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He wanted to drive. He insisted to do this. She, even knowing that it wasn't right, left him drive.

She sat beside him. It was raining, and the excessive concern coming from her husband made her nervous. They argued. It was a mistake. One more mistake.

He believed that she was unable. She claimed the same. Of course, after a lot of persuasion on his part, the girl relented.

She was who witnessed the entire accident. She saw her husband fainting at the steering wheel. She knew this would happen, but she ignored her feelings. She watched the car go in the direction of a truck, while she listened to the deafening noise of the horn, where her husband's head was supported.

She had absolutely sure that her life would never be the same, no matter what hapenned. She closed her eyes, asking God protection, for her, her husband, her baby. Then, she felt a hit. Hard. She felt the safety belt tightening her stomach, larger than normal. She heard a noise of iron, like it being scratched. This was like be inside of a mixer, she was pushed all sides, despite the safety belt was preventing abrupt movements.

The noise stopped. Then, she didn't move yourself anymore. She was there, seated as before. The diference was her body, aching all over. She felt the head ache. She openned her eyes, looking for the husband. She screamed squeaky when she saw the status of her husband. He was all covered with blood, his face and left side disfigured. The hit was on his side.

She tried move herself, to help him, check if he was alive, but, when she dropped the belt, felt a twinge in her belly. Howled in pain. She never felt something so strong like that. Neither the hit. She put her hand in the belly, hoping it would make the pain go away. Her fear was dominated and she began to cry. She screamed for her husband, but he didn't answer.

After some time, she didn't if was second or hours, but she broke into the uncosciousness. The last thing that she heard was the sound of an ambulance. The familiar sound, that she used to hear every day.

She woke up with her sobs. Her first reaction was put her hand on the belly, looking for the volume that used to be there. She didn't found anything. There wasn't blood or anything.

She calmed down, realizing that everything was just a dream. The same damn dream. She laughed to remember her ignorance, thinking that the pain was unbearable. Unbearable was the pain she went through five years.

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