Alright my first fic, just having some fun, and I have had this one floating half in my brain and half on my hard drive for a while, not really sure what to do with it, when my friend told me to come here. I am, I had wished there were more moments between Audrey and Edward in the movie, but I suppose I will have to just read about it instead. Anyway hope you all enjoy.

Audrey lugged the basket up the stairs and dumped some of the clothing out unto the table. Smoothing the wrinkles out of a young boys t-shirt, she wondered how doing the laundry every night had become sort of her unofficial, and unspoken job to do every morning, and every night. Not that she minded doing laundry, it wasn't a chore to her, and she knew it to be for so many others. But how had she gotten stuck with it when so many others were here doing little else then surviving all day.

Movement behind her jarred her precious thoughts and she turned to find a figure obscured by shadows. She could only make out a pair of honey eyes, that appeared to be glowing, and for one seemingly endless moment of horror her muscles went ridged, because she knew she didn't have her crossbow on her, and she contemplated just how bad the bite would hurt, before realization set in, and she let out a shaky breath she had only been mildly aware she was holding.

"Ed?" She sighed, with a tone that made it half a question, because she still didn't really know.

But he skirted around the soft patches of sunlight, and smiled at her, his dark hair no longer slicked back against his skull, but more hanging in his eyes, and sticking up from a night of rolling around in a cot that made your muscles feel pinched, and tight. She watched as he came to stand across the table from her, still with his slow and easy smile across his face, and still standing in the shadowed parts of the room. He looked younger without his hair oil slicked back; it gave light to his eyes.

"Can't sleep either?" She asked, hoping that he would stop watching her, because she could feel her face getting warm, and it wasn't something she was used to.

For a moment he looked very confused, like she had just asked him if his second nose was itching, but then his expression softened and he nodded his understanding, "I don't sleep." He said, almost simply, but with an underlying tone of disappointment and sadness.

"At all?" She asked, never had this thought occurred to her, she had always thought that as inhumane as they might be, they would have to sleep at some point.

"Not in the last ten years or so." He said again, his tone laced with a sadness she couldn't understand.

"Well then you can help me with these." She said, taking a laundry basket, and pushing it into the shadows where he stood, and he smiled, and then flashed eyes to her neck, and she covered it and stood straight again, "Are you thirsty again?"

His eyes cut to her neck, his expression was blank, and she thought for sure that he was, but for some reason couldn't bring herself to be afraid of him, he was too human, too good, too-Ed to ever get thirsty enough to hurt her. Audrey wasn't sure how she knew this, from only having met him three times, and twice never really talking to him.

"What does it feel like?" He asked quietly and for a moment she only stood watching him.

"What?" She asked cautiously, and her eyes shot to her crossbow still sitting completely harmless across the room, she would have to walk right by him to get to it, and he would be much faster than her, she knew it.

"The sun." He said, almost ashamedly, like he was admitting to forgetting an anniversary, or a birthday.

Looking down at her arms, she raised her hand to where her neck had been, sunlight filtered through from somewhere above, and she stared at her hand blankly, and then back at him for a moment, "Don't you remember?" She asked cautiously, still twirling her fingers through the sunlight absentmindedly.

He looked sheepish, and ashamed, "No. I haven't so much as looked at the sun in over ten years; I sort of have a minor reaction to it or something." He said with a shrug, and a hint of humor.

Audrey smiled grimly, and resisted the urge to smack her own forehead, of course he wouldn't remember, it was like having memories from your childhood, fuzzy ones you can never remember if they are your own, or just something someone told you about.

"Um," She paused watching her hand, and trying to think what could describe this feeling, it didn't really feel like anything anymore, "It feel...warm." She told him lamely.

He squinted at her, and nodded once, "Warm?" He asked clarifying, "Yes warm, a revelation I dare say. It is so interesting that you would use the word warm, I imagine some lesser being would have used the term hot, but no not you, warm it is then." He said sarcastically, as he rounded the table to stand behind her, and now Audrey laughed, wondering if it had woken someone the way it echoed lightly through the building.

"I'm sorry, but it doesn't feel like anything to me, it's too normal, like trying to explain to a dying person what breathing feels like, it's too natural a thing to try and look at objectively." She said, abandoning the laundry, and the sun to turn and face him, finding him rather close as he ducked around more streaming sunlight.

He considered her for a moment, and then nodded mutely, looking away almost longingly at the sunlight, "Thanks anyway. Warm, I shall keep that in mind." There was no sarcasm now, and he looked pitiful slumping back, and staring at the ceiling.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she spoke.

"It's like getting a hug."

His eyes flicked back to her, and stared for a moment, "I'm sorry?"

"The sun," She said gesturing at the ray that was shining in and then upward, "It's like being freezing cold, and then jumping into a really hot bath, or coming in from the snow and drinking hot chocolate and it warms you chest from the inside out. Or like being cold, and hugging someone who is really warm, and it gives you goosebumps all over-" She trailed off, Edward was watching her carefully. Like he was drinking in her words, and for a moment, neither said anything, neither moved.

