Descendents of Cassandra -prologue

There is a story in my family about how long ago my great –something grandmother was so beautiful that even a god sought for her love-

He promised that he would give her the gift of prophecy, but she rejected him and went back on her word, the god –whose name was Apollo –cursed her, and us with her though that was unknown at the time, he cursed her with prophecy –but to always be ignored –always.

Her homeland lost a terrible war and she was taken as a spoil of war, and because she was a princess to her people she was given to their king, his name was Agamemnon and he had led the armies into her city himself, she became his concubine and had two sons by him –twins, Pelops and Teledamus,

Teledamus married at an early age while Pelops was due to announce his engagement anytime when they're step-Mother murdered them, they're Mother, and Father –however unbeknownst to her (and her lover) was that young Teledamus's wife was already pregnant and being afraid for her child she fled.

A book has been kept since that time explaining everything, in it is the genealogy of my family along with a couple of drawings, the rest of the pages are blank. It is handed down from parent to child.

My Mother Laura Acheron married a young man –whom would one day become my Father- named Jim Jackson, it was written in the (family) book that his Mother –my Grandmother- whose name was Susan Jackson and that his Father's name was –or rather is- Apollo,

-and that is why I was born without the curse though I opted to keep my mouth shut most of the time.