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Chapter 18: Scary Spahgetti.


"Go to sleep." BB wasn't internet stupid. She knew who this was, and cursed herself for being surprised he was real. She faced him, flipping out the razor and glaring. He looked exactly like the story had described. His lips extended into his cheeks, wider due to the cuts he had made. He didn't blink, and he was fairly pale.

"Fuck you, I'm an insomniac." She wasn't sure what made him pause, the razor, the fact that her voice didn't hold much fear, or that fact that she had actually responded that way, but he paused. That was all she needed to grab the first thing she could, which happened to be a lamp, and throw it at him. The pause hadn't lasted long and the lamp was dodged. BB tried to move around him, but he had quick reflection and shoved her off balance.

The killed tried to slash at her throat while above her, but she lifted her arm. The familar sting hurt, but it wasn't that bad. It would be deep, but she could still fight. She kicked up, giving a small grin when her foot connected. Jeff might have been a deranged serial killer that just happened to have survived being lit on fire, but he was still male, and it hurt any guy if you kicked them below the belt.

She knew it wouldn't keep him down for long, b ut it gave her enough time to scramble out from under him. The door was locked, but the window was open, and in their scuffle she had managed to get on the side near it. She had climbed out that window so many times she could manage quickly, and by the time Jeff was able to come after her, she was running down the street.

Of course, the teen wasn't safe yet. She still had to out run him. Unfortunatly, she wasn't the fastest girl around. She wasn't sure if she could out run him, but she knew that had had to have good stamia and fairly decent speed. She'd have to slow him down, but how?

As she ran, a wind blew against her for a second. It kicked up some lose sand and tossed it in her face, making her blink and rub at her eyes as she ran. She squinted a bit, then grinned. If you got something in your eye. . . you blinked to get it out. Oh, this would be good.

BB reached down as she ran, grabbing a nice handful of dirt. She could hear the footsteps behind her, so she turned and chucked it right at the killers face. The scream of pain was satisfying, but she didn't stick around to see how bad it actually was. She just kept running.

Mary's POV~

Mary rubbed a bit off blood off her arm and idly drew on the 'back' of the mirror she was sitting next to. She wasn't sure what she was drawing, or just how morbid it was to draw with your own blood, but it was a good way to pass the time. She felt herself being pulled to another mirror, which just made her scowl. She was waiting for BB, and she didn't want to have to answer a stupid call.

Unfortunatly, the summoning was near enough that she turned and began to float towards it. She didn't have completely free will over it. It was literally like a pull. She could either try and resist until they turned the lights on, or go answer it. This one seemed rather persistent on getting her there, so she took a deep breath. Maybe she'd get to kill someone. That was always fun. Plus, they might have something BB would like. The ghost grinned, rubbed the blood a little more over herself, then paused near the mirror the summon was coming from. She changed her grin into a scowl as the image changed to a familar face.

"BB! I was waiting over at your mirror! Where are you?" The girl nimbly jumped through, hugging the girl. She felt arms wrap around her, and she smiled peacefully. She loved being with the other girl, but something about her was off.

"Hey. . . Mary, how good are you at giving stiches?" The ghost floated back, studying the girl's face. She seemed a bit sweaty, and she looked even more tired then normal. Mary didn't see any cuts on her, though, but she wore long sleeves constantly. Mary just nodded, though.

"I'm not that bad at it. I've had to keep this dress in shape after all, right? Where are you hurt?" She watched as the girl rolled up her left sleeve. The cut was fairly deep, and it ran almost diagonally across the middle part of her lower arm. That wasn't what disturbed the ghost, though. She had seen much worse cuts. What disturbed her were the scars. There were quite a few of them, and they were all around the wrist and lower arm area. She looked up, her mouth already beginning to form words. She stopped when she saw the other girl's expression.

It was readable, for once. The emotions were still being hidden, but she could see that this was a touchy subject. Instead of asking, she just reached into the mirror and pulled out a small sewing kit.

"You might want to brace yourself. . ."

Faye's POV~

After all was said and done, Faye was glad to be back home. Meeting her cousins had been interesting, but there was that issue with them all mearly dying that ended the trip on a sour note. She and her aunt had basically been kicked out while her outher aunt had taken the two to a hospital.

