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Now before you read I would like to explain something about Naruto's parents. Some of you have asked why he has not just left or why he does not hate them. Frankly because I find that that is usually how almost all fics that involve these types of things plays out. Naruto will not hate his parents but, he will not forgive them for it. Kind of like he won't cheer if they die but, he won't pull the trigger or something like that.

Also he will not leave for one main reason: his sister. He does love but, only as a sister. Also I have decided on the paring. I will not tell you but you will find out on his first C-mission.

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"Black-Winged Great Demon" – Human speech

'Black-Winged Great Demon' – human thought

"Black-Winged Great Demon" – Demon/Ulquiorra speech/summon

'Black-Winged Great Demon'– Demon/Ulquiorra speech/summon

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Ulquiorra or any other reference to bleach or Naruto


When Naruto awoke the morning of the graduation ceremony he knew that it was going to be an interesting day.

After getting out of bed and taking a hot shower to fully wake up he put on his cloths and strapped his sword to his waist. Once done he headed down stairs to make breakfast for himself and his sister, as his father had to go to work early as the Hokage and his mother was on a mission, before they headed to the academy.

After an hour he finished setting breakfast on the table just as his sister walked down the stairs.

"Good morning Imouto-chan. Did you sleep well?" Naruto asked as Amaya sat down to eat the delicious, in her opinion anyway, food that her brother had made.

"Good Morning Onii-san and yes I did thank you."

Naruto nodded satisfied before he too joined his sister in eating breakfast. Once they were both done Naruto created two Shadow Clones to clean up and lock the compound while they headed to the academy.

"Hey Onii-san?" Amaya asked on their way.

"Yes Imouto-chan?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Amaya placed her finger on her chin before asking, "Well I was just wondering how you are able to use so many Jutsu even though you don't have as much chakra as me."

Naruto chuckled slightly before saying, "I guess I could tell you and for the record Imouto-chan. No one will have as much chakra as you."

Naruto paused as they turned a corner to get to the academy before continuing.

"As you know I have bonded with my sword. What you don't know is one of the many abilities that the bonding did. Thanks to the bonding I now have denser chakra. This lets me use less chakra but still get the same result as someone who used more chakra. Do you understand?"

Amaya nodded with an amazed expression on her face. Naruto chuckled one last time before his relaxed look, which only appeared around his sister and his few friends, disappeared and replaced its self with his emotionless mask as they appeared at the academy. Amaya frowned slightly at this before sighing and entering the academy with Naruto right behind her.

Once inside they were greeted with the noise of excited students. They could see that everyone was happily talking about the genin exams. Quickly looking around they spotted their friends before heading over.

Near the back was the rest of their little group.

At the back aisle sat Naruto's best friend Shino Aburame. The rest were his sister's friends though they still hung out with him and Shino. Sitting Next to Shino was Hinata Hyuga and next to her was Sakura Haruno. In the aisle in front of them was Ino Yamanaka, Hanabi Hyuga, and Kira Uchiha.

They all waved at them, with the exception of Shino, as they approached them. Naruto and Shino exchanged nods before he sat next to his sister, who had sat in front of Ino and had begun talking with her.

As his sister was conversing with Ino Naruto took the time to look at the other girls. He saw that they had kept their regular cloths on with few exceptions. (Everyone has on their pre shippuuden clothes except for the ones I say differently.)

First was Hanabi. He saw that she had decided to wear the same thing as her sister with the exception of Hinata's big Jacket and had instead taken to wearing a tighter jacket that was light lavender in color.

Next was Kira who he saw had decided to wear the old style Kunoichi battle dress. (Can someone please write a description for this for me please! Look on my profile for the picture.)

The only one left who had changed her clothing style was his sister. He couldn't stop the mental sigh that came to him. He knew that Kunoichi used seduction sometimes in fights but, his sister was cutting it a little close, at least he thought so. Amaya had kept the orange jacket as before but, had cut it so that it showed her stomach. She also had on fingerless gloves and tight black shorts that stopped at mid thigh with bandages wrapped around her right thigh and kept her Kunai holster in place. To finish off her clothes she had the same shinobi sandals the rest of them except hers were red along with black stockings that stopped a few inches above her knees.

She had also let her hair grow so that it reached her knees but, had put it in a ponytail so it reached her mid thigh instead. She had also let some hair grow so that a few locks reach to her breasts and framed her face.

