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"Black-Winged Great Demon" – Human speech

'Black-Winged Great Demon' – human thought

"Black-Winged Great Demon" – Demon/Ulquiorra speech

'Black-Winged Great Demon'– Demon/Ulquiorra speech

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Naruto watched impassively as his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, taught his sister, Amaya (Night Rain), another jutsu. He was used to this, since they had been doing it for the last 7 years. He knew that his parents did not hate him or anything, just that Amaya was the 'Savior' as the civilians called her and gave her more attention.

You see the Kyuubi No Kitsune attacked the village 7 years ago. The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, used a forbidden Jutsu, also known as a Kinjutsu, to summon the Shinigami and seal the Kyuubi into Amaya, at the cost of his own life. They did this as they found a scroll that said that the Kyuubi was female and decided that a female container would be a better choice than a male. They had told them about the sealing as soon as they could understand it.

Right after his father told the village what had happened to the fox, everyone saw Amaya as the 'Savior'. A few though did not but, changed their minds after meeting her. This though, created a problem for him. As time went on he slowly faded into the background. While his parents would help now and then they mostly just helped Amaya.

When he was younger he was angry and frustrated with them. As time went on though, his hate and anger slowly faded into indifference and coldness. He mostly just spent his time in the library reading about past events and other things. One though, interested him greatly.

He told a story about worriers that used swords that were made of their own soul and that each had its own power that the user could use, that is after you learned the swords name. It did not say much about them after that, other than their enemies that they fought, were something called Hollows. The worriers, or Shinigami as he found out after reading deeper into the book, fought these hollows to protect the souls of the dead as Hollows ate other souls to sate their hunger. One Shinigami though, wanted to ascend past his power and attain the seat of the Soul King or the Shinigami King.

It was said that he used an item that he had stolen, something called a Hogyoku, to create Arrancar, a Hollow with Shinigami powers. These were Hollows that had removed parts of their masks, as not all of it can be taken off, to gain Shinigami powers. The Shinigami used these Arrancar to fight the other Shinigami and open a portal to the Shinigami King's domain. Once there he fought the Shinigami King but, was crushed by the King's power. After that it only goes on to rumors. It was said that he created what the world now knows as the Nine Biju to destroy all Shinigami and Hollows so that no one could try and over throw him again as that would destroy the balance of the universe.

After they were all destroyed he left the Biju on the planet to keep the balance of the world in order. What interested Naruto though, was not the Biju or Shinigami; it was the Arrancar and Hollows. He, unfortunately, could not find anything more about them then that one book.

Naruto was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard his mother calling him over. Once he was beside his sister, as she too was called over, he asked, "Yes, Okaa-sama?"

Kushina frowned slightly at him before it disappeared before Naruto or Amaya could see, or at least Kushina thought so.

"I just wanted to tell you that since you have turned 7 a week ago Minato-kun and I have enlisted you into the academy for the next 6 years."

Amaya jumped up and down in excitement while Naruto nodded before asking, "Is that all Okaa-sama?" His voice emotionless and indifferent as ever, since he turned 5.

Kushina once again frowned before saying, "Yes that is all. You may do what you want until dinner in 6 hours."

"Thank you." Naruto spoke before turning and heading into the forest that surrounded their home. Amaya though, smiled before running out of the compound to get together with her friends.

Kushina smiled as she watched her daughter run out of their house before turning to look into the forest that Naruto had just entered. She sighed before smiling as she felt a familiar par of arms wrap around her waist. She leaned back into her husband's chest as she continued to look at the forest.

"Something troubling you honey?" Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, asked as he heard her sigh.

"I am worried about Naruto-kun. I mean he doesn't have any friends and he spends all his time in the family library." Kushina spoke after a moment.

Minato sighed as well before speaking.

"I know Hun. Hopefully he will make some friends at the academy. That is one of the reasons that we entered them into the academy. I heard that the clan heads are in rolling their own kids so he should be able to make at least one friend."

What Minato and Kushina did not know was that Naruto had no friends because most just wanted to use him to get close to his sister. This, along with his parent's treatment of them, is what changed Naruto into his emotionless and indifferent self.

"Well the kids are gone for a few hours and we are alone in the house is there anything that you want to do?" Minato spoke up; unaware to the changes that were happening to the future that started with Naruto's journey into the forest.

Kushina let a perverted grin come over her face as she turned to her husband.

"I can think of a few." With that she engaged her husband into a tongue battle before Body Flickering them to their bedroom.

(With Naruto)

Naruto had decided to take a walk into the forest that surrounded the Namikaze compound. It was one of the things that relaxed him as he listened to the wild life that surrounded him.

Naruto though, did not know that he was about to change the future with this decision.

Before long Naruto found himself going deeper into the forest then before as he listened to the wild life. He only noticed this when almost all noises seemed to get quieter and quieter until they were all gone. That is until he heard running water.

'There shouldn't be water out here. At least I don't think there should be.' Naruto thought as he followed the noise. Once there he was met with a beautiful sight.