She smiled slightly as she remembered the conversation they had on the plane ride home.

Faye had stared out her window for most of the flight. She hoped BB and Alex were both okay and in one peice. She'd settle from them being alive. That was fine by her. She knew they were both fairly good at staying alive, but that didn't stop her from worrying.

She jumped when she felt a hand touch her shouder. She turned to face her aunt. The woman seemed tired, but determined to speak. That was never a good mix. She was probably going to get yelled at in the one place she couldn't get away from.

. . . It couldn't be that far from the ground, could it? She was sure there were parachutes somewhere.

Her aunt had started with the two most unexpected words ever. "I'm sorry. . ." Faye would have thought she'd have started off with "So, I've been dead for a year" or something like that before she apologized.

"I'm sorry I kicked you out, but what you've been doing is foolish. I don't want any serial killers in that house. It's dangerous yo let down your gaurd, even around those you think are friends. I. . . I'll let you continue to be friendly with the ghost and continue your therapy sessions. . . but you need to be safe, okay?"

She had also been allowed to come back into the house, which was definatly a good thing. The only thing that was looking down (besides the whole having serial killers after them) was that she had to go to school. The vacation had ended right at the start of school, so after her therapy session, she was traveling on the familar path to school. She had gone across the street, but BB had apperently left. She wasn't sure what exactly had happened, but she figured she should keep calm and ask Alex if he knew anything. She hoped he did.

She managed to get to school in time for breakfast, and sighed with relief when she saw both Alex and BB. She walked over to the table and sat down, smiling. "So, how are you both? Anything happen while I was gone?"

Alex was the first to answer. "I got a new toy." He reached into his backpack and pulled out a camera, sitting it down. Faye grabbed it and looked it over. It didn't seem exactly new, but it wasn't used and abused either. It was fairly decent, from what she could tell.

"Cool. Are you gonna film our little adventures and sell it to Hollywood? Make us some money?" The boy laughed and shook his head.

"What's this 'us' you're talking about? I'm making myself the money. I'll give you a bit though." Faye smiled and turned to BB. The girl had been a quiet since she got there.

"Are you alright? You seem a bit. . . out of it." Was she psyching herself up to tell Alex her secret? Faye doubted it, but she wasn't sure. She did catch something though. The girl had moved her arm toward herself. She had seen that before, but she wasn't sure when. It brought a sense of dread in her, though. Where had. . .?

Oh. Oh she remembered. She reached out and grabbed the girl's hand, ignoring her protest. She kept her grip tight as she gently rolled up the sleeve. When she saw the bandage, she felt her hands clench up. She dropped the other girl's arm and shot her an accusing glare.

"You promised."

"Fairy, do you actually think-"

"Don't call me that BB. Don't. You swore you'd stop. You swore! We already have to deal with everything else trying to kill us, and now you're trying to help them?" She might have been being overly harsh, but she was worried. She was scared of losing her best friend. She stood and pushed the chair away. "See you guys after school. I hope we don't have to go though dealing with Jigsaw again."

Faye had started for home as soon as school ended. She just wanted to curl up on her bed and cry. Sure, that wasn't what she was going to do, but maybe beating the crud out of a punching bag might help too.

She paused for a second. She heard something. It sounded almost like a growling, but it wasn't a dog. She was sure of that. The girl looked around, beginning to walk again as she did. She was in a part of the neighborhood with houses and the occasional patch of trees. There was a forest a bit farther, but nothing really close. The girl gulped as the growling sounded again. It was close. She decided to do the only thing she really could.

She took off towards home as fast as she could. She felt something leap on her from behind, sending her to the ground. There was a sharp pain in her back, it felt like something was ripping the skin with a knife, and it hurt. She shoved against the ground and rolled over onto whatever was on her back. The girl felt the breath huff out of as it shoved her back off. She landed on her side with a clear view of it.

The creature was ugly. It was grey and hunched over. It didn't look too scary at first, but then it snarled at her. One of it's. . . hands? Paws? Was covered in blood. Hers, probably. She felt her vision start to swim. It must have cut her more then once. Oh, she was going to die. For some reason she had never pictured dying alone. Even after everything that had happened, she thought she'd at least have one person with her, to be with her. She felt scared, and sad. She wished she could take back the whole day. . . She'd do it over better. Much better.

