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"So, Kotsu-san will be arriving at half past five," Naraku Kumo, Kagome's much detested boss, dictated leisurely from his reclined position in one of his French armchairs.

"Of course," Kagome tried to appear attentive, something that had to be pulled off when you worked for a narcissist like Naraku.

"I'm relying on you to escort him around the premises and entertain him until I get away from my business meeting with Kagura-san," he purred, his eyes taking on a devious glint. Kagura seemed to be his latest plaything because, as far as Kagome could tell, no actual work got done when they were in the same room together.

"Of course," Kagome smiled and excused herself, subtly drifting away from his foul presence.

Naraku was a spoiled so-and-so who had as much money as he did cunning. A narcissist through and through, he wasn't the easiest person to work for, but the large paycheques that monthly were enough to keep Kagome working for him. She needed the money.

Kotsu-san arrived at the exact time he was destined to, outside the extravagant western-style manor that Kagome worked in. He was exuberantly dressed in a silken white kimono with blue accents.

"Kotsu-san, welcome," Kagome greeted as he stepped from his limousine.

"Call me Bankotsu," he asked, flicking his heavy braid over one strong shoulder.

"I am Higurashi-san," she introduced herself, wondering if this guy would be as smarmy as the others Naraku enticed into investing in his company, "Kumo-san is in a meeting right now so I have been instructed to show you around the property."

"No doubt Naraku wants to show off," the guest scoffed haughtily as he followed Kagome dutifully.

Kagome resisted the urge to agree; Naraku was supposed to be her boss.

"But it appears he knows how to choose his assistants," he voice took on a sultry undertone.

Lech, she mourned internally.

The grounds of Naraku's estate were magnificent and Kagome's favourite place. Opulent trees guarded the grounds jealously, a small hedged maze claimed the far left corner, and a koi pond dwelled peacefully within the hibiscus blossoms.

Apparently maintained by an elusive gardener Kagome had yet to meet.

"It's a beautiful garden," her companion purred happily, an unwelcome hand going to rest on her hip as they lagged beneath the large white birch tree.

She carefully shrugged his hand away and backed into the white birch, smiling neutrally.

"What's wrong?" His hand capturing an ebony curl that rested against her collarbone.

Now, how to get out of this without getting fired?

The conundrum was abruptly taken from her hands as his hand was rebuffed by a formidable figure in sturdy boots, frayed jeans and a scowl wielding a pair of pruning shears. His golden eyes pinned Bankotsu and his silver hair shifted in its topknot as he spoke with deadly intensity.

"She does not wish to be touched."

Well, if she was going to be saved by anyone, it may as well have been this beautiful, veritable Adonis.

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