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Chapter 4

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"We have arrived at Payon, please watch your step as you leave and thank you for traveling with us." Announced a woman's voice over the speaker.

As they stepped off the train Naruto and Mira heard someone yell. "Naruto-kun!"

Turning to the voice, they saw a man and woman waving to them.

The man was tall and wore a dark blue Chinese long sleeve shirt with a yellow lining, black dress pants with black dress shoes. His hair was kept in a low pony-tail over his left shoulder. His eyes were narrowed in an upside down smile, which was covered by circular glasses that reflected the light of the sun.

The woman that was with the man wore a white dress that showed a little cleavage and stopped at the middle of her thigh. Her dress was covered by a white jacket over her while walking shoes finished her ensemble. She had red hair that parted down the middle, with the left side having a slight lift. Her green eyes were seen as she smiled brightly at the couple.

Naruto smiled at them both, recognizing the two. "Eriol, Kaho-chan it's been a while!"

Naruto greeted Eriol and Kaho warmly before introducing Mirajane to them.

"This is my girlfriend Mirajane Strauss." He said, gesturing over to his silver haired companion. "Mira-chan, this is Eriol Reed and his wife Kaho. Both of them are good friends and members of the research guild Cat's Eye."

Mirajane's eye's widened at Naruto's introduction. Cat's Eye was not just a magical research was the research guild. The guild was known for creating great magical item and breaking down known magic with no known trouble. It was a saying that if the Cat's Eye can't see through it then no one can. Many have tried to use the guild for their selfish ends, from high ranking mages, to the council. Many have tried to recruit their help but Cat's Eye was also known for being very secretive and impossible to steal from.

The four made their way through the town towards the town's guild...CAT'S EYE.

Mira looked at Naruto in a curious gaze; it still confused her how her boyfriend knew people from such a secretive guild.

Feeling her gaze Naruto looked at his silvered haired girlfriend and gave a grin. "Something on your mind?"

Mira could only nodded, still in shock. "How do you know anyone from Cat's Eye?" She asked before another, more pressing thought entered her head. "And why didn't you tell me?" Fixing her blonde boyfriend with a pouting glare.

Giving a weak chuckle, Naruto gave his answer. "In that order; I met Eriol when I was learning about my magic and you never asked." He finished with a cheeky smirk.

Mira glared full on at his last response. "Wait a that where you disappeared to?"

A few years ago Naruto left the guild on a temporary leave to find out about the magic he gained from the Lost Kingdom Riviera. He had been gone longer then he said he would, many began to worry for his safety, one girl in particular. When he finally came back he was greeted by said girl in a great manner...before he received his punishment

Ignoring the urge to shiver at the memory of that night Naruto answered. "Yes, Jiji called in a favor for me. I learned a lot thanks to the guild."

"The same can be said from us Naruto-kun. We would have never learned so much about the Kingdom Riviera if it weren't from you." Eriol said with a smile.

Naruto shivered "Y-yeah."

"What's wrong, whiskers?" Mira asked noticing the small amount of nervousness in Naruto's voice.

"When they say Cat's Eye learns everything about magic, they weren't joking." He said as he shivered grabbing his left arm.

Mira looked at him in confusion before she understood, recognizing the look of fear on Naruto's face, recognizing it as one that would often appear during certain hospital...visits. She smirked. "Don't act like such a baby. At least you learned how to master your magic."

However, anything else she was going to say was stopped cold by Kaho. Her hand resting on Mira's shoulder in a comforting manner. Mira turned to look at her...and froze in fear when she saw both Kaho and her husband looking at her with a creepy expression. It was a cross between desire and thirst; it wasn't the look people give her when she walking downs a street for her looks. Those she as used to. No, it was a look that reminded her of man seeing water after being in a desert for days without it.

"Naruto had told us about you and your magic, Satan Soul right? We really would like to know more about your magic, would mind showing us?" While Kaho's voice was calm, it held a bit of diabolical glee that set off warning bells in Mirajane's head.