The creature bent over to sniff her, then yelped. The girl blinked as it turned and growled at something else, then yelped again. Was that a rock? What was going on? She felt weak, and she wanted to sleep, but she knew that she shouldn't. It was bad, she might not wake up. She felt herself lift up.

"Weee. . . I'm flying. . ." And that was when she passed out.

Alex's POV~

Alex had figured out long ago that he shouldn't question the two girls he hung out with. Their ideas usually worked, and they had been through this longer then he had. Much longer.

Still, he wanted to question what Faye was so mad about. BB had been injured in a fight. Had she promised not to let herself get hurt? Was that really what everything was about? He had no idea, but he supposed asking would be bad. At worst, the girl with him would get mad at him. Actually, considering she had that razor and he knew she was now a cannibal, there was so much worse that could happen.

BB had told him that she was going to talk to Faye and make her understand what had actually happened. Considering the psycho with the knife was still somewhere out there, Alex had decided to go with her. Two were better then one, right? He was filming the street with his new(ish) camera, when the girl beside him tensed.

"Fuck." That was all she said before taking off. Alex went to follow then something caught his eye. He turned to look across the street, frowning. Was that a man? What was he doing there? He was tall, and wearing a business suit. Perhaps a new buisness was going to open? He couldn't look away, though. It felt like looking at a car wreck. He wanted to move and go see what BB had been worked up over, but he couldn't move. Why couldn't. . .

"Alex, get over here!" The voice snapped him out of his trance and he followed it, shoving the camera in his backpack. He looked back, but the man was gone. Odd.

Faye's POV~

Faye woke up, a bit dazed. She was laying on her stomach. When she tried to roll over, she yelped and sat up, which only stretched her back and made it hurt worse. Finally she settled for laying back on her stomach, trying to figure out what had happened. She had been attacked by something, and then she had blacked out. She remembered that it wasn't human.

She looked up as the door was slammed open. BB peered in, looking around. "You alright Fairy? That thing isn't in here, is it?" The girl shook her head, then motioned for her friend to walk over to the bed.

BB seemed a bit hesitant, but eventually walked over. "Yeah? Need anything to drink?" The girl shooked her head again, though her mouth felt dry.

"I'm sorry. I'm stupid. Forgive me?" She watched as her friend rolled her eyes.

"Well duh. Next time don't jump to assumptions, okay Fairy? I mean, honestly. Oh, and if you see someone that looks like a cross between the Joker and a vampire, stay away from him, got it?" Faye grinned weakly.

"Yeah, because I can totally do that right now." It felt so good to be with her friend.

And to not be dead. That felt great too.

Alex's POV~

Alex sat in the living room, the memory card from his camera hooked into a laptop. He was going over the film he had shot, checking to see if that man was there. It was screwing up though. That just went to show, never buy a used video camera.

He had already muted it because the static had started to hurt his ears. He was pretty sure that it was getting close to where he had seen him, and he hoped the camera caught it. The boy thought it was slightly strange that it was messing up now when it had worked correctly before, but there were all sorts of ways to mask that, right? He thought there might be.

He paused it as the man showed up, ignoring the static. From there, he took a screen shot of it and opened paint, pasting it there. All he was trying to do was get a close up on the face to see if he could make out any details. From the original shot the face seemed blank. He didn't really mean that in a "blank like BB's usual expression" either. He couldn't see any features. Zooming in didn't seem to help.

This man didn't have a face. That was just creepy. He decided there was only one way to find out more about this man.

He opened up google and typed "tall faceless man in a suit" into the search bar. Affter scanning the first page he opened all the links that seemed like they might be useful, then got to reading.

One of them was a bit stupid and seemed to just be about someone losing twenty dollars, so he closed that one. The next thing was some kind of fanfiction and he closed that too. He wanted information, not some stupid story.

He read the description on the third one, and it seemed to describe what he had seen. Finally, an informational page. After laughing at the part about Slenderman not being real, he began scanning and opening links. There was one about something called "Habit" and another about a creature called "The Rake." He'd have to look at thos in a minute. If they were related, they might show up later. Other then the description it wasn't very helpful, except with the links. It didn't give any way to stop him, although it mentioned something about twenty dollars.

