Not a Shinobi but a Mage

Chapter 1

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It's been ten years since the Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi no yoko. In the since then the village hidden in the leaves rebuild and recover their former strength. But not known to the younger generation was how the Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi making it only known that it was gone. The true reason of its defeat was thanks to a baby boy that was used to seal and contain the demon. The said boy was about to embark on a new fate.

(Outside of Konoha)

Naruto hide behind a tree to listen to Iruka talk to Mizuki, he couldn't believe how all this happened. It all started with him failing the genin exam, it was his first time so he could take it. Then Mizuki, his sensei approached him and asked if he wanted to take a secret exam that was for those who were special.

Naruto was surprised to hear that anyone thought he was special, only Ojiji-san and the family at the ramen stand ever told him that. So he jumped at the chance to pass and be better than that Sasuke, who everyone says was a genius. Soon he stole the forbidden scroll from the hokage using his new Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Technique) on ojiji-san. Mizuki had told him that the Hokage would try to stop him only to see if he could get pass him.

When he acquired the scroll he ran into the forest where Mizuki told him to meet at him at. Mizuki then told him that he had to learn one jutsu from the scroll in order to pass the special test. He looks the scroll at anything that sounded cool but as he was run his finger on the scroll he got a deep paper cut making him drop blood onto the scroll. Biting back a cry he closed his eye and put his finger in his mouth.

After the cut stop hurting he looked back at the scroll and was surprised to find a smaller scroll laying on the scroll, he looked at the scroll for a bit before he putting the scroll into his pocket for later since he needed to learn a jutsu from the big one not the small one.

He found a jutsu called Kage Bushin no jutsu (shadow clone technique), remembering that was the reason he failed he quickly looked it over before his eyes saw another jutsu that caught his attention.

"Kinshi Ninpo: Kage Tsuihou no jutsu (forbidden ninja art: shadow banishment)" said Naruto looking at the jutsu's details.

Rank: SSS

Range: Close or mid-range

Type: sealing

Kinshi Ninpo: Kage Tsuihou no jutsu - is a technique that send its target to a unknown time, space and or dimension. Because of this the user does not know where their target will end up rather in there time line or even dimension. This jutsu is not recommended for not knowing the repercussions are good or bad.

"Cool, I can use this to make those mean people go away" thought Naruto not fully understanding how dangerous the jutsu was. After copy the jutsu down, Naruto quickly begun to practice the Kage Bushin no jutsu before Mizuki arrived.

Pretty soon Iruka found him and processed to put him into a submission hold, with the arms around his back roughly. Naruto cried out in pain before Iruka told him he was under arrest for stealing the forbidden scroll.

Before Iruka could take him into to the Hokage, a large shrunken came out of the shadow of the trees and nailed Iruka in the back. Taking his chance, Naruto ran in to the forest with the scroll.

Now this brings us to now.

Iruka cursed as he coughed up blood from the wound Mizuki gave him. He cursed himself for letting his guard down while dealing with his "student": Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had stupidly believed Mizuki into stealing the forbidden scroll. Mizuki had gloated about how he tricked Naruto with a fake special test after Iruka tricked him to believing he was Naruto.

"Iruka I surprised you are protecting the demon after the killed your parents "mocked Mizuki while looking at his downed former friend.

"I'm protecting the scroll from you that's all" said Iruka angrily at Mizuki's implication.

Mizuki shook his head "It has been ten years since the Kyuubi no yoko attacked our village. In order to defeat it the Yondaime, the greatest of the all the Hokages that came before him defeated the Kyuubi but it cost him his life. But in truth the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi into a child. I still can't believe that stupid old fool of a Hokage protected that monster." finished Mizuki with a smile filled with insanity.

"Do you believe that? That Naruto isn't a demon like your Hokage Iruka?" asked Mizuki

Naruto felt as if he was dumped into a lake in winter. That was the reason he was treated badly, all the beatings, the overpriced food in terrible condition, the horrible abandoned apartment, the glares, the whispers, the reason he was always alone and is was because of the Kyuubi put inside of him by the person he looked up to, the Yondaime.

Naruto felt hot tears fall down his cheeks. All this happened to him it wasn't fair and even worse ojiji knew all along. He remembered all the times he asked ojiji why the villagers did all these bad things to him. He would tell him it was because they didn't see the truth and they would come around so forgive them!

Anger and betrayal, that's all Naruto felt right now, He then heard Mizuki ask Iruka-sensei if he thought he was a demon. He held his breath as he waited for his response.