He for one did not like the way she dressed as it only severed to draw more fan boys to her, although he had to admit that it did help in her fights. He remembered the first time she dressed like this and they had Taijutsu spares. She had utterly humiliated her opponent as he spent more time ogling her then fighting.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he sensed a chakra signature headed towards their classroom. He was proven right as a few seconds later the door opened and Iruka and Mizuki, their teacher and his assistant, entered the classroom. Iruka headed to his desk while Mizuki stood behind him with his hands behind his back.

"Alright class settle down." Iruka spoke up after he had laid down his things. Instead of the volume decreasing at his statement it increased instead.

Naruto sighed in his mind as he kept his face blank. His classmates seamed to never listen to Iruka with his friends and sister being the only exception, oh and the Uchiha but, he pretty much never spoke.

Naruto watched as the tick mark on Iruka's face grew bigger and bigger as time went on before he exploded.


Silence happened instantly as everyone looked at Iruka. Once he had calmed down he began the test.

"Now I am sure that you all are aware that today is graduation day and Mizuki-sensei and I will be testing you on the three academy Jutsu the Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu, and Substitution Jutsu. I will call you up and you will do these three Jutsu. If you do you will get one of the headbands behind me. Now first is Shino Aburame."

So it went Iruka called everyone up one at a time to do the Jutsus'. Everyone passed with the exception of a few civilian children.

"Amaya Uzumaki Namikaze."

Naruto watched as his sister walked up to the front before standing in front of Iruka. As she did Naruto glared at several boys that he saw were eyeing her. They all quickly ducked their heads and did not meet his eyes. Naruto nodded to himself before looking back at his sister.

He watched as she effortlessly perform a seal less Substitution Jutsu and seal less Transformation into their mother. Once she turned back she went through three hand signs before saying, "Katon (Fire Release): Fire Clone Jutsu."

Three separate piles of fire erupted beside Amaya before it grew rapidly into three perfect clones of his sister.

"Good job Amaya. You pass, please grab a head band and take a seat." Iruka said after marking something on the paper on his clip board. Amaya smiled before doing just that after dispelling her clones. Once she was seated again Iruka called out, "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

Naruto got up and head up to the front, as he did so he felt many eyes on him. He knew the reason too. He did not show any of his real skills but, everyone knew he was strong as he had effortlessly beaten Sasuke into the ground in a Taijutsu spar when he said something about his sister.

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts when he stopped in front of Iruka. Iruka raised his eyebrow when he just stood there. Naruto returned the eyebrow with one of his own before he followed his sister and did a seal less Substitution and seal less Transformation into the late Nidaime Hokage, Tobirama Senju. A second later he cancelled the Transformation and performed hand seals before whispering, "Meiton (Darkness Release): Dark Clone Jutsu."

Everyone watched in fascination as a dark mist seeped from Naruto's body before creating three pillars of mist before shifting into clones of Naruto. The blonde sword user dispelled his clones, which turned back into smoke before dissipating, before looking at Iruka. His surprise at the Jutsu showed on his face before he regained his composer.

"Well done Naruto. You pass please take a head band and take a seat."

The darkness user's face remained blank as he nodded to his teacher before grabbing his head band and tying it around his right shoulder. Once secured, he went back to his seat and waited for the rest of the class to be tested. When the last student had been tested Iruka spoke up.

"Congratulation to those who passed and as for those who didn't there is always next year. Now for those who passed please come back tomorrow at noon so that I can assign your teams. That is all please have a good day. And remember tomorrow your life as a shinobi truly begins."

The class cheered before leaving.

When the two Namikaze twins had exited they both proceeded to head to their compound. Once inside they headed to the back of the compound and stood across from each other.

"So what is it for today Imouto-chan, Taijutsu or Kenjutsu?" Naruto spoke up after several minutes.

Amaya grinned before saying, "Kenjutsu."

Naruto nodded before unsheathing his sword from his left waist. The steel glittered in the sunlight as Naruto waited for Amaya to unseal her sword. She did so seconds later. After biting her thumb and smearing blood on the seal on her right palm. In a poof of smoke the blade was released. Naruto took this time to study the blade as he had never really looked at it when he trained with Amaya.

He knew that his parents had had it custom made for her when she told them that she wanted to learn Kenjutsu. The blade was a bright silver that Naruto knew was Chakra conductive metal. It was 3 and half feet long with a foot long handle with a gold pommel. The handle was also wrapped in a crimson cloth.