His hand touched hers, and Audrey resisted the urge to gasp, he hand was icy cold, she was mildly surprised he wasn't covered in frost. His fingers grazed the back of her hand, and he closed his eyes, taking a shuddering breath. Audrey twitched her fingers, and Edward's eyes snapped open, finding hers instantly, she turned her hand over, his fingers meeting her palm.

Eyes locked, he smoothed his hand down hers, so their palms aligned, and curled his fingers around hers, watching carefully for her reaction. Audrey stepped closer, and his gaze flicked over his shoulder, he couldn't step back or risk stepping into direct sunlight, so he stood warily, thinking he hadn't been this close to a woman in sometime, nearing eight or nine years he would venture to guess.

He opened his mouth to try and tell her this, to try and tell her that this wasn't right, and that he couldn't do this, and risk something happening, but in that moment her other hand slid over his, entangling itself to him, and all he could manage to do was stifle a groan. She was so deliciously warm, she was too warm, and he needed to stop, he needed to find a way to go somewhere, do something, something else. Saying something to get her to stop looking at him like that.

But he couldn't, he wouldn't, he didn't want too, not really. She stepped closed, brushing their chests against one another, and he exhaled and holding his breath because in truth he didn't need to breathe, he made his chest as small as possible, in hopes she would understand. Her hands left his, and he was sure their moment would end, but they were back at his forearms and creeping their way higher.

Licking his dry lips he tongue brushed his fangs, and now he remembered one very big reason why this was not okay, why this couldn't happen, he could kill her. Opening his mouth once more to tell her this, her hands came to rest on his chest, scraping lightly, and playing with the buttons of his shirt, there was no escaping this, and no stifling a groan that tore from his mouth, no amount of clothes could keep the warmth she emitted from seeping into him. She was leaving a trail of warmth up his body, which was quickly receding, already his hands were starting to cool again, and greedily, he moved them to her waist without thought. Because he wanted that warmth again.

Her eyes flicked to his, as he groaned low in his throat, trying to stop it by keeping his mouth closed, but it wasn't working. She watched him as he opened his eyes, and her arms slid around his shoulders, and she pulled him into an embrace. She was hugging him tightly, and Edward told himself not to breathe, should he ever get her scent, this close, he would lose any sanity that still clung loosely to his brain.

His arms wrapped around her, hands coming to rest at the small of her back, her left hand had found its way into his hair, and he shuddered, while her right hand, toyed with his collar for a moment, before her fingers found their way beneath it, splaying over his skin. Letting go for a moment, and giving in, he slid his fingers beneath the hem of her shirt, just to where the tips of his fingers were touching her flesh, goosebumps raced across her flesh, and he smiled dreamily, as Audrey gasped in his ear.

This was too much; he sucked in a shaky breath, and could taste her scent. She smelled like honeysuckle, he hadn't smelled honeysuckle since his childhood, when he and his brother held their races through the field behind their house. Organizing them all day, only to have one race from the house, to the fence at the other end and back again. His mother grew it just behind his house, and he would smell it as his longer legs carried him to victory nine times out of ten.

Tightening his arms around her, he breathed deeply, and buried his face into her hair trying to smell more, as his lips brushed over the skin of her neck, he entertained the thought of kissing it for just a moment, before it was put to action, Audrey stilled, tensing for a fraction of a second, but that was all it took. In a matter of seconds he understood, all the reasons why they shouldn't be doing this, it was wrong; he hadn't had anything to drink in what felt like ages, he was dangerous to be standing here with her, standing so close to her.

Edward tried to pull away, but she held fast, and relaxed into him.

"It's okay." She whispered, hot breath rolling across his ear and neck, and he tensed. His whole body was warmed now, he should step away from her, he should but as much distance, he should have stopped this before it happened.

A resounding clang came from behind him, and they stepped away from each other, standing again by the laundry, but he was still close enough that he could feel the heat from her fingers washing over his skin.

"Shit!" Lionel rounded the corner, gripping his naked toes, "How many times do I have to tell those kids to not move shit in here?" He asked them, as he moved to get something to eat, pausing as he did to look them over, his eyes scanned from Audrey to Edward skeptically, "What's up?"

"Nothing," Audrey said quickly, "We were just talking, and Ed was about to help me with some laundry." She said looking up at him, and he nodded absentmindedly, and ducked around the stream of sun that had kept him immobilized moments before, to the other side of the table, and he wondered briefly why he had not thought to duck under it before.

"About what?" Lionel asked, directing his question at Edward.

"The sun," Audrey answered, looking at Edward instead, as she passed him a T-shirt in the shadows, "He couldn't remember what it felt like."

Stilling watching them, as they silently folded their clothing, and Edward smelled coffee faintly, and he looked up to watch Elvis turn from making a pot, and locking eyes with him, "And now?"

Dropping his eyes, for a moment as Audrey passed him another article of clothing, their fingers brushing in the process, "I don't think I'll ever forget again."

So what do you all think? Yes? No? I hope you all enjoyed it, I'm not sure if I will be doing more like this one, or if I will expand this, I have been thinking about it, but am not sure. Let me know what you all want!