Before Mira could disagree she realized they were already at the guild. She didn't get much time to look at it before she was dragged in by Kaho.

Naruto sent her a amused smile before she disappeared inside. He chuckled at her scared expression before he stopped when Eriol put his hand on his shoulder in the same way as Kaho did with Mira and give him the same look. "I heard you learned something new about your arm."

"NOOO!" Naruto yelled as he was pulled inside the guild, whose door began to look like the gates of Hell.

The guild of Cat's Eye was huge and held like a castle-esque look to it. The guild wasn't huge because of arrogance; no it was huge to keep their research inside. It wasn't that the guild wasn't loved by the town. The guild was adored and love by their town like most guilds, but the guild was also known for experiments going wrong or the occasional explosion...or implosion. The some town people was still angry when it rained cats and dogs.

After escaping the guild the two were told that it was the guild master who called for Naruto. The two were currently making their way through the town towards the guild Master's location.

"We will never talk about what happened." Naruto stated, eye's resolute but with no small amount of fear.

Mira nodded unable to verbally agree with him. "Where are we going? I thought we were going to speak to the Master?"

"We are, but he's currently out having lunch with his wife." Naruto replied.

Mira raised an eyebrow. "Shouldn't we wait until their done, I wouldn't want anyone interrupting us on a date." The few who dared to try met with...unfortunate circumstances.

Naruto smile at her. "While normally it would be rude to do so, it's fine. You see the guild Master tends to get excited with anything new to him; magic, weapon, food, peopleā€¦ "

Mira looked at him confused at his statement. Before she could ask what he meant by 'people' they stopped at a restaurant. The restaurant was a medium sized building with weird colors of red, yellow and green patterns covering it. From it's looks alone anyone could tell it was a foreign restaurant.

"This looks to be the right place. Just a forewarning; be prepared to run." Naruto said seriously as they entered the restaurant. His girlfriend following him very reluctantly.


The inside of the restaurant looked as foreign as the outside, and just as colorful. The walls were yellow and red and the floor was covered with green carpet. The tables were blue and the waiters and waitress dressed in one pieced blue and red outfits.

'Being in here to long will hurt my eyes.' Mira thought as she covered her eyes with her hand, hoping to block out at least some of the color.

'I wonder if they serve green eggs and ham' Naruto thought, a cheesy grin appearing in his mind.

Naruto looked through the restaurant until his eyes landed on a couple sitting at a table with a young girl. Sitting across from them were two men dressed tight green pants with a solid orange shirt with yellow strips.

"Now regarding this trading agreement, for keeping us supplied with Eco, we will give you anything that helps your people." A man said as he spoke in a microphone.

The man was tall, that could be easily seen, even when he was sitting. He looked exactly like Erol the only difference was his hair was longer and kept in a pony tail that went over his right shoulder, while Erol's hair was short with only a few bangs. He wore black Chinese dress pants with a golden yellow under shirt and a dark blue long sleeve over it. He sat in a relaxed position with legs crossed, showing his black casual shoes.

This was Clow Reed, Guild Master of Cat's Eye and the second coming of Merlin.

To the left of him sat a beautiful woman. The woman had long black hair that was in a high pony tail, pale skin and was fairly tall. Her wine red eyes watched the whole interaction in amusement with a smile on her red lips. She wore an elegant black kimono that had red flower patterns that showed her curvy figure with matching black heel shoes.

This woman was Yuko Reed, Clow's wife and the Time Witch of Cat's Eye.

To Clow's right sat a young girl watching the interaction with a bright smile on her face. She looked to be around 10 or 12 years old. She had short brown hair that stopped just past her ear, peach colored skin, green emerald colored eye's that were filled with innocence and curiosity. She wore a white skirt with a black short sleeve t-shirt and white shoes.

She was Sakura Kinomoto, mage of Cat's Eye and a student of Clow.

