the cover it reads:


On the way home

Pops, do you think there ll be any kids my age at my new school? Sorry, Rex but that s not very likely. Oh. It ll be okay. You ll make new friends before you know it. Pops says smiling.

Rex thinks about his past school days. The many times he was ridiculed for being younger than the other kids. He wonders if it is really worth hoping to make any new friends at all.

One year later at a college campus There he goes, that oddball kid! Heh, yeah what a egghead! Hey, let s go have some fun with the little shrimp!

Rex is wearing a backpack and reading a textbook while eating an apple. The college boys rush past him knocking the book out of his hands laughing and mocking him. Rex stands there alone; he calmly takes another bite of his apple and crouches down to pickup his book. Remaining in the crouched position he looks up and sees her, a blond haired girl his age running towards him.

Are you okay? she asks. I m alright. They didn t hurt me. he replies. They re mean! I m glad you re okay. I d better get back with the tour, they ll miss me.

Okay? Thanks! Rex says smiling as she leaves and he realizes she never even noticed that he was not with tour of the campus.

Hmm he couches down again and removes his backpack and places the textbook inside and removes another book, the cover reads:


He continues reading while eating his apple.

At a distance he is being watched by someone using binoculars. A voice is heard on a walkie talkie:

Did you find him? Over.

Yes. Over.

Keep a close eye on him, we will contact you later with further instructions. Over.

Understood. Over and out.

Meanwhile at Hibiki Motors

Dear, I m worried about Rex. He s just a child, but he s not given himself the time to be one. said Mom Racer.

Don t worry my dear, he s a good boy and he s got a good head on his shoulders. He knows what he wants to be. I ll want him to come to work for me someday, you know. We ll both encourage him to try to get away from the books once in awhile, he ll be alright. You ll see. replied Pops

I wish I could be as certain as you are, but I can t. I miss having my little Rex around. Why did he have to grow up so quickly, I miss my baby. she sighs.

Pops realizes he s heard this sort of talk before!

Back at the college in a crowded hallway

Rex is on his way to his next class making his way through the older and taller students. He is so concerned with making it to class on time that little does he know that someone is approaching him

Close-up of a hand quickly slipping a note into Rex s backpack.

Rex arrives at his class and takes his seat removing his backpack and taking out his materials for class. A slip of paper falls to the floor.

Huh? What s this?

He opens the note it reads:

My name is Joe, one of the administrators you met when you first arrived at this college. I need to meet with you as soon as possible about a matter of some importance. This concerns your future, if you should decide to meet with me I will become your mentor and tutor you. The challenges that lie before you will only be the beginning of your training. Our organization sees great potential in you, if you are interested meet me by the flagpole outside after school, the decision is yours.


Whoa! exclaims Rex. He decides to take a chance

Rex meets Joe later on that same afternoon.

How are your studies coming along?

I m ace-ing all my classes. It s easy. What do you want to do when you grow up?

Well, I want to build a racecar someday, a one of a kind - something to make Pops famous.

With our help, you may get your chance. With your natural ability to accumulate knowledge and training from us the possibilities are limitless. If you choose to accept my offer you will be one of a few who can really make a difference. This is an opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime, so what do you say?

Cool! When do I start?

Right away.

So began Rex s training.

By day he attended classes at college, by night he studied and trained along side a team of elite INTERPOL agents under close supervision by Joe.

On weekends Pops encouraged Rex s research, he even let Rex take over the basement at Hibiki Motors so that he could work uninterrupted.

As Rex s research began to go over Pop s head, Pops could still understand most of the schematics Rex made the beginnings of a racecar prototype completely designed by Rex was in the works.

At an early age Rex earned his master s degree in engineering. He made Mom and Pops very proud, graduating youngest in his class, of course. His graduation gift was a racecar roughly based on Rex s design built by Pops - the Mach 1.

Rex continued working on the prototype racecar as Pops looked on with amazement.

Many a night Pops spent looking over the plans and schematics, as a automotive engineer himself, he still found Rex s work fascinating and still far beyond anything he could have ever come up with himself.

He made it a point not to make too much fuss over Rex s talents but there were times he could hardly contain the pride he had for his son.

Rex began training as a young rookie racer in the hopes of someday entering the professional racing circuit.

Although a pre-teen, driving came naturally for him, all the while he kept his INTERPOL training secret. Racing would be the perfect cover for his secret activities.

Rex became skilled in the use of all types of weaponry and the use of martial arts in combat. He trained with the assassin division but branched off to the elite counter-assassin force.

He specialized in the apprehension of criminals, but soon his face was becoming recognized by his foes. Rex began wearing disguises to keep hidden from the enemy, but he knew it was only a matter of time before even that would not be enough