The silver-haired prefect sat against a tree, deep asleep, although classes had only just started. He hadn't shown up for the exchange either, so really it was only natural that one would be concerned. Especially such a sweet and innocent girl as Cross Yuuki, who constantly worried for her adoptive brother's sake. And Kuran Kaname was only checking up on that pesky boy so that Yuuki could rest easy.

Yes, it was all for Yuuki.

No pureblood vampire would otherwise involve himself with a hunter turned level D.

He wouldn't be caught dead near the boy if not for Yuuki.

And the only reason his heart was hammering in his chest was because he was thinking about that sweet girl. The desire that had his blood flowing so very fast (definitely not fear about said boy's safety) was only for her. It was not in any way related to Kiryuu Zero or the delicious unguarded look that had found its way upon his normally scowling face.

Hell no!

He wanted to love and be loved only by his very amnesiac sister and it was all for her that he very intently watched Kiryuu's chest rise and fall with his slow breathing.

It wasn't for himself that he heaved a sigh in relief that the boy was apparently alright.

All for Yuuki.

Still, having ascertained that the boy wasn't dead nor munching on people, he couldn't very well just leave, could he?

He… scratch that… Yuuki would want to know if Zero was alright or feeling sick or what not. You didn't just skip class. Well, Kiryuu actually did, a lot, but still… Perhaps this time he had probable cause.

Kaname just had to check, didn't he?

For Yuuki.