Iruka lowered his head down with his eyes shadowed. Then after a few seconds he started to laugh, his laughter sounded as if someone just told him a humorous joke.

"That thing isn't human" he spat out in a tone filled with disgust and loathing.

Naruto didn't bother to listen after that. His heart was broken no one care for him, his ojij lied to him all his life and now he was going to die if he didn't get away. As he thought about getting away a memory flash in his mine.

"Kinshi Ninpo: Kage Tsuihou no jutsu "

"That's it! I can use that to make Mizuki go away!" he thought happily until he remembered what he was.

He placed his hand on his stomach "Or would it be better if I went away…"

He remembered the name calling of "demon" "monster", the beatings, the cold glares, the loneliness.

"I'm not a monster" he whispered quietly and sadly to himself. Running into a clearing he begun to do the hands seals he saw for the jutsu. His Ojij no the Hokage told him he had a photographic memory so he could memorize things after he seen them once.

As he finished the last seal Mizuki entered the clearing with a bloody large shuriken.

"Well looks like I found you demon, I know you were listening when I talked to Iruka. Just to let you know he told me to make sure I killed you before he died. Sad huh, he died happily just to know his killer will kill you" his tone was the same as Iruke's when he answered his question.

Mizuki stop sneering when he saw the demon brat was holding a hand seal in a seal he never seen before. Thinking the demon was trying to release "his" power he acted quickly by throw the large shuriken at his arm.

Naruto screamed in pain when he felt his left arm at the elbow get cut off from Mizuki's shuriken. Without thinking about it he grabbed his left bicep from the pain.

Mizuki smiled cruelly as he approached the screaming child. He took his arm on purposed; he wanted to make the demon scream out for him to kill him, to end his pain.

"I will be seen as a hero to this village, even if I steal the forbidden scroll" he thought as he closed in on the boy who didn't notice him because of the shock and pain of his lost arm.

Naruto soon passed out from the pain and blood lost, the last thing he saw was him sinking into a black hole.


Mizuki was confused and frightened. The demon brat just disappeared into a black hole with the scroll before he could torture him. Before he could try to find him he was taken down from a windmill shuriken flew pass him taking both his legs from under him. He gave a blood curling screamed just as Anbu appeared before him.

"Where is Naruto Uzumaki?" growled out the captain. She was looking at the down traitor with her killer intent flooding the area.

All Mizuki gave was cries of pain while shitting and pissing on himself. Growling in disgust she moved her hand. Two Anbu appeared before grabbing hold of Mizuki then disappearing to Ibiki.

"Don't stand there looking stupid! I want this whole area sweep for clues yesterday!" barked the captain making her men disappear to carry out the order.

Looking down at where she seen Naruto sink into the ground she let a tear escape her eye only to be blocked from her mask.

"Please be ok Naruto-kun wherever you are"

(Far far very far away)

Laxus Dreyar was not having a good day. It started off well for him at first; he got up early fully rested, had a good breakfast of his favorites and scored a good high paying easy job. When he got to the job everything went downhill from there. The job was to guard a box, simple right? But he found out that inside the box was a key that leads to the treasure of Riviera; a lost kingdom that was so powerful that they destroyed themselves.

Then a mad man called Moji had taken the key after blindsiding him. Quickly he recovered and followed him into a tunnel that was created by Moji using the key. The tunnel lead to the Riviera kingdom.

"With the power here I will become the ultimate mage!" laugh Moji as he made his way to a glowing ball that held the treasure.

Before he could touch and claim its power a large bolt of lightning will then descend upon him. Using his magic, he pushed himself out of the thunders path. He turned and glared at the teenager that stopped him from gaining the power that is supposed to be his.

"You must be crazy if you think I'm going to let you get that power" stated Laxus with a serious expression on his face

"You think you have a choice? Take this! IWA DANGO!" he said before using his magic and throws a large rock in the shape of a dango.


Laxus quickly dodges the attack. Recovering quickly he tried to launch a counter attack only to jump back again from another Iwa Dango.

While his

Enemy was dodging his multiple attacks Moji made his way towards the glowing ball. "Ha-ha soon I will be the-" his thought was cut off by a cry from the teen.

(Spoiler warning)

Laxus activated Dragon Force, gaining dragon scales and a huge power boost, only in this mode so far that Laxus has used his Lightning Dragon Slayer abilities. With dragon force active he gathers electricity around his mouth then releases it in a concentrated blast.