They stared at each other for several seconds before an unsaid signal they both rushed each other. Both swung their swords with deadly accuracy before their blade collided in a beautiful and deadly dance of steel. Naruto pushed his sister away before thrusting his sword at her stomach. Amaya parried the strike before slashing at Naruto's unprotected right side. Naruto quickly spun on his heel before bringing his sword up to block.

They kept this up for several minutes. One would attack then the other would parry or block the strike before counterattacking. After pushing away from each other once again Amaya grinned at Naruto before saying, "Hey Onii-san why don't we kick it up a notch."

Naruto only nodded before sending his darkness chakra into his blade. Once he did the blade erupted in a dark light and was followed by a dark mist whenever it moved. Amaya did the same but sent her wind chakra instead. The blade seemed to take on a light blue glow once she did. They nodded to each other before rushing each other again.

Their blades met in the middle as the two elements tried to overpower each other evident by the wind and darkness blades that shot off from the power struggle. Naruto finally gained leverage and was able to push his sister back and slashed at her head. She jumped back to dodge and gain some distance before grinning at her brother.

"Looks like you missed Onii-san."

Naruto only smiled before a thin 2 inch long cut appeared in between her whisker marks on her left cheek. Amaya's eyes widen as she touched her cheek and felt blood before she smiled at her brother and then charged him again as her cut sealed up with a hiss of smoke as Kyuubi's chakra healed it.

They once exchanged plows with their blade before Amaya found a small opening and took it. Quickly redirecting Naruto's blade, she thrusted her blade at his chest. Naruto quickly jumped to the side but, let out a small and nearly silent hiss as her blade created a slash along his forearm.

Naruto looked at his wound as his sister waited for him to heal it. He did as seconds later a hiss came from the wound as Naruto sent chakra to the wound and it healed in seconds, as while the wound was long it was not very deep. Naruto nodded to his sister before cutting off the flow of chakra to his blade before sheathing it. His sister followed him as she to cut her chakra flow before resealing her blade.

"You are getting better Imouto-chan. Though your need to make sure that you do not give you opponent the chance to push you back and to keep you feet firm."

Amaya smiled as she replied, "Thanks Onii-san. I will continue to practice and maybe I will be able to beat you one day."

Naruto nodded at her before his face became blank as his Pesquisa skill alerted him to an approaching presence. He looked his right with his following his line of sight with a look of confusion. Confusion turned to surprise as an ANBU with a cat mask appeared before them.

"Greetings Cat-san. Can I help you?" Naruto asked in his emotionless voice.

Cat shivered slightly at the emotion, or real lack of emotion, that came out of the 13 year olds voice.

'I wonder what made him like this?' Cat thought before regaining her composer.

"Naruto Namikaze. The Council has called you to attend a meeting." Cat said.

Naruto nodded to her as annoyance flashed in his eyes as he had an idea as to what they wanted him for and he was not looking forward to this as he had thought that his parents had explained it to the council.

He turned to his sister, who looked confused at her brother's summons from the Council, before saying, "Go on inside Imouto-chan. I will be back later and will make supper soon."

Amaya nodded as she sent him a smile before heading to the compound. Naruto nodded to Cat before disappearing in a swirl of darkness. Cat's eyes widened as see looked at the spot the new genin vanished from before she chuckled.

"Yes you are an interesting one…Naruto Namikaze." With her assignment done she too vanished in a swirl of leaves.

(Council Chambers)

Within the Council Chambers a low whisper was heard as multiple people talked to one another as they waited for the meeting to begin.

The Council of the Village Hidden in The Leaves was made up of three groups. The first group was the Hokage and the three village Elders. The Hokage was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime. The elders were Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, Hiruzen Sarutobi's teammates, and finally Danzo Shimura, who was once Hiruzen's rival for the Hokage seat.

To the left was the Shinobi Council. This Council was made up of the main shinobi clans and the heads of other shinobi departments, such as ANBU, the Combat Medical Clinic and several others.

The last part of the Council and to the right of the Hokage and Elders was the Civilian Council. This made up of the wealthy civilians or ones who owned key places in the village that brought in large amounts of money for the village, such as Casinos and Hotels.

This is what Naruto saw when he appeared in the center of the Council Chambers. As all eyes snapped to Naruto as he appeared in a swirl of darkness. For some it was the first time seeing Naruto's "Bloodline" while other were still interested in looking at it every chance they could.

