A few years ago, Tony discovered that Pepper's hips were the perfect fit for the size of his hands.

Tony had never really been interested in the concept of personal space. He considered it a challenge to push the boundaries of the people around him, Pepper more than anyone else because her personal space was a three foot circle around her.

Six feet when it came to Tony.

From the very beginning of their professional relationship he was touching her. Subtlety, very subtlety, lightly. Usually just her arm to get her attention, a brush of fingers over mugs and files, the odd hand shake. Sometimes it was part of the game, the challenge, sometimes it was just natural. He liked watching her reactions to each touch. The unnoticed, the disregarded, the embarrassment, the blush and flush of something he couldn't quite figure out, the annoyance on occasion. He liked to know how people worked sometimes too, like any other machine.

He stepped things up, but more unconsciously than he realised for a while. When he noticed, his hands were on her arms for a little longer, the brushes of fingers that were more common than not when they passed things to each other, cupping her shoulder or resting his head on it in despair for scant seconds. She was bolder in her reactions too, her flushes deeper, her annoyance stronger, glares harder. She shrugged him off.

The whole experience was interesting. And nice. He enjoyed the natural progression of the relationship.

A couple of years in and his hand was pressing on the small of her back to guide her through doors. Taking her hand to pull her up off the sofa when she was reluctant to leave work on time, or at all. He put his hand on her knee a couple of times, to have it slapped away pretty hard the first time, even harder the second time.

They hugged.

Tony wasn't really sure why, couldn't remember the event that had led up to him putting his arms around her. Pepper responded too, for a minute, before they pulled apart. Naturally.

The hips, the hips that were so perfect in his hands, were discovered when he placed his hands on her waist, slid them down a little to her hips, and encouraged her into his home office to show her something that she really, really needed to see. In his opinion at least, Pepper hadn't agreed, but the moment he'd put his hands on her hips, he'd decided that what he had to show her wasn't important either, but her hips were. Just the fit and feel in his hands, the soft cotton of her blouse, the way she arched her back just a touch when he rubbed her thumbs into her flesh through the material.

Then she swatted his hands away and the moment was gone but the memory stayed with him for a long time.

That feel, the few rare touches he got since them, stayed with him. Right up until this moment, holding her hips to his and kissing her. Her own hands were in his hair, pulling, and stroking, and messing it up. It was hard to pull away from the feel of her fingers on his scalp but at his first feel of his thumbs on the soft skin under the waistband of her tight skirt, he dropped down to his knees in reverence.

She looked down at him, smiling, face flushed, and he smiled back, reaching around to the zip at the back of her skirt. It fell to her feet and he ran his hands around her ankle, up her legs, with gentle touches that had her gasping. He pulled down her thigh-highs, stroked the soft skin, making her sigh, before he leaned forward a little to kiss her abdomen and tickle her with his beard. She sucked in a breath, and he shifted to kiss her right hips, licking a line up and down it before blowing on the wet skin. Pepper shivered with another sucked in breath and he smiled.

"Your hips are perfect," he mumbled into her hip, before moving over to her left side to do the same.

"My hips?" she asked, her voice jumping when he hooked his fingers into her panties and whipping them down her legs.


"Of all the things Tony-" she said, words stuttered and stopping as he placed his hands back on her hips, and pushed his nose into the strawberry blonde hair at her centre. She reached behind her to find the wall so she could lean against it for support when he started to tease her with his tongue.

"Perfect," he repeated in a mumble, flicking his tongue over her clit, making her squeak.

He continued to stroke her hips as he dipped his tongue into her body, once, twice, making her gasp once, moan his name the second time. He liked that, the sounds of a low 'Tony' vibrating through her chest, the taste of her, the smell. The heat of her body was searing, shorting out his brain for a moment, but not enough to stop him, or even make him stumble in his efforts. As her moans got louder, he pulled back to look up at her, blouse open, skin flushed, head back against the wall. He went to stand when Pepper put her hand back on top of his head, and pushed him back down.

"D-don't stop."

He chuckled, and settled back on his knees, Pepper rewarded him by massaging his scalp. He gripped her right hip, his left stroked over her skin, and through to her damp centre, pressing down on her clit hard to make her cry out. He pushed a finger into her body, that searing heat almost making him hesitate again, but continued, and Pepper raised up on to her toes in reaction, pulling at his hair at the same time. He smiled, fought against the hold on his hair, to lick her clit again, and push another finger slowly into her hot body.

He found a rhythm with his fingers and tongue that had Pepper panting. She moved with him, arching her back as she got closer to the edge and when her orgasm hit, she went silent, sucking in a deep breath. The heat of her body had him reeling, that taste, the smell, the sight. She shook, inside and out, and he rode out the vibrations he felt around his fingers until she slumped back against the wall.

He stood, licking his fingers clean, smiling at her. Pepper was breathing hard, eyes closed, the hint of a whimper on her lips, between the swipes of her tongue over them to wet them. He was breathing hard too, but managed to catch his breath long enough to kiss her. When she wobbled he lifted her up and carried her to his bed, removing her blouse and bra the moment she was on the bed.

"My hips?" she asked, opening her eyes to look at him.

"Yeah," he said.

"Why my hips?"

"They're perfect," he said. "First time I realised how perfect you were was when I had my hands on your hips for the first time."

"Tony, I-"

He cut off any further questions by bending over her body and taking a nipple into his mouth.