A clearing at least 100 meters in diameter with a small raging water fall falling down a small rocky wall. Around the clearing he saw many wild flowers and many different plants. What caught his attention the most though, was the feeling he got from the waterfall. It had a cold and indifferent feel to it, along with loneliness.

As he walked forward he saw appeared to be a hole or cave behind the water fall. He cocked his head to the side as he thought, 'what's this doing here.' A small amount of curiosity in his thoughts.

Deciding to follow his curiosity he slowly and cautiously approached the cave.

'It looks safe.' Naruto thought as he stood at the mouth of the cave with the waterfall roaring behind him. Naruto though, knew that that counted very little in the ninja word. He continued to slowly and cautiously enter the cave as much as he could. Once further inside the darkness started to grow until there was no light at all.

Naruto continued to enter the cave even with small amount of fear that was slowly starting to grow within him. Before long though; something happened that truly fascinated him. Green crystals that were imbedded into the sides of the cave started to glow, lighting the way into the cave. He studied the crystals as he continued to walk.

Before long, he came across the end of the tunnel as he could see a brighter glowing green light in front of him. Once he stepped into the light he had to shield his eyes as the light blinded him for a moment. When he opened his eyes he saw that he had entered a giant cave that had a multiple number of green crystals.

He also saw a pedestal make of the same crystal with what he guessed was a sword floating on top of it. He walked towards it as he studied it.

It looked like a standard katana with a green handle and sheath. The guard had two curved extensions from its long sides, with a line going through both sides to give it an eye-like appearance.

He stopped in front on the pedestal as he continued to look at the sword. He reached his hand out to grab the sword but, stopped just before grabbing it.

'Should I really be trying to take this sword? I mean it is here for a reason.'

He continued to think about this before making a decision. He moved his hand the last few inches and grabbed it. Before he could do anything he felt his chakra spike before consciousness left him.


Naruto let out small groan as he came to. He slowly opened his eyes to let his eyes get use to the light when he realized something. There was only moon light out instead of sun light.

'Okaa-sama won't like it if I am late to dinner.' Was his first though before it completely left his mind once he saw where he was.

It looked like he was in a never ending white desert with dead trees spread out along with giant red pillars. He could also make out what looked like a white castle a couple miles away from him. Before he could head towards it, to find out where he was, he heard something. He spun around and spotted someone on one of the many red pillars that were spread out.

He could make out the human appears of it before it seemed to vanish. Naruto panicked as he looked around for the human that he had seen. He stopped though, when a shadow covered his body from behind him. He slowly turned to look at the person.

The first thing that he noticed was that it was male and had black hair though half of it was coved by a bone white helmet. Parts of his bangs fell just between his green eyes and appeared shoulder length. He also had a green line that looked like tear marks that fell from his eyes. He wore what appeared to be a white jacket and a white hakama with a black sash. His jacket was about a fourth the way unzipped and showed the hole that was in his thought though; it looked like it did not bother him. The sword that he had found was also tied to his waist.

The man seemed to be studying him so Naruto did as well when he remembered something from the book he read.

All Hollows and Arrancar had holes that went though their bodies.

Naruto froze before he whispered, "Hollow."

The green eyed man's emotionless and indifferent expression did not change but, he did raise one of his black eyebrows.

"And how child," the green eyed man spoke up in a cold and emotionless tone, the same as his, though it was slightly colder, "do you know what I am when all of humanity has forgotten us or does not know of our existents?"

Naruto slowly let out a breath before returning to his emotionless and indifferent self as the man did not look like he was going to hurt him…yet.

"I found a book in my family's library that talked about Shinigami and Hollows along with Arrancar."

The man nodded before he thought for a moment.

"And how did you find my sword. I was able to cast a barrier around that clearing and this place before I had to rest in this cave."

"I do not know. I was taking a walk though my family's forest to relax and found myself in that clearing. I found the cave and decided to enter." Naruto spoke in the same indifferent tone as the stranger.

The hollow nodded before returning to his thoughts.

'That barrier I cast would only allow my new wielder in, as I had to seal myself into my Zanpakuto to survive from those nine beasts that the Shinigami King unleashed to destroy us. I will test the boy to see if he is worthy to wield my power if not…' He left his thoughts hanging and he turned to the boy in front of him.

"If you know what I am child, why do you not run?"

"If you wanted to hurt me you would have already." Naruto spoke, keeping his voice as even and calm as possible.

Naruto saw the man raise his eye brows before speaking again.

"Correct child. Now you must know something before I continue. The barrier that I cast was made to allow only my wielder to enter. I have decided to test you to see if you are worthy of my power."

Naruto nodded slowly before asking, "What is your name?"

"I will explain who I am and why I am here if you pass my test. If you do not then I will kill you." His voice still indifferent and emotionless to the world.

Naruto tensed before relaxing. He had no choice anyway. If his speed was any indication, he could kill him before he blinked. The Hollow nodded to him before saying, "I will now administer the test. For this you have to just relax and hold still."

Naruto nodded before doing so. The Hollow nodded before placing his hand on Naruto head. Several seconds passed, and Naruto was about to ask what he was doing, when a sharp spike in pain erupted in his small body. He stood firm and fought through the pain as the strange Hollow; that he had met by accident, continued with his test.

