Mazes and Hills

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She stared, startled, confused and intrigued. The blood on her hands was not hers, yet she found no other place it could pertain to. She'd awoken in a clearing and with nothing but blood on her hands, her exposed body shivered slightly in the wind as she observed her surroundings...

Nothing. She could sense nothing. Her voice seemed to be gone too, she'd tried too many times already to provoke a sound from within her, in vain apparently, for nothing but the eternal silence was to be heard. ...

Her raven hair danced wildly with the wind, a storm seemed to be brewing...

The hill she now walked upon seemed endless and she still had yet to find a sign of life, nothing had come across her path nor had she come upon anyone. But how was she to know when she'd found another being, when she barely knew what she herself looked like. She had no consent of what she looked like, or what someone else should look like for that matter. Hardly any idea of where she was to begin with, how'd she come to ending there in the clearing? She was sad or so she would come to recognize it as later, for now she settled on calling it confusion, it seemed to be the only thing that made sense; she had yet to learn how to recognize her own emotions...

Soon dark clouds loomed overhead, the ever shining diamond in the sky disappeared behind the gloom and raindrops splattered on her naked body. Not that she paid any heed to them, she walked aimlessly somehow in the depths of her mind knowing that if she followed the path on the land it'd take her somewhere, somewhere where she could look at her own reflection and see what others looked like, maybe they could give her back her voice, her memories….


He was hungry. Yet he knew that a few days without food would not harm him. Right now his priority was to figure out where everyone had gone. He, like the girl many miles away had too woken in a clearing with nothing but his cloak and sword. He would set things straight, that was for sure, and whoever had ripped him of his clothes and empire would pay, surely a long torturous death. However, he wasn't entirely sure he knew of a kingdom that pertained to him, it was merely something that had been lurking in his mind when he awoke, for he too did not have his memories, simply small fragments that would flash across his mind. He was powerful, he was feared, and he was a full demon, yet he had no name. He growled as small tiny fragments of water fell on his body. Wrapping his cloak tighter to himself he gathered the few belongings he found scattered about him when he'd woken and light and quick as a feather jumped gracefully to the nearest tree, where he would perch amongst its branches forming a plan and wait for the now ruthless storm to finish...


He was angry; his plan had not carried out successfully. There were survivors, had it been anyone else he wouldn't have minded and disposed of them quickly. However, it was them. Out of all the damn creatures that could've survived, it had to be them.

He growled. He did not like this.

He would have to fix it.



And there was a man who should've been dead.

And he was.

However, like one before him, he was aroused, taken brusquely from his form of rest.

He recalled the events of what happened before he was gone of the land of the living.

Not that he cared about it now, he was someone else, and whom he might've been before no longer mattered. Not that he would remember for much longer, not all of it anyways, only what was necessary.

He was clothed in red; whether it was blood or the true nature of the garment he did not know. He did not care.

He stood. He was different.

His blood was the same.

Beside him a hand shot up, out of the earth. A moan of pain was heard as the individual was too awakened in a harsh manner from their rest.

Their outfits both worn and tattered, did not take away from the menace they presented, the forest was quiet.

They stood, and stared at each other intently. A sort of understanding passed between them, nodding at each other in agreement. Slowly, as they readjusted to walking, the two figures headed along their path. One destination in mind.


A from within the shadows of the trees stepped a figure. A small white glowing aura surrounded her frame. Holding in her hands was a small jar, it began to crack. It had served its purpose.

The figure looked intently at the road in which the two individuals had walked away in.

A slight frown marred her features.

For once in her life –if she could call it that now- she doubted as to whether she made the correct choice.

She shook her head; it had been the only option left.

The jar now nothing but dust in her hands flew away with the wind.

Once again she took shelter in the shadows of the forest, her delicate figure still noticeable from the glow emanating about her. And then she vanished.

The wind blew softly, and off in the distance a malignant boisterous laugh was heard, spreading throughout the land.

It seemed to be everywhere.

And in a sort of way it was. He was.

Technically, it now all belonged to him.


Two figures stood crouching at the crest of hill.

It was quiet.

The distant rumbling of thunder filled the air, but besides that, nothing. Carefully, one of the figures arose, standing in a guarded position and gently sniffed the air. There was something nearby, but before he had the chance to alert his companion a disfigured beast came roaring out of the surrounding forest.

The sword at his side pulsed, its power calling to its owner to be released. His companion gave a startled gasp at the sight of the demon, abandoning her crouched position to stand beside him, slowly reaching for the arrows strapped to her back, only to be interrupted as he stretched his arm in a form of silence. "It cannot see us," he muttered.

And indeed, upon further inspection the beast seemed to have quite a dilemma in trying to locate them, its head moving frantically from side to side.

Now that she thought of it, it rather looked like a chameleon, just ten times bigger and uglier – definitely uglier.

"Do not move" his words were whispered low enough so that she may hear and so as not to alert the demon of their whereabouts. With practiced movements, he unsheathed his sword, feeling the thrum of power emanating from it. In one quick movement, he had raised it, swinging it back down releasing a powerful blast of energy and eliminating the demon.

