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Ch. 1

Duo walked into his latest hiding place with a large yawn. The war had only recently ended, so all of the pilots were laying low. There were still many people calling for blood as the new government was set up, and Duo knew that unless they hid they'd all be publicly executed. He dropped his duffel bag on the chair and plopped on the bed with a sigh. A bed felt good. It wasn't as good as the beds on Peacemillion had been, but a bed at all was nice. He remembered the nights after the massacre he'd spent on the streets without even Solo's warm chest to lay on far too well not to be happy with what he could get. Mainly it was warm. Duo hated the cold, the snow. It never spoke of anything good. He liked being warm though; good things happened when you were warm.

He had nearly fallen asleep when a pop resided outside on the street. Waking, Duo pulled out his gun and snuck to the door as he heard footsteps and more pops coming closer to his hiding place. Taking a deep breath, Duo wrenched open the door and pulled the gun on the man standing outside. He was an elder man, dressed in strange robes of funny colors. He looked like Merlin on crack, if Duo let himself be serious.

The old man merely held up his hands, one of them holding a... stick. Right. Well, Duo had seen odder things, he supposed. Merlin smiled with a twinkle of his blue eyes and stated, "Good evening, Mr. Potter. My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I would like to talk to you about a serious matter."

Duo snorted and took the safety off his gun. "Right, and I'm supposed to believe that. I don't know what kind of an idiot this Potter guy is, but you don't come for a friendly chat with an entourage of armed fighters." Dumbles looked surprised, and Duo just snorted again.

"What fighters?" Dumbledore asked, yet Duo could tell the man was grasping at strings. They both knew he was too surprised to fool anyone.

Duo noticed one of the presences he felt more than saw go for a weapon and acted on instinct. With a bang the man-now visible-fell to the ground as Duo snatched the elder man and pressed the smoking barrel of his gun near the guy's pointy hat. "Show yourselves!" Duo snarled. "Now! Or Dumblefuck here will be missing a chunk of his brain."

Several shimmers wavered and then turned into people. They all looked vaguely similar to each other, complete with waco occult robes. To Duo's utter delight they had better fashion sense than Dumbles. "Calm down, Harry," a ragged, professor-looking man placated. "We know you don't know us, but trust us when we say we're only here for your protection."

Duo raised an eyebrow and snorted. "Puh-lease, like I'd believe that even if I was on crack."

"I told you this wouldn't work," an oily voice commented. Duo whipped around to see the source, turning to a tall man with greasy black hair. He seemed... familiar somehow. "My name is Serverus Snape," the man informed him in a no-nonsense tone. "I am the Potions Master at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Duo gasped, the pieces clicking. "I remember you now," he exclaimed. "You're the guy that helped my kids out that one winter!"

Snape gave a barely perceivable smile-oblivious to the looks of shock about him-and nodded. "Yes, I hope to hear they're doing well, but more important matters need discussing right now."

Duo nodded with a cheery smile, letting Dumbles go. "Lay it on me, Sevkins."

With a sigh at the nickname Snape explained, "Fifteen years ago a Dark Wizard named Voldemort terrorized the world, intent on killing all muggles, or non-magical humans. Due to a prophesy he knew part of only one child could defeat him, and he chose Harry Potter out of the two. He tried to kill the babe, but the curse resounded and destroyed him instead. He is clinging to life now, his soul having still been intact. Somehow his Death Eaters got a hold of your blood and used it to resurrect him. Now he is after world domination once again. You are the only one who can defeat him, Duo."

Duo blinked in shock. He closed the door behind him and leaned against it, feeling himself starting to have a panic attack. "No," he gasped out, "I'm... Duo Maxwell. My parents just left... why would they abandon me if I'm some kind of hero?" He looked up at Severus, the mask for once completely off. He pleaded with the man as his world shattered about him. "Am I that... why?"

Severus looked upon him with an understanding form of pity and quickly closed the space between them. He took the trembling boy into his arms and whispered comfortingly, "Lilly would have never abandoned you, but she and James were both dead. Your worthless excuse for an Aunt threw you to the street, not wanting a wizard in her house." Softly, so none but Duo could hear, he added, "There is nothing wrong with you, Duo."