Naruto though ignored all this as he only stared at his father with his blank eyes. He did not know why his father had not explained what his "Bloodline" truly was as he knew that he could not pass it down to his children as it was a gift from Nyx. He would watch and listen though so as to find what his father wanted or his mother as he knew that she was friends with the wives of several Shinobi clan heads.

Naruto pulled himself from his thoughts to look back at the Hokage.

"Naruto Namikaze, do you know why you have been called before the Council?" Minato asked as he looked down at his son.

"No, Hokage-sama." Naruto answered in his emotionless voice that could give Danzo a run for his money.

The Hokage nodded before speaking, "You have been called here to discuss your bloodline with the Council and to see whether it is strong enough to put in the CRA or Clan Restoration Act."

'So I was right. If Otou-sama had just explained to the Council that my "Bloodline' cannot be passed down to any children I have this mess could be avoided," Naruto thought as he looked around the chamber as many whispered to each other, 'Or he could have already and they just don't care and want me under their thumb,' he added as an afterthought as he looked at the Civilian side of the Council who were looking at him with greed shinning clear in their eyes.

"Humans are too greedy." Ulquiorra said as he looked through Naruto's eyes at the Council.

Naruto only gave a mental nod as his Otou-sama continued.

"The Council wishes for you to give them a demonstration so that they may gauge whether or not it is needed for the village."

Naruto saw that many looked interested at this. He however was not as he knew that deception was a good thing and he also did not want to show off his skills.

"Hokage-sama, may I ask a question?" Naruto asked as he once more looked around the room with his dark sapphire eyes. He saw him nod out of the corner of his eye so continued.

"Have you told the Council what Okaa-sama had told us when we learned I had this ability?"

Again he nodded.

"Then I see no reason for me to be here as the Council knows that my "Bloodline" is a gift from Nyx-sama, the Goddess of Darkness, which she gives to a random person once every 100 years. This means that my "Bloodline" is not a true one and therefore cannot be submitted to the CRA as stated by the Shodaime Hokage when he made the CRA available to clans or any family that is important to the village."

The chamber was silent as everyone looked at the young Namikaze in silent amazement. Not only did he know some of the Laws of Konoha, which was rare as children didn't like to study the laws in detail, but he also kept himself from being forced into the CRA, as many knew that that is what many on the Civilian Council wanted.

The silence was broken when Danzo spoke up, "Be that as it may we still wish for you to show us what your "bloodline" can do."

Naruto looked the old man who was wrapped in bandages. He immediately didn't like him. He had this feeling that Naruto did not like and he knew that he would but heads with him a lot.

"Danzo Shimura, are you Hokage?"

Danzo's eyes narrowed at that as he stared at the child who dared look him in the eye and show about as much emotion as his ROOT ninja.

"I will take that as a no. I am a genin of Konoha so long as I have this head band, therefore I only take orders from the Hokage or someone of higher rank on a mission."

Minato smiled behind his folded hands as he watched his son cut off any chance to put him under their thumb and cut down Danzo. That by itself made his day. He had tried, and still continued to try, to remove Danzo from the Council and arrest him for not disbanding ROOT like he ordered. He however was very good at hiding his tracks and he was unable to find any dirt on Danzo.

"Well I believe that is all. Thank you Naruto-kun, you are dismissed."

Naruto nodded to his Kage before vanishing in a swirl of darkness back to the Namikaze compound.

When Naruto entered the compound he looked for his sister and was able to find a few seconds later in the kitchen eating a pack of instant ramen. Naruto only shook his head before he headed further into the kitchen to cook a real meal for his sister and himself.

As Naruto began cooking dinner Amaya finished her ramen and threw it away before turning to her brother.

"So Onii-san, what did the Council want?" She asked with curiosity clear in her voice.

"Nothing Imouto-chan. Just a few people being power hungry." Amaya nodded as she was not worried. She knew that her brother had studied the laws of Konoha so that if the Council ever tried to pull something to her he could do everything in his power to stop it, as that is what he told her when she asked him why he was studying them.

They sat in a comfortable silence before Naruto finished dinner. Once finished Naruto created two clones to clean up before kissing his sister on her forehead and then headed to bed. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow as dreams of mastering his release form floated through his head.


Alright before anyone review and asks why Naruto's Hierro did not stop Amaya's sword it is because it will only stop shuriken at this time. Kunai and anything else really with be able to cut him. Only small thing such as shuriken will not cut him.

Also some of you might wonder why Naruto shows so much emotion around Amaya. This is because she treats normally and shows him love and affection so he in turn does so, though a little more down played.