"Uhm, Sesshomaru?" came the questioning voice from behind. The aforementioned figure stole a quick sideways glance at her, a perfectly arched eyebrow raised.

"There are more demons..." she said pointing in back of them, almost as if her indication had been a sign to come out the demons came pouring through the thickness of the forest, racing up towards the hill with feral growls and cries.

"Hn" was the response accompanied by the cracking of his knuckles.


"Ugh, I'm covered in gooey stuff" muttered a disgruntled Kagome, as she attempted to wipe some off of her raven tresses.

Sesshomaru on the other hand hardly had a spot of dirt on his body. Kagome thought that it was unfair that he could look like a god whilst she resembled something slightly worse than a hobo.

"You would not be is such conditions if you had remained where I left you"

"What? I try to save your royal ass, and this is how you thank me?"

"I did not require saving, the situation was under control"

"Oh, so I take it that being surrounded by at least a thousand demons with an injured leg, and now a more recent wound on your shoulder, is called- having it under control?"

"My injuries are of no consequence, they will heal soon either way."

"Uh-huh, that's what you said about your leg, and may I ask, for how long has that been injured?" she said, a small smirk tugging at her lips.

If Sesshomaru could have sighed he would have, but the human behind him had already caused him to act in ways that contradicted himself, that simply sighing would be crossing the line.

"Sesshomaruuu, for how long has that led been injured?" she questioned once more, the smirk taking full residence upon her lips.

He did not appreciate the way she said the name in a sing-song voice, it made her sound like she was about to reprimand him. And besides, she sang it rather out of tune.

" Two weeks" he replied casting an annoyed glance in her direction. She brushed it off easily, and smiled.

"Exactly, so we can't risk having you injured again Sesshomaru" Prancing up to his side she poked his right shoulder. Sesshomaru sighed. She smiled, and suddenly glanced at him with a twinkle in her eyes. "There's a hot spring not too far from here, we will stop nearby so that you may bathe and rest." Was his reply to her unspoken question. "Thanks Sesshomaru" she murmured spinning on the back of her heel to gather the scattered contents of her backpack.

The woman had no respect for his person. She had poked his shoulder.


The night was quiet.

Small tendrils of her delicate hair floated about with the wind as she lay staring at the night sky, she sighed. The Taiyoukai cast slight glance to her, eyeing carefully how the moon made her skin glow.

Kagome yawned and rolled over onto her side, snuggling deeper into the confines of her sleeping bag.


"Hn" was the response.

"I'm sorry"

" What are you apologizing for Kagome?"

"This is all my fault"

"Kagome, I am used to you barging into a fight on unnecessary moments."

"No, I mean, for this, for all of it."

Sesshomaru closed his eyes.

Not this again.

"It couldn't be helped, you are preoccupying yourself with something that can no longer be changed"

"I wish I could go back and change time."

" Very foolish, there's no point, much less wishing for something of the impossible."

Time Travel. Psh, yeah right.

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Kagome grimaced, a deep frown marred her features.

"Yeah, you're right." she said, turning around to face him plastering a smile on her face. "I'm sorry, I'll go to sleep now."

"Hn" Sesshomaru gave her a curt nod and she turned back around, thinking that the world was full of fucking irony.


"Yes?" she turned back around

"Do not apologize so much."

"Oh ok I'm so- ," he quirked an eyebrow, "uhm , yeah, ok, right."

Turning back around Kagome sighed once again, closed her eyes and succumbed to the calling of the sand man.


It took her several days, perhaps weeks even, to find someone. And when she did she was not welcomed. He had a tall figure, and mesmerizing red eyes. His snow white hair danced with the wind. It looked very soft.

She took a step forward. A named fluttered just below the surface of her mind. If only she could grab a hold of it.


She was small, and delicate. She had absolutely no balance, the most clumsy human he'd ever stumbled upon. Weak, was the one resounding word across his mind.

He growled, the smell of the deceased bastard still lingered on her skin.


They kept each other company. He gave her shelter and provided food when needed. In return she practiced, and learned how to defend herself.

Kagome. Her name was Kagome.

And his eyes shimmered golden, her scent kept him calm- of course, he would never admit it.

She was practicing, what appeared to him more of a graceful dance.

She learned quickly, he had apparently underestimated her.

That, however, did not mean that she was anything more than human.

Human. With a lot of weaknesses.


She felt safe. She thought that was funny considering whom she was dealing with, but she shook her head and sighed.

He was training, moving his body so gracefully, he seemed like a god to her.

He was Sesshomaru.


However, they did not bode well.

He despised humans, or so he kept repeating over and over to himself.

She didn't like him either at first.

They resembled each other so much. And yet they were so different that it hurt. She wanted comfort, and while he could provide protection and safety it was not the same. She was a creature that depended upon interacting with others.

He was a damn rock, and rocks don't freaking speak.

And he was cold like ice.

She was a sun whose radiance seemed to be shrunken by his cold and harsh winds.


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