Duo gave into his wanting for once and clung to Severus, drawing on the older man's strength. His breathing sped up as the panic attack worsened. So his aunt wanted him dead, believing he was worthless. I knew it, he thought. I'm worthless, a nobody, street trash. I mean nothing to nobody, not even-

A stinging on his cheek and the absence of warm arms drew him out of the dark cloud. His mind finally registered the fact that he'd been slapped as he gingerly touched his cheek and stared at Severus, who was straightening the cuffs of his sleeves. "There will be none of that self-pity nonsense, Mr. Maxwell," Severus informed him. "You are going to pack and come to headquarters with us where we will begin to tutor you in the use of magic, considering you have missed your first four years of instruction."

Duo blinked at him, and then shook his head with a smile. "Right you are, Sevvy-baby. Just hang a sec and I'll grab my shit." Duo walked back into the apartment and grabbed his duffel bag. He deposited a note and the payment for his stay on the desk and then locked the door behind him, leaving the key in the mailbox. "Ready!" Duo chirped with a big smile. "So where's this hidey-hole?"

Albus smiled and handed him a piece of paper. Duo took it and read the address quickly, committing it to memory. Number 12 Grimwald Place. A tall man with combed hair came up to him and offered his arm. "It's so wonderful to finally meet you again, Harry."

Duo looked at the man with furrowed brows. "Aren't you Sirius Black?" The man sighed and nodded. Duo shrugged and quickly added, "Doesn't matter to me, it's obvious you're innocent. You don't have the mark of a killer."

Sirius looked at him in surprise, and then smiled. "I'm so glad to hear you say that, prongslet. I'm your godfather, and I hope that we can begin to be a real family." Duo smiled and took the offered arm. "Don't let go," was his only warning. Sudden pressure built on all sides as he whipped through space until he was standing in front of a shabby looking apartment complex. Duo managed to stay upright only because of his intense training. He glared up at the man, not at all happy. He couldn't comment before he was ushered into Number 12 and down a long hall into the kitchen.

There an older red-headed woman greeted him warmly. "Harry Potter!" she cried. "We're so glad to have you here! Welcome, welcome! Sit, supper will be ready any minute now! My name is Molly Weasely and if you need anything at all feel free to ask."

Duo sat where she shoved him and watched her practically twirl away in wonder. "Damn, what's she on?"

The girl with pink hair laughed as several of the other wizards just looked at him in confusion. "Hello Harry," stated the red head that had come to get him. "My name is Arthur Weasely. Please, don't mind my wife, she's merely excited to see you."

Sirius took a seat next to him and smiled. "Well, now that we're all here I'll introduce you. This is Remus Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Minerva McGonagall, Snivilus," Snape curled his lip distastefully, "and of course Dumbledore. We're the Order of the Phoenix-well, there are more like Fletcher but you shot him and the others aren't here right now-and we're the secret force dedicated to ridding the world of Voldemort."

"Nice to meet ya'll," Duo commented with a smile as he crossed his arms on the table. "My name's Duo Maxwell, I may run, I may hide, but I'll never tell a lie."

Moody snorted. "You just did, besides the fact that it's a silly notion."
Duo gave him a glare that made the old man freeze in his place. "I never lie, and my name is NOT Harry Potter. I named myself and it holds more meaning to me than a name some people I don't even know decided to give me." Duo leaned back in his chair and let the glare go as he did his best to calm Shinigami down. "Besides, I've managed to survive an entire war with this 'silly notion', so I guess I won't have to change. Besides, how in the world could this war be any harder?" Duo blinked at the confused looks of shock he received. "What? If all this nutcase uses is magic all I gotta do is get close enough for a well-aimed bullet. It can't be that hard."

"That's a good theory," a new voice stated. Duo looked and saw a teenaged girl with bushy brown hair come in, her arms wrapped around a large book and dressed plainly. "I never thought about it before, but if you could get it at enough velocity that it breaks through Protego a wizard would be defenseless against a simple gun." Duo smiled at her and she smiled back as she set the book down on the table. She made a small curtsy as she continued, "My name's Hermione Granger and I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Maxwell." The look in her eyes told Duo that she knew who he was, and was grateful to him. Yet it also confirmed that she wouldn't tell anyone and leave that decision up to him.

