Let me clarify . . .

My intent was to offer a sequel on this time line, which will completely differ from the published works. I thought I made that clear. Obviously I didn't. Apparently I've angered a lot of you and for that I'm sorry. It wasn't my intent. The published works changes quite differently from this point forward. I wanted to make that clarification to those of you who'd like to read both timelines and offer you a way to follow a different story.

For now, I will continue this timeline. If I continue to get horrible comments I will decide to invest my time in writing my published and original works. I'm sorry I've angered many of you and hope that you take my clarification as truth and stop with the badgering. I truly wanted to give you all something unique – a way to see a fanfic of the fanfic if you will – before any of my original readership would be able to. I hope you all allow me to do that.