Did this guy have an Andrew Jackson fetish or something? Sure, he had to actually look a twenty to come to that conclusion, but that was completely unrelated.

Habit seemed to be a possesed rabbit, so he closed that tab. The Rake, on the other hand, he kept open. He was sure that was the thing that had attacked Faye.

The last tab that he had opened was TV tropes. It was rich in information, but all of it was under the assumption that Slenderman, as he was called, was fake. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

He'd be reasearching for a while.


BB sat quietly in Faye's room, watching her friend rest. She couldn't believe the girl had almost died. Faye was lucky that she went to apologize, lucky that Mary could sew, lucky that her aunt was a paranoid freak who was stocked up on medical supplies, just plain lucky. Both she and Alex had decided to stay there, and called their respective quardians to explain a version of what had happened.

She turned to Faye's mirror, wondering if it was okay to summon Mary there. Alex had told her it was fine since they had already summoned here there anyway. She wasn't sure if it was okay for there, though. She didn't want to piss Faye's aunt off, but she wanted to ask Mary a few questions. Mainly if the spirit knew about the thing that had attacked her.

BB felt like she should know what it was, but it had slipped her mind. It had something to do with Jeff, though, they were similar, somehow. She just needed to know how and she felt she'd be able to remember what exactly it was.

"Hey, BB?" Alex's head poked into the room. "I found some stuff. Can you come look at it?" The girl stood up and stretched, nodding. "We're just going to be in the living room, so she should be fine. Come on, I think I figured out what it was that attacked her." The girl nodded and stood up, walking out. She left the door open, just in case.

Faye's POV~

Faye had been sleeping on and off for most of the rest of the day and into the night. She had a small clock in her room, so she could keep an eye on the time. It was about three in the morning, and she could hear whispering. The voice was shrill and it hurt her ears a bit. It didn't sound like her friends either. The sound sent chills down her spine, and she carefully shifted to her side to see what was going on.

She screamed when she saw what was at the foot of her bed. It was the damn thing again, what was it doing there? How'd it even get in there? She didn't want to know.

She really hoped someone heard her, though.


The girl had to admit, Alex had found some interesting stuff. She wished he would have mentioned that guy before, but it didn't really matter know. Slenderman had a more drawn out attack plan. They'd be fine ignoring him for a bit to focus on the more immediate threats, like Jeff and the Rake. She had actually taken over for a minute to pull up the Creepypasta's on them, and Slenderman. That was mainly to get a good feel for them.

"Alright. . . so this time we've got some dog man thing, a Joker rip off, and a guy who looks like a scary version of Mr. Fantastic. Great. Just great." BB shrugged and opened another two tabs, then with a little google magic she found a page on Masky.

"We'll probably have him too, or something like him. He's one of Slenderman's servants." The girl liked Creepypasta, and had to admit to writing one or two herself, though she never really published them.

"I'm not sure what else might happen. Oh, if you find any picture files, don't open them." The last thing they needed was one of those.

The girl tensed when she heard a scream. She knew exactly where it was coming from too. Faye's room. . .

She was on her feet and running even before the sound of a gun going off followed the scream.

Saski's POV~

Saski had been close at hand when the scream sounded. She was the first to arrive at her neice's room, and she scowled at the creature. So that was the thing that had attacked Faye? She almost grinned as she lifted the gun and shot it. She didn't get anything vital, but the creature did turn it's attention on her for a second, before scurrying into the closet.

The women kept the gun trained there as the other kids finally got up there. "Grab her and get out. I have something to take care of." Fortunatly, though there was a mutual tension between them since Halloween, they both had enough sense to do as she said. She glared at the closet when they retreated outside, then slowly stepped forward.

"Get out of there. . . I want to shoot you again."

Faye's POV~

Faye was pretty sure she was dreaming as she was pretty much dragged out of her room. She wasn't used to being to so weak and helpless. She did mange to stand and walk, after snapping at the two of her friends to get them to help her stand.

"Guys, what happened? I woke up, and that thing was there." She shook her head, trying to clear it. The pain killers weren't helping with that either. "I am awake, right?" She flinched as she heard another shot, then a third one. BB had to grab her arm to keep her from trying to go back to her room.