After Clow spoke into the microphone it came out as different language. The men nodded before one of them spoke into a microphone that was next to him. The man said a few words into the make that sounded like a complete sentence. But surprisingly it only translated to "ok".

Naruto and Mira approached them when Clow spoke. "Excellent, we'll meet in one month to sign the trade agreement." He spoke into the microphone for it to be translated to the men who nodded their agreements.

Clow turned to his student a sly smile on his face. "Now watch as I impress them by congratulating them in their native tongue."

Sakura looked at her teacher with worry and panic, knowing his antics to cause mayhem. "Please don't sensei, last time you tried something like that Kurogane-san's favorite Mexican restaurant declared war on us! Please, I beg you just use the translator!" She begged with the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

Clow waved her off with a playful smile. "Don't worry Sakura-kun, everything will be fine."

Yuko looked at her husband's student with a knowing amused expression. "Better be ready to run Sakura-chan. You know how my husband is."

Sakura sighed before nodding in reluctant acceptance, she quickly got ready while Yuko paid for their meal and dropped a large tip for the massive amount damage that was about to happen.

Clow cleared his throat before speaking. " #$% %^^*&."

The translator did it's job and translated accordingly. "I would like to bitch slap your mother with a slice of baloney."

The men growled in anger, getting ready to throttle the Guild Master of Cat's Eye.

Clow gave an embarrassed smile. "Uh-oh!"

Sakura's hand covered her mouth in horror.

Yuko giggled.

Mira's mouth dropped.

And Naruto sighed.

The two men stood up as the leader smashed the translator before the other man flipped the table over. The two then pointed magic gun at Clow, intent to blow his head off. Yuko and Clow both got into their own battle stances.

Sakura stood resolute beside her master with a card in her hand with a panicked expression on her face. "It's the battle of Paco's Taco all over again!"

Before the fight could break out Naruto stepped forward with his left hand out "^&%*^&(-& !##*&*&^!"

The men looked Naruto for a few seconds before nodding, reluctantly putting their weapons away before bowing to Naruto and Clow's group before leaving.

Clow's group plus Mira looked at Naruto in awe and a small amount of gratitude.

"What did you say to them?" Sakura asked, relieved that there would be no

Naruto gave the girl a charming smile that made her cheeks lightly flush. "I told them that Clow was trying to say 'congratulations' but accidentally said 'I would like to bitch slap your mother with a slice of baloney' instead."

"I didn't know you spoke that language." Mirajane stated, slightly impressed that Naruto could speak another language.

"I don't, one of the benefits of this arm is it's a universal translator." Naruto said with a smirk at his girlfriend as Clow approached him.

"Naruto! How are you my young friend?" Clow joyously asked, as he greeted Naruto with a bright smile.

"I've been good. It's good to see your doing well." Naruto replied, returning Clow's smile with one of his own.

"What? No greeting for me Naruto-kun? I'm hurt" Yuko pouted as she stood next to her husband.

Naruto just gave a small chuckle at her antics. "Hello Yuko, it's nice to see you."

Yuko smiled before she pulled Naruto into a hug. Mira watched the scene of Naruto greeting the Cat's Eye member's like a pair of old friends, and couldn't help but wonder the past between them.

Naruto looked at the last member of Clow's group. "Hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Treating the young girl to a gentle smile, he was rewarded with a light dusting of pink on the girls' face. "May I ask you of your name hime? "

Unable to keep the small blush off her face Sakura merely began her greeting. "H-hello Uzumaki-san, I'm Sakura Kinomoto, nice to meet you." Sakura slightly stuttered before bowing.

Yuko, who still had Naruto in her arms, watched the scene with a smile...before her mischievous side made itself known. "Sakura-chan is so cute don't you think?" Sakura looked slightly scandalized at her teachers' significant others words. "She's Clow's student."

Naruto looked at Sakura in awe, surprised at that tidbit of information. "Wow so you're the student of the second merlin, you must be really special." At his praise Sakura gave a small 'eep' before looking down, in an attempt to hide her full faced blush. "I know thousands have applied for that honor and only a handful ever gets the honor."

