Title: The club is Alive
Author: Desperate For Attention
For: Anyone who reads my crap.
Fandom: Emmerdale
Really bad Grammar
Title Credit: The club is Alive - JLS
Pairing: Adam Barton and Aaron Livesy
Disclaimer: I do not own Emmerdale, nor do I really wish I did. I do however love the show it is brilliant. I am getting no profit from this fic, only enjoyment. And all of the characters will be returned safely for evening viewing later on this evening.
Summary: Because It should have been him.

The club is Alive

It was his own fault.

He'd been pleading with Aaron to just take him along and introduce him to the new man in his life. He'd promised to be nice, promised to keep all the jokes to himself and offer Jackson a fighting chance. He had nothing against the older builder after all, but he'd promised anyway just for Aaron's benefit.

He had asked the mechanic over and over again that afternoon, each time getting exactly the same furious no. He couldn't see what was so scary about introducing his best mate to his -boyfriend- new friend. Wasn't as though Adam was going to say something to put Jackson off in an hour.

Aaron had threatened him when Adam asked the seventh time that day; Adam had been unfazed and only asked again the next time he ran into Aaron at the shop. No matter what Aaron said. Adam was going to meet him. If Aaron didn't like it – well there wasn't much recently that Aaron did like.

The twelfth time that day had been what pumped Aaron's blood red. Whispering it to the mechanic while he strolled past with Clyde for their evening walk, conveniently an hour before Aaron was arranged to meet his mysterious lover, Aaron had sighed and flushed a faint red before growling out a time and storming angrily back to Smithy cottage.

When he first met Jackson, he liked him already. The builder was down to earth and had the wit to control Aaron perfectly. Their witty banter and lingering looks turned something within Adam that he put down to Viv's dodgy burgers. He didn't like it.

He suddenly felt at a lost watching Aaron's bright eyes lovingly concentrate on someone other than him. Aaron usually mooned all over him, watching him with those lusty blue pupils from the opposite seat and now all of it was for Jackson's benefit.

Watching the pair joking at the pool table, Jackson's hand continually brushing across Aaron's arm, his fingers lingering much longer than they really needed to. Adam wondered just when Aaron had stopped lusting after the farmer and had moved on, how come he hadn't noticed the teens longing stares in the pub anymore. He had scarlet that did that but – he wanted Aaron to do those things.

Said blue eyes rolled across the pool table a soft smile on his face when Adam raised his bottle and nodded an encouraging smile. He didn't feel it, he felt like pushing his chair to the ground, throwing his beer to the floor and ripping every single finger of Jackson's hand that had touched his Aaron.

He sighed and looked away taking a long swig from his bottle when he noticed Jackson lean over and capture Aaron's lower lip between his own. And Adam bit his lips and turned away.

Because It should have been him.

I just can't stop the Emmerdale fics people.
I might write a Emmerdale chaptered story, what do you think?

Thought I'd give Aaron/Adam a bash although I am an Aaron Jackson girl so ya know I couldn't leave him out.
I don't usualy like writting Jealousy fics but eh, what ever pops in my head I suppose. :P