Duo smiled cheerily at her, conveying his thanks through their eye contact. "Nice to meet ya too babe. Now pray tell, what do you mean by Protego, is it a shield?" He kicked a seat out beside him for her to take, which she did gladly.

"Yes," she stated, "It's a shield spell that lasts usually about a minute, or for the duration of one direct hit. It protects against most spells determining on how strong your will is, like most spells do. It can even block the three Unforgivables-that is, Avada Kadavera the killing curse, Crucio which inflicts massive pain, and Imperus which is essentially mind control."
"Oh great, she's found a new victim to blabber to," stated a bored voice. Duo and Hermione looked up to see another red-head walk in.

"Hello," Hermione stated with less of a happy air than she'd had previously. Duo noticed this, and how it seemed that she was resigned to the insult, most likely because it was commonplace. "This is Ronald Weasely, or Ron for short."

Duo nodded, "Duo Maxwell."

Ron nodded in reply, "Pleasure." He sat down as Molly came in with plates of food following her. They flew out to land in front of people as everyone sat down for dinner.

Duo looked to notice a certain figure moving away. "Where're you goin Sev?" he called out.

Severus turned around to reply, "Albus and I need to leave for research and to check up on the member you injured before the next meeting, Duo. I'll see you tomorrow for your first potions lesson though." Duo nodded and the Slytherin left with a flourish of black robes.

"Good riddance," Ron muttered. "Bloody git's creepy enough without stayin for dinner."

Duo just shook his head. "Ah, grudges. Wonderful. Sevy's a good person, he's just grumpy and hates most children."

Ron snorted but couldn't speak before Hermione inquired, "Most? I thought he hated all children."

Duo smiled at her and explained, "Well yeah, but that would be proven false by the fact that he helped my kids out one winter. He was up on L2 for vacation time or something like that and found us after I'd nabbed his coin purse. He saw us all there in the abandoned warehouse, well what was left of the gang after the plague. There were only twelve of us then, and I was trying to figure out what kind of medicine to buy Roach and Feather, because they'd caught a pretty bad cold. Sev took pity and let them stay at his place until they'd gotten better and even helped nurse them back to health. I checked in often, and we had a lot of fun conversations. He taught me a lot too, like how to read and write. So you see, it's not that he hates kids, he just has an extreme dislike for most."

"Now enough talk darlings," Molly stated loudly. "You've got to eat Harry, you're far too skinny!"

Duo just laughed. "Not much will solve that, growing up on the streets of L2 tends to do that to a kid."

"What in Merlin's name is L2?" Ron asked with a comical look on his face.

Duo halted all motion, staring in shock at Ron. Slowly he turned his head to Hermione and questioned, "Did he honestly just ask that?"

Hermione nodded as if she was ashamed. "Most pure-bloods and even half-blooded wizards know nothing of the muggle-non-magical-world. I've tried to educate him but it's been to no avail."

Duo groaned and threw his hands in the air dramatically, "God, next thing you know he'll be asking why there's no air in space?"

Ron looked even more shocked and exclaimed, "There's no air in space? Seriously? Why wouldn't there be air in space?"

Duo calmly pushed his plate away and then proceeded to pound his head upon the table in a moderate 2/4 tempo. Hermione couldn't help herself and laughed as Molly frantically tried to get the ex-pilot to stop. She was the only one as the others that would have helped-namely Sirius and Remus (who had taught Sirius about muggle things like the colonies)-were too busy trying not to fall out of their chairs from mirth.

Finally she got him to stop, and Duo replaced the plate in front of him while coolly informing Ron in a very Snape-like manner, "There is no air in space because space is like one giant vacuum, making it impossible for air to exist. The colonies are giant ovals people use to live in space. I can't make it any simpler than that." He then smiled up at Molly. "Thanks for the food Mam!" That said, Duo began to eat. Everyone else took this as a sign and began to eat themselves. Hermione smiled as she began to eat as well. Things were certainly going to be different with Duo Maxwell around, especially because whatever the wizarding world was expecting to find in Harry Potter, they wouldn't get with Gundam Pilot 02.

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