A step here.

A step there.

A turn.

A change of pace.

He leads.

She follows.

She leads.

He follows.

They clasp hands and begin to dance.

They step; they twist; they spin.

They weave patterns on the floor, but they never step too close to each other.

That line manages to keep them an safe distance apart.

As the music picks up, the dance becomes more complicated.

There are lifts and leaps.

When she stumbles, he compensates and the two maintain equilibrium.

Never falling apart, yes, but never getting closer either.

It continues.

On and on; seemingly forever.

It will continue as such until one breaks the equilibrium, the stalemate.

It is risky; a misstep and it could all end, but sometimes risks must be taken, or nothing will ever happen.

He takes the risk, breaks the stalemate.

He might step closer, move his hand an inch lower on her back, pull her in just a bit tighter.

Regardless of HOW he does it, all that matters is that he does.

She reacts.

She tries to take them back to the comfortable equilibrium.


In dance, in life.

This time, though, his step was too much for her to counter.

Either they fall together, as oneā€¦

Or they fall apart.

There is no more equilibrium, no middle ground.

It is her choice.

She falters, but maintains balance long enough to decide.

He can do nothing but watch and wait as the music plays.

Her decision will change it all.

In one sense, it does not matter.

Either way she falls.

Choose the path with him, or the safe way, alone, as always.

In the end, she also takes the risk.

She moves a bit closer, relaxes into his touch.

The music slows and stops.

The equilibrium is shattered-

Yet, they walk off the floor hand in hand.

Yes, they have fallen,

but they have fallen in love.