Sakura's could do little more then keep her face hidden as she tried to explain she wasn't anything special to the blonde.

All of a sudden Yuko was ripped from Naruto by a pair of hands. Yuko stepped back with a amused smile on her face as she got a good look at the blonde's silver haired company "Naruto-kun you haven't introduce your friend." Once again her mischievousness showing.

Mira stood between Naruto and Yuko while she glared at the witch. Naruto saw the look in Mira's eye and knew he had to defuse the misunderstanding and fast.

"Mira, this is Clow Reed, guild master of Cat's Eye, the cutie right here is Sakura Kinomoto, his student and the woman your glaring at is Yuko Reed, a member of cat's eye and Clow's wife." Sweating slightly at the tense atmosphere that his girlfriend was making Naruto continued the introductions. "Everyone this is Mirajane Strauss, a member of Fairy Tail and my girlfriend." He finished with a smile as he wrapped an arm along Mirajane's waist.

Mira's eyes widen from hearing the woman who she was intending on blasting was Clow Reed's wife and therefore must have been the Time Witch of Cat's Eye.

Naruto seeing her expression decided to explain more. "Mira-chan, Yuko's been like that since I was a kid, mostly because of my whisker marks, she's more like a big sister to me if anything."

Hearing this Mira calmed down. Before she could apologize, Yuko was in front of her with a smile, the smile told everyone it was anything but happy.

"So your Naruto-Kun's Girlfriend, I think we should have a talk, you know from big sister to new little sister." Just the tone was enough to scare Mira...but the fact that Yuko was smiling was downright terrifying her.

Before anyone could say anything Yuko took off with Mira.

Clow could only scratch his head at his wife's antics. "I forgot how protective Yuko is of you and Sakura-chan. She did the same thing with Syaoran-kun, Sakura's boyfriend"

Naruto just looked at the spot Yuko and Mira once was before nodding his head, only thing he really could do at the moment. "Oka~y, well while their having, you mind filling me in on what you need me for? From the call you made it sound very important."

All playfulness left the Guild Masters' eyes as he turned to Naruto. "I would like you to accompany my student as she goes through her trial." At Naruto's confused look he explained. "You see to Sakura-kun has been learning under me for a year now as my student. It is now time for her to become my full apprentice. "

Naruto looked at Clow with a confused expression. "What's the difference?"

"By becoming my apprentice, she will learn everything I know and more. With my students, I teach them the basics of magic and help them understand whatever magic they are in possession of." Clow explained.

Naruto nodded now understanding the request. "Where to?"

"You will accompany her here to a location on her map." Clow said as he pointed to a certain location of the map. "This place must remain secret as it's one of my private training areas. All you will have to do is guard her as she completes her task and report to me. I can't stress how important it is to make sure you are followed." Clow stated with a serious expression.

Naruto nodded with a serious expression of his own, Clow was putting a lot of trust into him and he would not let him down. "Understood."

Clow dropped his serious expression and replaced it with a gentle smile "Thank you friend, I know I'm being a burden asking this of you, but I don't have anyone else to turn to. Kuro-kun is out with his student on a training trip and won't be back until next month. Fai and Yue are currently on a one hundred year mission. I, as her teacher, can't go with her neither can Yuko."

Naruto gave him a friendly pat on the back. "Don't worry about it, that what friends are for, to help out each other when they're in a jam." He finished with a thumbs up.

Clow smiled. "Good, you leave first thing in the morning. I know it's fast but theres a time limit for when the area is accessible."

Naruto merely nodded his understanding. "Got it, now then one very important question." Naruto's face the epitome of seriousness. Both Clow and Sakura leaned in, waiting for what was no doubt a very important question. "Will Yuko bring Mira back?"


Looks like the money for repairs was going to be used by the restaurant after all as both master and students faces impacted the floor.


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