"You can't do much about it. Sit." The girl forced herself to remain in one spot after that. The others told her what they found, so that helped her sit still. She didn't relax until her aunt walked out of the room and sat with them, looking a bit irritated.

"It's out of the house. I closed the window and locked it. I also locked the door. I don't really want you in that room anymore." Faye nodded and shrugged. "I'm fine with that, trust me."

Alex's POV~

BB might have been fine staying at Faye's for a week, but Alex had left after the first day. He felt awkward being in a house with only girls, and instead he returned to the house he was staying at while he was in America.

He sighed a bit as he sat down on the couch in the living room, rubbing his eyes. He was glad he wasn't be stalked by something like the Rake, because he really didn't want to get cut open again. Still, the Slenderman might be worse. He wanted to go crazy even less.

When he looked at his camera later, only then would he notice the flicker and then the tall man standing at the winow. He didn't notice it as it happened, though. He picked up the camera and studied it. It was on, of course. After seeing a few of the videos on youtube he had decided to copy them. After all, maybe this would help if Slenderman or one of those workers got him. He had noticed one thing though.

Alex was a very popular name in the Slendermythos.

Faye's POV~

After a week of healing up, Faye could move and walk without too much trouble. As long as she didn't stretch her back too much she'd be fine.

School was a pain, though. She wasn't able to bring anything metal in, because apperently some parents had made some phone calls and they had to go through a metal detector. To get around that, her aunt had taught her to make paper knives. It didn't sound dangerous, but if you dipped it and milk and let it dry it worked well enough.

She was also equipped with some modified plastic utensils and a couple of pens that could start fires, along with a flask gasoline. She was prepared for anything.

Luckly, most of the things that had shown up tended to stick to more solitary individuals, and it was proved by the fact that school was long, dull, and endless. BB walked with her this time, and they talked as they went on their way.

"So, any ideas for how we're getting out of this one?" BB had her hands in her pockets as she walked. Faye didn't know what makeshift weapons she had, but she knew she had at least as much as she herself did.

"Um. Don't die. Try to get rid of some of these guys. Avoid the rest. I don't know." She shrugged and looked around. She knew that this was around where she had first saw the Rake, and she hoped he wouldn't show up again. That wouldn't be good at all, though this time she could set him on fire.

On second thought, she hoped the thing did show up again.

BB had been staying with them since nobody from her house had actually called to tell her to get home, and nobody had even been over to the house. Faye didn't mind either. She enjoyed the girl's company, and BB didn't exactly like her house either. So it was always good when she got to have her friend over.

"Well, let's see, who do we have? Slenderman, Jeff, and The Rake for sure, right? Why all of those? Is there a reason?" BB shrugged as she waited for Faye to open the door.

"I know they're all on Creepy Pasta, but other then that I can't think of anything." Faye smiled as she opened the door.

"So all we have to do is look at other ones and-" She stopped as she opened the door. The house was a mess. Things were thrown and scatted everywhere, and there was a puddle of blood on the carpet.

Saski's POV~

Saski felt herself move. Her head ached and she felt sore. She couldn't believe she had lost a fight. She wasn't even sure where she was. The woman felt heavy and just wanted to sleep. . .

Alex's POV~

Alex shivered a bit as he looked over the film. He had been a bit scared to, but it had to be done. He couldn't believe how many times that damn creature appeared without him being aware of it. He had seen him that first time, though, so why hadn't he seen him else where? Why was he just know showing up?

The boy sighed and shook his head, turning off the camera. They had all survived the first week of school, so he was going to go see how Faye was holding up. He'd leave the camera there, because really, it might have been the damn the thing itself that was messing with him. Alex grabbed a set of house keys and walked to the door, opening it to come face to face with a man in a white mask with black highlighting certain areas.


Aww, damnit.

Faye's POV~

Faye had been distraught over the whole thing, which actually surprised her. She had assumed she wouldn't care about her aunt. The woman had abandoned her, right? But she had also saved her so many times, had armed her, and had even apologized. Is that why she felt so upset?

BB had gone to get Night. The girl figured that if anything, the snake would make her feel better. Faye felt a bit grateful, but she just wanted the whole thing to be over. She hated the fear, and she just wished that all of the damn things would leave her alone. She didn't want to deal with wil them anymore, she just wanted them to leave her alone.

