Hi. Since my list isn't allowed, I'll have to write a drabble for each thing Tobirama is not allowed to do. Soooo… enjoy :D

1. The potted plant in the Hokage's office is not planning to take over the world and Tobirama must not tell his students it does.

-Tobirama, it's just a plant! Hashirama said, annoyed.

-But… I saw it move! I swear it's true!

-Are you sure, sensei? Koharu asked, worried.

-Yes! It's true! It's evil!

-Should we kill it? I mean… just to be sure…, Hiruzen suggested.

-No! Nobody's gonna touch the plant, and the plant's not gonna touch anyone. Got it? Hashirama said.

-Yes, Hokage-sama…

A few years after, the plant had a baby (let's say plants can have babies, okay?)

His name was Zetsu.

Huuuuh… is Zetsu one or two people? Well… anyways… reviews, please?