Descendents of Cassandra 4

Zeus pov

The child surprised me, I'll admit that, Ares had only just finished telling all that he knew -which included the child's reaction to the son of Hermes- and as soon as that was over the child (which Apollo was watching like a hawk) stood up from where he was sitting (having just written something down), when he stood up, walked over to me and when he stood in front of me, he proceeded to tell me a prophecy, -must be one of Apollo's brats, I mused absently.

"Father" spoke Hermes breaking the silence "may we discuss Luke when you have calmed down, and in privet?" he asked nodding toward the half-bloods,

"Yes" I answered in agreement "Ares, take him away."

Apollo pov

The half-bloods were taken away by Chiron and the satyrs, but I noticed the little seer was writing again and clearly not interested in the other half-bloods (or gods),

"Child" I asked when the others were gone "who are you?"

The child who I noticed wore a shell necklace –which looked familiar- looked up at me as I kneeled by his side,

"My name's Percy" he said "what's yours?" he asked

"Apollo" I answered in reply

"You're Apollo? The god of prophecy?" he asked curiously but with an undertone of wariness

"Yes" I said as I nodded to him "do you know me?" I asked him,

"Yes" he said as he took a big tome out of his backpack, the book looked old –and looked as if it was both Greek and Trojan in origin, Percy opened the book and carefully went through a few pages before stopping at one with a hand drawn picture of me playing my lyre and listening to me play was Cassandra, she was wearing a beautiful chiton and I was wearing a toga –I haven't worn one of those in a long time, the little boy then pointed at me and stated

"That's you?"

"Yes" I answered wondering where this was going, and how he got this picture, and then he pointed at Cassandra and told me

"She was my many greats, Grandmother" silence reigned supreme for a few moments then the child added

"You cursed her" very awkward silence before he continued "the curse went through the family, but no one had it as badly as she did, but then my Grandma married my Grandpa so my Mommy didn't get the curse because Grandpa was your son-" he then turned to another page

"Mommy said that I'm stronger then her because of my Daddy, she doesn't talk about him –she never told him about me because –she said- that he had his own family and she didn't want to hurt that –so she got me all to herself" he said with a smile pointing to the names (and dates) of several people one name I recognized as one of my children Jim Jackson –good kid, he actually lived to be an adult –he apparently married one of Cassandra's (my ex-girlfriend) great something granddaughter Laura Acheron and they together had a daughter called Sally Jackson, who hooked up with –I stopped reading, no way…

I then looked at the kid looking for the features that I knew in his Father –and I found them; sea green eyes, messy black hair, among others –and that necklace, now I knew where I'd seen it before – he had worn it about seven or so years ago

"Percy" I began "have you ever met your Father?" I asked

"No, I already told you that" he replied in annoyance

"And you say he never knew about you, right?" I asked just to make sure –he nodded his head in affirmative, I felt all the stares of the other gods on me, turning to the god of the sea

"Uncle Poseidon" I began uncomfortably and somewhat carefully "did you ever know anyone by the name of Sally Jackson?" I asked, he looked surprised, very, surprised

"Yes" he said "I knew a young woman by that name once –why?" he asked, in response I began to read the last three entries: "Sally Jackson- daughter, Mother, +Poseidon- Father, =Perseus Neptune Jackson- son," gasps filled the room, while Poseidon sat stunned on his throne.

Percy's pov

As I looked around at the various giants, -or were they gods? I saw one dressed in black, and I've been curious ever since that day I left and I knew he could help, so making up my mind I made my way to him, and to get his attention I tugged on his robes, when he looked down at me (the black helmet on his lap) I asked my question

"Is my Mommy alive?" I asked him, he looked at me solemnly

"No" he said quietly

"What's going to happen to me?" I asked finally afraid,

"Most likely you will either die and join your Mother in the underworld or you will go to camp half-blood" he said simply,

"Percy" called out one of the god's who had shrunken himself –he looked like a beach comber "how old are you?" he asked,

"I'm seven" I happily told him

"Percy" he said again "I'm your Father"

"You're my Daddy?" I asked hopefully, I had always wanted to meet my Father

"Yes" he replied but before he could say more I was on his lap hugging him, then I noticed the beautiful trident next to the fishing throne

"Wow!" I said in awe "it's beautiful…"

Everyone laughed, and someone could be heard saying "definitely his kid".

Later he explained to me that because of his family I couldn't live with him, but he did tell me about this camp he wanted me to go too (it sounded really fun!) –that night after we had went and gotten my stuff from home, he and Apollo took me to the camp.