She felt tears on her face, and she tried to fight them. Now was not the time to be weak. Now was not the time to cry. It wouldn't do anything. If she wanted her aunt back, then she'd have to get her back herself. She forced herself to take a deep breath, and clench her fists. Then she turned and walked to her room. BB hadn't come back yet, and she was dammned if another of her friends was going to up and dissappear on her.


BB had gone to get the snake as planned, but she was delayed by a voice from the mirror.

"There you are! I have a present for you." The girl looked to the mirror ghost and frowned a bit. Now wasn't exactly the time for that. Mary just giggled at the frown.

"Trust me, you'll like him." Him. That wasn't a good word. BB really didn't want to deal with any hims anytime soon. "He'll be able to help you out a bit too. Fight fire with fire, right?" The ghost just grinned and vanished for a second, leaving the girl to puzzle over what she had meant.

Fight fire with fire. All she had to do was figure out what the hell the fire was and she'd be set. She sat down next to the mirror and waited, albeit impatiently. She wanted to get back to her friend, but she also wanted to see what this 'useful' present was. She was expecting a weapon, maybe some kind of counter curse thing.

She was not, on the other hand, suspecting a dog to pounce on her and start licking her face. As she shoved the creature off, Mary watched and spoke.

"His name is Smile Dog. I've trained him a bit to help you guys out. I hope you like him."

The girl looked at the dog, studying him. Most of his fur was a whiteish color, and it was really his face that was strange. His mouth was stretched into a very wide and obvious grin, and the skin over his face was red, as if it was fresh skin from a healed scrape. He had black almost hairlike fur over his head. The girl contemplated for a second, studying the creating. The demonic dog wagged his tail. Mary waited.

"Awww, he's so cute!" BB grinned and hugged the dog, laughing a bit. "Oh, he's perfect. Best dog ever. How's he gonna help?" The ghost grinned and carefully tossed her a collar.

"You know how drug dogs are trained to sniff out drugs? He's like that, but with the supernatual. I'm sure he'll be able to help you all." BB nodded as she attached the collar. The girl had managed to forget the events from just a little while earlier. She had forgotten them at least until Faye opened the door and got the same treatment from the dog that she had.

"What- what on- what's going on?!" She had let out a yelp when her back hit the ground and BB winced sympathetically.

"Well. Mary got me him as a present and he can detect other 'Pastas." Faye nodded at her statment, then followed with one of her own.

"And why is he licking my face?"

"He's friendly!"

Faye's POV~

It had been decided between the two of them that they'd see if they could stay at Alex's house. BB was still a bit paranoid about Jeff, even if they did have Smile to warn them now. Alex was probably the most safe out of them. When he didn't answer his phone, though, they set out for his house.

You didn't not answer your phone in that situation. It was just wrong on so many levels.

It didn't take them long to get to the house, considering that since the last time they had to go there Faye had actually gotten a license. The door was unlocked and it was easy for them to get inside, which was lucky on their part. Faye left BB in the main room and went to go check the adjorning ones, frowning as she searched.

"Hey," she called back to her friend, "I can't find anyone. I can't even find the people he's supposed to be staying with." She listened for a reply and the sharp sound of static met her ears. She frowned, concerned, and turned to go make sure nothing too bad had happened.

BB was sitting infront of a laptop, studying the screen. A film was going on, a film of the house they were sitting in. It seemed to be pieced together rather sloppily. There was Alex, setting the camera down. It went to black as if it had been shut off, and Faye thought that would be it. Then it flickered back on and it was filimg from a side room, or a cloest, as Alex was pulled out of the house and dragged off.

"Well. . . Great, we're being picked off one by one." BB folded her arms as Smile crawled up on the couch next to the girl and sniffed at the screen. "Hey, think we can get him to track down Alex?"

Faye shrugged. "We can always try. Um, find Alex's room and get him to sniff some clothes, I guess?" She grabbed the camera, frowning. "I wonder. . . I think I have an idea." She smiled and flipped the camera on.

"Faye. . . What're you thinking?"

"I'm thinking we're going to find Slenderman."

"You're crazy."


"What're we waiting for?"