To the man it looked as if a series of clips ran through his head. He saw every memory of Naruto's to his emotion to his very soul. To Naruto it felt as if an eternity had passed by before the Hollow removed his hand from his head. He doubled over clutching his stomach as soon as he could and waited for the pain to pass.

Once it did he stood and waited for the Hollows response.

"My name is Ulquiorra Cifer." The now named Ulquiorra said after a moment of studying the child.

Naruto looked up confused for a moment before he let a small smile appear on his face when he realized the importance of this. He had passed Ulquiorra's test. The smile disappeared a moment later returning Naruto to his emotionless mask.

"Now my new wielder," Ulquiorra spoke up, "there are several things that you need to know before we continue and do not worry about time. This is your mind and time moves very slowly in the outside world compared to here."

He held up his hand when he saw that Naruto was about to talk.

"I will explain that to you later."

Naruto reluctantly nodded.

Seeing that Naruto had his full attention on him he continued.

"Now then when I gave you your test I looked through your memories and saw the book that you read. While I am surprised that it basically summarizes what happened it is wrong on one thing. I was the only one to survive from the nine beasts or Bijuu as you humans call them. I was able to escape from them while they were distracted with destroying the other Espada or Arrancar that you have heard about. The Espada were the 10 strongest Hollows, which Aizen had at his command."

Ulquiorra paused here to see if he still had Naruto's attention. Once he saw that he did he continued.

"Aizen was the one who used the Hogyoku to create Arrancar out of regular Hollows. I was the 4th Espada. I though, had something that the other Espada did not. A second release. Now I am sure that you remember that the book said that Shinigami had swords that were made of part of the wielder's soul and that each had a name."

When he saw Naruto nod he went on.

"While Shinigami had 2 releases called Shikai and Bankai, Hollows only had one release that we called Resurreccion. It is the same as a Shinigami using Shikai but, instead of releasing the sword's power we released our own restricted power that had been sealed into a Zanpakuto. This showed what our real bodies looked like and unleashed our instincts as all Hollows were creatures of instinct. Are you following me so far?"

Naruto nodded as reading all books he did in his family library had increased his intelligence, though it was only with book smarts, and vocabulary.

"I though, was able to use a second release, while I do not know why this is nor do I care, it did allow me to escape. While it did not give me the power to kill the bijuu, I could at least injure them. After I did I was able find this cave and place a barrier to hide my power from them. After wards I was very weak and dying so I sealed myself into my sword or Zanpakuto."

Here he paused once more to think about how to continue with this.

"Back then we, the Shinigami and Hollows, used something called spiritual power. Your people now use Chakra which, as you have read, is made up of physical and spiritual energy mixed together. Now for me to survive, my powers slowly adapted to the world. My spiritual powers slowly mixed with physical energy, turning my power into chakra. While I could no longer leave my sword, as my soul had merged with my swords spirit, that all Zanpakuto have, I could train with my new powers. I found that the merging had made me more powerful. If I had to guess I could tie with the Gobi in an all out battle."

Naruto's jaw dropped. After he recovered from his uncharacteristic moment he returned his attention to Ulquiorra.

"While this did surprise me I continued to retrain my abilities. I found that I could still use all of my old techniques except for one. Sonido, which was a high speed technique, that all higher level Hollows could use. It seemed that it could not be used without spiritual based power."

As Ulquiorra paused Naruto spoke up.

"Um…Ulquiorra-san? Will there be any changes to me that will happen when I…connect… with the sword."

Ulquiorra nodded.

"Yes there will be a few differences when you connect your soul with me. I do not know the extent of the change it will be so you will have to wait to find out."

Naruto nodded his head as he thought about all that he had been told.

"Now," Ulquiorra spoke up, knocking Naruto out of his thoughts, "is there anything that you would like for me to explain."

Naruto nodded before asking, "Will I be able to release your swords power?"

"Yes you will be able to after you learn my true name. Once you do you can release my power. Since it is my power you can expect to change into my Resurreccion form and then you will gain my second release once I see that you can handle it."

"So I will change into you once I release the sword's power?" Naruto asked with confusion clear in his voice.

Ulquiorra shook his head in the negative before explaining.

"No you will look like my released form. You will keep your characteristics but, will look like I did in my released form. Such as that you will have yellow hair while I have black, though it might change to black after the connection is made."

Naruto nodded at that before thinking if he missed anything.

"Why is time move slower than in here then the real world?"

"Time seems to move faster in while it is in fact moving faster. The mind or brain works faster than anything in the world. So we are able to do more in here because time moves faster." (Don't know if this is right but go along with it.)

Naruto nodded.

"Now then, my new wielder, it is time to connect your soul with my own. Place your hands on my, no, our blade."

With that he unsheathed his sword and held it horizontally in front of his with both hands.

Naruto did so and the sword began to glow a deep green. As the glow grew Naruto spoke to his new partner.

"Oh and my name is not 'wielder'. It is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

With that the light grew to blinding levels making each of them shield their eyes. Once it died down Ulquiorra saw that he was alone and his blade was gone along with the sheath.

"It seems that things will get interesting now, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."


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