Taking off from-

New Moon: page 270

Jacobs POV

My fist slammed against the closest tree to me. It wasn't big, really slim and only a few feet taller than me. In my peripheral vision, I could see Bella jump a little when the trunk cracked loudly and snapped in two under my blows.

I stared at the sharp broken point in stunned shock that quickly turned to horror. I was losing control. I knew that if I stayed this tense for much longer, I wouldn't be able to take it. If anything happened to Bella, I would rip myself apart emotionally paying for it for the rest of my semi-eternal life.

"I have to get back." I choked, spinning on my heel and stalking towards my house in a brisk speed walk.

"Back to Sam!" Bella called out angrily from behind me. I sighed inaudibly.

"That's one way of looking at it," I mumbled, my stride not breaking. I prepared myself to take off running for the house, desperate for some comfort.

I could hear Bella gasp aloud, and the l thud as her knees forcefully hit the ground. I assumed she was going to cry. I wouldn't look at her- I couldn't! I feared that if I did, whatever hold I had on my emotions would break away. No matter what happened, I would not lose it in front of her. I had my jaw set; I was going to make a break for it. That's when things changed.

I listened in terror as Bella let out a wretched scream of horror. Immediately, all of my intentions of not turning around, of keeping myself together, were thrown out the window. On impulse, I swiveled around and stared at her with wide, cautious eyes. She was shaking madly, her face looked contorted and sick, gasping for breath through rattling teeth. She let out another scream as more furious tremors rocked through her. I was frozen in fear. I was pretty sure I knew what was happening, as I had already lived though it, but my eyes would not register what I was seeing. It made absolutely no sense.

Suddenly, Bella threw her head back and viciously snarled at me; it was loud enough to make me want to cover my ears. But the loudness wasn't what had gotten me worried, that growl had just confirmed my worst nightmare.

Bella was becoming a werewolf.

"Bella!" I shouted, still unable to move. I wanted more than anything to run away and get the guys. To get Sam. I was scared. Frightened, like a little child lost in the mall. I could barely accept the fact that I was a werewolf, but Bella? Are you freaking kidding me? For the first time in a long time, I wanted my mother back. I wanted to feel her arms around me. I wanted her to comfort me and tell me that it was all going to be alright.

The only other thing I wanted was to stop acting like such a complete and utter baby.

Finally, the ultimate transition took place. Thick fur, as white as a blizzard, burst out of my friend's body. Her clothes sprinkled down on us like snow as more growls ripped from the back of her throat. Her upper lip curled forward showing of her dagger-like teeth. She brought her rump up to the air, preparing to spring at me. It was then that I knew that I had let things go far enough.

"Sam!" I screamed, knowing that he would hear me, "Sam, help!"

As soon as I got the words out, I let myself go. My clothes split open and flew away from me as I let myself become engulfed with russet fur. Sam, who had obviously sensed my urgency, prowled up behind me, already in wolf-form.

Bella's eyes pierced me like knives, I was still scared and panicking, but Sam was totally calm and knew what to do as if he had been through the routine before. As I though about it, he probably had.

Bella, Sam reached out to her mind, Bella, calm down; he soothed tranquilly, Bella, its Sam.

And Jacob, I added. Sam shot me a quick look, I shrank away, letting him do all the big talking.

Bella shook her head angrily, Sam's calming wasn't working. We all stayed in our places for a long while. No one moved a muscle. Finally, Bella broke out in thought.

I look like I came out of a horror movie! What in the world is happening? This has to be a dream! She thought.

This is real, came Sam's whispered answer. I'll explain it all later but you need to calm down so that you can faze back to a human.

Bella, under the influence of the alpha's command, attempted to faze back, her shoulder shook roughly in reply. I couldn't help myself but try to hearten her.

That's right Bella, honey, just let yourself relax, I encouraged. Bella shook again, and her whine sounded like an over-grown whistle, but not long after, the tension in her face became peaceful.

It was silent except for the sound of rustling leaves and calling birds. Bella's knees began to quiver as they slowly bent down under the first heat of transformation. In respect of her privacy, Sam and I both turned and walked a little way in the opposite direction. I could no longer sense that Bella was with us so I made Sam aware of what I was doing next.

I'm going to get us all some clothes. I'll get some for you and Bells; you stay behind the house until I bring you some sweats.

I could feel Sam's approval though his thoughts and I took off running towards my window. When I was right in front of it, I quickly fazed back and jumped though as fast as I could. I didn't necessarily have next door neighbors, but I've never been comfortable with the whole being outside with no clothes part of the werewolf business.

I dashed to my dresser and shoved on the first pair of cut-off jeans I could find. It was simple to find Sam a pair of sweatpants that were roughly his size but Bella was going to be a little tougher. I tossed numerous pairs of pants and shirts aside before finding some sweats that I had grown out of during my crazy growth spurt, and a shirt that might only go down to her lower thighs.

In a rush, I crawled back out of the window and threw the sweatpants I found at Sam, who was still in wolf form. Then, I turned and ran towards the woods were I had left Bella. I briefly thought about her lack of clothes. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was honestly thinking about sneaking a peek at her naked before literally slapping myself in the face to make sure my conscience had control of my actions. Intentionally focusing my eyes on something in the opposite direction of Bella, I ran over to her and tossed the gray cotton into where I guessed her hands would be.

After waiting longer than necessary to make sure that she was fully clothed, I crouched down on the ground next to her. She lifted her head and gave me a tired look. I could sense Sam coming up behind me. I remained silent, waiting for him to stop moving before starting to speak. There was a long silence before I was able to build up my nerve to say this, I was grateful to Sam for not butting in. He knew that I wanted to do this.

"Bella," I began, talking very slowly. Making scorching eye contact with her to let her know that what I was about to say was deathly serious. "What do you know about…" I couldn't finish. It wasn't that I was scared or unprepared, I was completely into going for it, but Sam, the alpha, had made it clear that we were unable to tell anyone about what we were. What I was about to say would imply it.

I had a sudden burst of anger at Sam, it wasn't even a big deal, but I was new to the werewolf business and was prone to overreactions. Sam, sensing my abrupt change of character, finished the sentence quickly.

"About werewolves." He spit out, his mask of calmness flickering. Bella's eyes nearly popped out of her skull. Her mouth gaped like a fish, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she feinted. Sam glanced at me to see if I was still angry, but it had left as quickly as it had come.

"What do we do?" I asked tentatively.

"We take her back to your house and we inform Billy."