Me and Sora worked hard to make this fluffy. It's short, but the fluff is there. It's actually based off of one morning we had after...yeah, I'll shut up there.

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Chapter 32: YOU

Amu woke up, the pain in her hips making it almost impossible to even move. She cradled her head, feeling an enormous headache slowly creeping up to meet her. She slowly sat up rested back on her palms and felt the hard surface of another body. She turned her head and noticed Ikuto lying peacefully next to her, and the memories quickly rushed back to her. Him having sex with her in that ally, carrying her back to her house. She smiled and ran a hand through his hair, making sure not to touch his ear so that he wouldn't wake up. She slithered out of his grasp and planted her feet on the ground, standing up just quietly enough not to rouse him. Amuto popped out of his egg and followed her, not opening his mouth until she closed the door behind them. "You okay?"

"If exhausted is okay, than yeah, I'm totally okay," Amu grumbled back, walking down the stairs and to the fridge. "The least I can do for that cat is make him breakfast." Her eyes skimmed across a carton of milk and she heard the pop of her cat ears and tail.

Amuto giggled softly and moved to rest on her shoulder. "To think that you get like this every time you see milk, huh."

Amu stifled a laugh, and the poor chara had to grab a tiny fistful of her hair to keep from falling off. He looked at her with confused eyes when she said, "What reminds me of milk? I'm surprised I didn't have them out yesterday night." A blush found her cheeks and filled them, as she took out a bowl and a box of cereal. She did admit; regretting what they had done last night was going to be quite a challenge. She was a little ticked off—they had done it in an ally, but to her, it was still in public—and the soreness she knew wouldn't go away easily. But it was still love making. Even if there was a little aggression involved. And some resistance.

She was pouring the milk in when heavy footsteps caught her attention. She walked a few steps away from the counter and looked around the corner. "Morning, sleepy head, you want cereal for breakfast? It has milk."

His interest piqued a bit and blue car ears appeared from his hair. "Milk?"

She shook her head and got another bowl out. "Yeah. You know, white liquid, from a cow?"

The couch groaned as Ikuto flopped himself on it and stretched. He was still tired. Despite the amazing night of cuddling with—was she his girlfriend again?—Amu, he felt like his body was drained after the excessive sex they had last night. He sat up suddenly. "Amu, what does this make us?"

"Hm?" she walked into the living room with the two bowls, handed on to him along with a spoon, and sat down. "What do you mean?"

"Are we going out again? I mean, last night was amazing, but…was that real? Or…are we just gonna pretend that it didn't happen and go back to hating each other?"

Amu thought for a second while she stirred her cereal. "I remember telling you that I was never going to let you go again. And I mean it. Look, even Amuto's all glad that we're together again. I don't know how we're going to break it to the gang, but I'm sure they'll understand. Besides, who ever said we were a normal couple?"

He chuckled softly and wrapped an arm around her waist, bringing his lips to hers in a chaste kiss. "Now eat. We have to go shopping since we didn't get any done yesterday."

"That was because you insisted on fucking me in an allyway."

They broke out in laughter.

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