He called out "Rairyu no Hoko (Lightning Dragon Roar)"before he unleashed his technique. The blast shot through the Iwa Dangos and headed towards Moji.

Moji didn't have time to dodge as he cried out from being hit by the powerful lighting attack. He felt the lighting move through his body and boiling his blood. Even going through this pain he moved toward the treasure.

"I won't be stopped when I'm so close" he yelled before using his most powerful spell.

"Hercules Iwa majin (Hercules rock golem)!" a huge golem made out of iron appeared before Laxus and blocking Moji from his sight. Cursing Laxus moved out the path of the giant golem's fist. As he keep dodging Laxus caught sight of Moji nearing the treasure. He tried to rush pass the golem to get to Moji.

"NO!" he yelled before the golem fist smashed him. Moji seeing this laugh in triumph, then continue the path to HIS treasure. Knowing he won, he walked slowing since his magic was low from summoning the golem. Just as he was inches away from claiming his prize he heard the sound crackling electricity. A feeling of dead engulfed his being from the sound. The feeling only magnify when he saw Laxus in the air holding a Chinese halberd made of electricity in his hands.

Laxus was glad his idea paid off; he used the golem's fist to propel him into the air giving him a clear shot of Moji. Cocking his hands back he then threw his attack while calling out its name.

"Rairyu Hotengeki (Lightning Dragon Heavenward Halberd)!"

The large lighting halberd flew towards Moji to complete is task. Laxus was smirking as he watched the attack close in on Moji. His smirk fell and turned into a look of horror when he saw a child no older then Erza and Mira fall toward where Moji and the treasure was but more importantly where his Rairyu Hotengeki was heading!

When the attack hit, all was seen was a tower of lighting. As soon as he landed he ran toward were his attack hit.

"Please be ok" was the thought going through his head as he got closer. When he got to the child he found him incased in a large white crystal. As he got closer he found that the crystal protected the child from his attack. He looked into the crystal and saw that the child was unconscious. He frowned when he noticed the state of the child; he was injured but the biggest thing was his left arm from the elbow down was gone. It looked like it just happed.

Deciding that he should get the kid some medical help, he moved to break the crystal. But before he could attack the crystal broke into fragments before entering entered the kid. If that didn't amaze Laxus then what happened next did; the child's slump of a left arm grew a replacement. The lower arm was now black with marking traveling upward in a spiral fashion and stopping at the shoulder.

Looking around he noticed the treasure was gone "well at least I know what happened to the treasure"

After the new arm was done forming, Laxus begun to check the kid. He released a sigh of relief when he found out he was just unconscious. He put the kid on his back then looked around for something that would identify the kid. Looking he spotted a large scroll, remembering he saw it when the kid fell from the sky. He stored the scroll in with where he keeps his things he couldn't carry: in his magic storage space. After he stored anything near the boy that wasn't trashed, then begun to make his way out back through the tunnel.

"ji-chan is going to have a field day from this" Laxus sighed as he left the forgotten kingdom, but not before pocketing the key.

"No need to fail a job"

(Few days later)

"So this kid appeared out of nowhere and claimed the treasure of Riviera then the treasure of Riviera protected him from your attack?" Makarov said as he looked down at the sleeping boy. It's been three days since Laxus brought the injured child to him the where he then went to Porlyusica to get him healed.

The boy was covered in dirt when he arrived, dirty blond hair caked with blood and dirt, dirty bloody clothes with tear and filthy. But after a bath and a change of clothes they could see him more clearly. He had wild bright blond hair like Laxus, tanned skin, three whisker marks on his face with a white t-shirt and some blue shorts. The boy could pass off as Laxus little brother!

"Yeah, so what now Ji-chan?" asked Laxus as he leaned against the wall

"Well we should wait until-" make stopped speaking when he heard a groan from the blond child. Laxus and Makarov where surprised the child was awaking so soon. From his injures he was supposed to be asleep for a few more days.

Naruto opened his eyes and then was assaulted by the bright light of the sun. Quickly closing them he gave them time to adjust to the light. When his eyes could see, he saw two figures looking at him with wide eyes.

The first was an old really short man wearing a yellow, dark blue shorts, dark blue jacket with a small hat. The old man had short gray hair and a gray mustache. Naruto didn't know why but he knew this old man was powerful then he looked.

The other person was a teenager that wore yellow shirt sleeve shirt with a long sleeve black shirt under it, dark green pants with weird pointy headphones on his ears. The teen had bright blond hair like him and had a scar going down his right eye.

