I've lived in Forks my whole life. It used to be great! More like wonderful because I had my best friend by my side. We used to do everything together. Climb trees, hiking, bike (if you don't know, it means bicycle) riding, swimming down at the La Push reservation. Like I said, everything. You name it, we already did it.

However, five years ago, his parents decided to send him to a boarding school. The day he told me, I was a mess.

Flash back

I woke up excited. 'Yes!' I internally cheered. I grabbed my bag of toiletries and from the side of my bed and headed for the bathroom. I turned, and came face to face with the long mirror my mother, Renee decided to put in there. Now I was forced to look at myself every day. I looked straight into my dull light brown eyes and scanned my body for improvements. My eyes raked over my pale white skin, dark pink lips, long thick wavy brown hair. My lips turned down into a frown as I took in my curve-less frame and flat chest.

I turned sharply away from the mirror and headed for the bathroom. I was not that pathetic, or masochistic, to want to see myself cry, knowing that the teasing I endured at school, every single thing they said was true.

"Way to boost my self esteem mom" I grumbled quietly.

I quickly took a hot shower, brushed my teeth and put my hair in a high ponytail. I rushed in my room and dragged on my green harry potter t-shirt and my dark wash short jeans. I smiled to myself, knowing that my favorite color was inspired by my best friend's eyes. He had the most beautiful dark green emerald eyes that changed color depending on his moods. I hate to admit it, but I was jealous of him. Ugh! Why does he have to be the pretty, beautiful, most fantastic person in the world? 'But he's MY pretty, beautiful, most fantastic person in the world' I smiled.

I put on my dark green converse and ran down the stairs, a grin plastered on my face. My feet tripped on thin air on the last two steps. The ground rose up to meet my face and I put my hands out to catch my fall. There was NO way a massive bruise on my forehead would escape the notice of my best friend.

"Hi mom, bye mom!"

"Honey! Where are you go-"

I slammed the door in my haste and ran next door to my best friend's house. That's when I saw the suitcases being loaded into their silver Volvo.

"Hey mom" I smiled at Esme "where are you off to?"

She looked at me in confusion. "What do you mean where I'm off to? Hasn't Edward told you?"

"Told me what?"

"Oh dear." Esme looked at me sadly. "Sweetie, we're taking Edward to a boarding school and he's-"

"No. you're lying, Edward's not going to a boarding school. He would have told me. He didn't say anything to me." I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes.

"Bella sweetie, I don't know why he hasn't told you, but he's leaving today and-"

"No! NO! EDWARD!" I screamed desperately. I couldn't bring myself to move. I was frozen in the spot, I could feel my frame shaking from the sobs I was trying to hold back, and my fists clenched in anger toward Esme for lying to me. I would prove her vicious lies wrong.

He stuck his head out the door and approached me. I glared at him.

"Edward" I growled," why is Esme telling me that you're moving?" He looked down guiltily. 'Oh no. it's true…' my subconscious cried.

"Bells, I'm sorr-"

"no! NO Edward!" Before I knew it, my fists were hitting his chest repeatedly punctuating my words. "You. Can't. leave. Me!" I shrieked. Tears flowing furiously down my cheeks.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I begged brokenly. "Why would you do this to me? Why are you leaving me here all alone?"

"Bells, I'm sorry, I should have told you! I just thought it would be best if I just disappeared! No goodbyes no—no nothing."

My eyes blazed at that and my hand struck him across his cheek. Hard.

The sound echoed and I heard a gasp from behind me, and turned around to look. My eyes met with the pity filled eyes of my mother. 'She knew' my subconscious noted. Oh, so we have an audience. An audience to my pain, I grimaced at that.

I turned my head sharply away from the penetrating eyes, and stared into the beautiful sparkling green eyes of my best friend.

"You, would have LEFT me, without telling me goodbye?" I questioned incredulously.

