Well, I've put off posting this for two years, so... this takes place right before Robert? shoots Darryl. Told in Jed's POV. Hope you like.

I don't own Red Dawn (1984)

-You Ain't One of Us Now (A Red Dawn Tribute)

Buddy, why'd you do it, don't you care at all?
The Commies' just wanna see all of us fall
For all we've been through, now you're standing on your grave
What happened to that kid, man, I thought he was brave
The Cold Ones are coming, why didn't you see
What your betrayal just did to me?
Now my family's in danger, all thanks to you
Man, you were my best friend, what did you do?
Now you're gonna die here, there's no hope for you
And I've gotta shoot that Commie, and you too
I'm backing down, can't do it, why can't I go through?
The gun's on your heart, but what can't I do?
All those times I fell, every time you caught me
I can't harm my friends, now I can't see
The snow's too bright, the light's in my target eye
Anything I can do to buy you more time
I turn away, drop the gun, and hear that bullet fly
Someone had to do it, as long as it wasn't I
But I'm still responsible, that order was mine
Still can't see straight, and I know why

This might be war, but I can't watch my last real friend die.