Noticing that both men didn't look at with hostility he sat up but still wary. As he sat up he felt light headed and grabbed his head. It took him a few second before he gasped in surprise when he realized he was holding his head with his left hand.

Laxus and Makarov watched as the child in front of them looked at his hand in confusion, surprised and happiness. After a while Makarov spoke up and asked Naruto his name and what he was doing there in the forgotten kingdom.

(Three hours explanation and calming down later)

"So you're saying you want me to join your guild?" asked Naruto surprised by the offer

He found out he wasn't in his world and he had no way to return (not that he wanted to return). After talking to Laxus, Makarov and Porlyusica (came in 30-mins into Makarov explain of their world) he learned they were nice people and had no reason to hate him for what he held. So he told them of his life back in his world. To say to they were pissed was an understatement, Makarov glowed gold, Laxus body crackled with lighting, even Porlyusica had an aura of anger around her.

After calming down Makarov told him when he was being healed, they discover he had a large amount of magic power. Naruto asked if they found anything else when they checked him. Porlyusica told him she didn't find anything ominous on his body or any other energy. Naruto was shocked that the kyuubi wasn't in him (not like he noticed before). Makarov speculated that when he was sent to their world the kyuubi must have been adsorbed into his body by the seal on his stomach think he was dying (he read the forbidden scroll on the seal).

So now he had a new arm, a lot of magic power, the power that destroyed a once powerful kingdom and now was offered to be in a guild, where they would teach him with other kids his age giving him a chance to have friends his own age.

After thinking for two seconds Naruto gave he a large grin "Where do I sign?"

(Week later)

"Wow" said Naruto as he looked at fairy tails guild. It was huge like the hokage tower but not as tall. Naruto now wore dark blue jeans with belt that had two extra belts to the right and left side (think yugi's belt on duel monsters), black shoes, orange long sleeve shirt and finally an adorned pair of custom Kan-Dao Chinese falchions attached to the back of his belt.

Each blade represents the contrasting forces of Yin Yang, the hilt on the blades are slightly curved with a gun barrel attached to the back of the each blade where the blade tip is. The blades (according to Laxus) where found near him when he picked him up.

Laxus and Makarov stood behind him as they watched as he looked in awe at the building with a smile on their face.

"If you think the outside look great wait until you check out the inside" said Makarov with pride in his tone while Laxus just shook his head at his grandfather.

Naruto nodded then pushed open the door.


Naruto looked amazed as he saw all the people in the guild having a good time in the friendly atmosphere. The people inside were chatting, drinking, laughing, telling jokes or just having a merry time together. He looked around the then building as he stepped inside. He was broken from his awe when he saw something that caught his attention. In the middle of the room were two boys fighting.

One had a red shirt with a checkered scarf and tan shorts. He had pink hair that reminded Naruto of his former crush and classmate Sakura because of his pink hair but it was darker then Sakura's.

The other boy was almost naked! He had only boxers on. He had dark blue hair with a blue tattoo on his chest.

The two continued to fight with calling each other names. Naruto also noticed that they were his age or younger. The fighting stopped when a pretty girl with crimson red hair in a braid broke it up.

The girl wore a white dress with a knight armor chest plate on, black pants and a sword on her right hip. She had a serious expression on her face as she punched both boys into a wall leaving imprints.

"Oh you like Erza huh?" asked a voice behind him making him jump.

Makarov laugh at Naruto's antics as Naruto denied it before motioning Naruto along with Laxus following from behind. The three moved to the bar were Makarov went behind and pulled out a stamp. After stamping Naruto on the right bicep he introduced Naruto to the other children.

(Few minutes later)

Naruto quickly made friends with the other children. Makarov watched as Naruto interacted with the children with Laxus. "He will be a great mage in the future" thought Makarov with a smile. The smile quickly widen when he heard Naruto next proclamation along with everyone else.

"I'm going to be the next guild master of fairy tail!" yelled Naruto with a wide grin making the other children look wide eyed before gray said yeah right before they started to fight.

Makarov chuckled while Laxus shook his head laughing quietly.

Soon Natsu jumped into the fight. Erza and Mirajane soon joined the fight when Erza tried to break it up and Mirajane made fun of Erza calling her a grandmother while pushing her into the boys scuffle.

"Great Mage indeed" thought Makarov as he watched as most of the guild members get caught into the fight making it turn into a big brawl.


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