"I thought it was best Bells"

"Bull shit Edward!" I winced internally at my cursing. "You ARE what? A year older than me, so you know what's best for ME? You. Are. THIRTEEN Edward" I shrieked. "And apparently you don't know what's best for me! What you did, and what you are doing now is hurting me MORE!" I screamed.

He winced. Only then, did I realize his tear streaked face and swollen eyes. The rims around his eyes were red rimmed. 'He's been crying. He doesn't want to leave me, but, he has to'

"I love you Edward." I whispered. "You're the best thing in my life. You're my only friend, my best friend. I would do anything you ask me to."

"Oh Bells!" he took the one step separating us and pulled me into his arms and held me close.

"I love you too Bells" he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, "you're my best friend too, and I would be anything for you" he paused "I'd do anything for you because you are my heart; you have my heart, keep it safe for me."

I sobbed brokenly into his chest, and he just hugged me tighter. I felt his frame shaking from the cries he was trying to hold back, and I tightened my hold around his neck.

"kids, it's time for Edward to go" Carlisle called. I cried harder at that, but before I stepped away, I pressed a lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered, "I love you"

"I love you too Bells" he whispered quietly and we stepped away. I was about to turn away when he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. He reached for the gold chain I bought him for his birthday that had his initials on it and place it around my neck.

I reached for the matching chain around my neck that had my initials on it, and placed it around his neck.

His eyes focused intently on my own, and before I knew it, he lowered his head and pressed a fiery kiss to my lips and lingered for a second. It must have lasted at least three seconds, but I didn't care. 'Edward Anthony Masen Cullen gave me my first kiss!' My eyes were wide as I stared into his forest green eyes. He smiled crookedly at me and I blushed furiously.

"Bye Edward, don't forget me"

"Never Bella, you have my heart, keep it safe for me"

I smiled, and bounded forward kissing him on the other cheek and he grinned and rolled his eyes. "They're even now Bella." I grinned a 'shit eating grin' and laughed. He turned away from me and walked to the silver Volvo.

Esme smiled a watery smile at me with her hand over her heart and entered the car.

Me and Edward locked eyes, electricity passing through us. I waved, never breaking eye contact, and he smiled. And then he was off, to that stupid boarding school, away from Forks. Away from….me.

Chapter 2

My alarm clock went off. Ugh! I groggily reached over to turn it off, but all I ended up doing was knocking it to the floor. The stupid clock didn't even have the decency to be destroyed! It suffered a blow from the hard wooden floor and yet, it still continued to beep.

I lazily popped one eye open and glared at the little amount of sun coming through my window. If I didn't know any better, I would think that it was still night when in fact, it was 6 a.m.

I groaned and stretched. Time for another boring Wednesday, I finally convinced myself that it wouldn't be that bad. Ever since I started Forks High, it appears that my newly developed breasts have been sending out signals to every male human. I swear it's like an alternate universe! And I wish I still had my best friend at my side. He would always protect me. 'Yea right Bella. That's why you haven't talked to him since he left 5 years ago!' Even in my own mind I take sarcasm to another level.

Grabbing my back of toiletries I headed to the bathroom and took a shower. My meddling mother upgraded my bathroom again and instead of the old mirror that teased me, it was now a full length mirror. So now, I had to endure looking at my entire body! A small part in my brain new that my mother enjoyed knowing that she had me squirming.

And just like every morning, I turned to that mirror and blushed! I've been doing this for years, and I still blush at my own body. But I have to admit, this mirror thing showed me the improvements in my body. I was still pale, my lips were fuller and more red than pink, my breasts were, well, moderate. Still small but round, and I had a little curves and my hair passed my waist now.

I turned from my mirror and entered the shower. The hot water relaxed my tense muscles and my mind drifted back to Edward, wondering if he remembered me, or thought about me as often as I thought about him. My mind drifted until I remembered my first kiss. I could feel my face flush. That was my only kiss. Pathetic right?

I really did try, but every time I made up my mind to accept a date request, all I could think about is: 'I want Edward to be my first date'. Come on! I don't know when I'll see him again! He could come back when I'm thirty.