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Spirit Cat

Longtail watched silently as Mousefur grieved for him. You see, Longtail had recently died when a tree fell into the ThunderClan camp. He had gone in to get a mouse that Mousefur had been trying to retrieve and an apprentice named Briarpaw ran in after him. She had broken her spine in the fall, and would never use her back legs again.

He had awoken to find himself still in ThunderClan camp, although no one could see him. He watched as the tree was slowly cleared away, and even watched his own burial. Was this the fate of all cats that died? Or was he just condemned to remain here because of how he had originally supported Tigerstar, the forest's greatest enemy?

He could see now, so that was a good thing. The old stiffness in his limbs had gone away, and for the first time he realized how old he had been. He felt so young now, as young as he had been the day Firestar first joined ThunderClan. But now what was he going to do with this new energy? Through trial and error, he had discovered that other cats could feel him and pick up traces of his scent on the wind, but they couldn't see or hear him.

"This isn't the end for you," a voice said, startling him. A pure black she-cat with pretty golden eyes stood next to him, regal in posture.

"Who are you?" he demanded, crouching down with his claws unsheathed.

"My, my, aren't you suspicious?" she teased. "My name is Swiftflight. I am a messenger of StarClan," she said more gently.

Longtail eased up, but he didn't completely drop his guard. "You're a messenger?" he asked, skeptical.

Swiftflight nodded. "I know you'll miss them, but it was time. The others will learn to let go, and things will continue on. They will never forget your bravery, but they can't grieve forever. And if you continue to linger here, you'll only end up being hurt."

"But what about-"

"Mousefur will be alright," she answered, as if reading his thoughts. "Now I know for a fact that there are a few StarClan cats eager to see you again. I think their names were… Swiftpaw and Sootfur?"

His two former apprentices were waiting for him? Swiftpaw, who never lived to become a warrior, and Sootfur, killed in the badger attack all those moons ago. Longtail eased his guard; he didn't feel like he had anything to fear from this she-cat. "Bring me to them. I'm ready," he said simply.

Swiftflight smiled and gently touched her nose to his forehead. "It'll be over soon," she assured. She sat back and watched as the tom faded into starlight, finally passing on to be with his warrior ancestors. Smiling gently, she turned and left, a small black butterfly the only sign that she was ever there.

Swiftflight pawed her way through the Soul Society, passing the forest outside the Rukongai. She knew that StarClan made its home there, and she smiled at the thought of the tom finally getting to be with his comrades once again. She had encountered spirit cats long ago, before the clans even existed, and after earning their trust, they had granted her the ability to become one of them at will to help their comrades reach the next life.

They had even given her a warrior name to prove that they truly trusted her. Swiftflight… a name fitting for someone like her. It had a similar ring as the title she carried with her; Goddess of Flash. Smirking silently to herself, she made her way quickly to the portal that led back to the world of the living. She had a certain teenage substitute Shinigami to tease.

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