Saski's POV~

Saski had woken up a while later. Her head still pounded, and she wanted to go home, but she didn't think she could. She was in a small room that was surpriginsly well furnished. There was a bed in the corner, a small fridge (she had checked in it, there was water, lunchmeat, cheese), and a small cupboard with bread in it. Across the room there was a box that sat next to a TV. She didn't want to open it, and she didn't want to eat any of the food either. She wasn't about to get drugged by whatever unknown assailent had her.

She could wait this out. She was sure she could.

It took her about two days to admit defeat and get one of the bottles of water. Nobody had shown up, as far as she could tell, and she had been trying to resist faling asleep. She'd dozed of a few times, and even without doing much she was getting thirsty. She had decided that, if this bottle drugged her, she'd not touch it again. If it didn't, she'd consider the food safe for a while.

The water tasted normal, and she didn't feel any different. The woman was still determined not to touch the box, though. She wasn't that trusting.

Faye's POV~

Finding Slenderman was not the easiest goal, so they set out to find Alex first. They knew from the tape that he had been taken by one of Slenderman's servents, so it shouldn't be hard to go from him to the servant to the boss himself. At least, that was Faye's plan. She wasn't totally sure if it would work, though. It was the only plan they had.

Luckily, Smile seemed to be able to pick up Alex's scent and was pulling at the leash they had brough, straining against it. He led them down the sidewalk for a while, then began to veer into the woods.

Faye gulped as they followed him. The dog eventually led them to a small shack in the woods. They looked in and, sure enough, Alex was there. Faye handed the camera over to BB and pulled out a small pocket knife. She had snagged it back at the house so they wouldn't be left with the make shift weapons. Walking over, though, she found he wasn't tied up.

What was the point of bringing someone somewhere if they could leave the second they woke up?

"Um. . . Faye. . .?"

"Hang on, I'm trying to figure something out." She looked back at the doorway. BB was just a shade paler then normal, and Smile was growling.

"I found Slendy." Faye takke a deep breath and steadied herself. This would be easier then she thought. She stood up and walked out, looking into the woods. She could make out the figure too, so she turned to her friend.

"Don't move. Keep an eye on him. I'll be back soon."


BB watched as her friend walked over to the man. She thought the other girl was insane, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. If Faye thought she could wiggle her way out of this one, then she wasn't going to stop her.

Her friend wobbled a bit as she walked, and when she got closer she started coughing, but she kept going. BB watched as the creature tilted his head to study her when she got within reaching distance. BB couldn't really make out the words, but she realized that Faye was talking to him. After a moment Slenderman stretched a hand out to her and BB was sure that Faye was going to die, but then her reached into her pocket and drew something out, placing it in the beings hand. He closed his hand around it and vanished.

When Faye walked back, BB only had one question. "What the heck did you do?" Her friend had met her with a grin.

"He'll stop bothering us, and get Jeff and the Rake to knock it off. Oh, and I'm out of twenties."

BB just grinned at her friend, then reached down to grab Alex. The girl could be a genius at times. As her hands met the boy's arm, the grin fade. ". . . Shit. Faye. . . get over here."

Faye's POV~

Faye frowned and walked back, crouching down. Her hand went to the boys neck, right at the spot Saski had told her was the best for finding a pulse.

The skin was cold. There was nothing.

"No. . . No, Damnit. . . We didn't get here fast enough." Her aunt was gone, and now Alex. . . Alex couldn't be gone. He couldn't, it wasn't fair! They had forced him into it, and now he was gone.

She felt tears stream down her face and she knew they wouldn't be getting home anytime soon.

Saski's POV~

Apperently she wasn't getting anymore food. She had run out the day before and she had been trying to stretch it. Nothing had been drugged, which was good. The women still hadn't touched the box, but at this rate she felt she had to.

The woman first shoved the bed on it's poked it with her foot before jumping away. Then she poked it a few more times. She tugged on the string holding it, then dove behind the bed and glared at it. It hadn't exploded yet. She picked it up and walked over to the bed, quickly untying the string and dropping the box on the other side and ducking down again. It still didn't explode, so she peered over the edge. A game had follown out. The title was Stay Alive.

She used every foul word she could think of, but she picked up the game. ". . . I see how it is. I don't get out of here until I play. Fuck you all." Then she turned to the TV and started up the play station, popping the game in.