The impossible had just happened. I almost wanted to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn't just a dream; it sure as hell felt like one. This girl, this beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl, had just imprinted. This girl had, with one look, fallen head-over-heels…for me.Only in my wildest daydreams had Bella ever loved me the way that loved her and now…it had happened. I felt as if I had finally just received a fairy tale ending- the kind of ending that wasn't supposed to exist in real life…but it had.

"Bella" I was finally able to collect my thoughts into one sentence, one simple little sentence, but one enormous understatement, "I'm in love with you too."

And then I did it. I did the thing that I had wanted to do, dreaming about doing for months. I placed my hands on her warm, blushing cheeks, and kissed her. Sure I had kissed girls before, but none of their kisses had ever felt like this. There were fireworks. There was a spark. My lips were on fire- but the fire was not painful, it was tingling and warm and pleasurable.

Bella was fully involved in the kiss; she wrapped her arms around my neck, one of her hands knotting itself into my hair, slowly, intimately rolling so that I was slightly on top of her. I pressed my body close to hers, yet holding up and supporting my own weight so that she was comfortable. There are no other words to describe the feeling other than simply amazing. I loved it. I loved her.I loved her so much.

We moved as one unit, as if it had been rehearsed or choreographed, both pulling away at the same time. We both sat up and I pulled Bella onto my lap. I panted, trying to collect my thoughts and feelings together, but it was impossible. My head was spinning in circles. I smiled wildly. Bella then pulled me close, throwing her arms around me again, this time her head nuzzled into my neck. She began to cry.

I was afraid for a moment, that she was angry or upset or that I had hurt her in my passion, but none of it was true. She was trying to say something to me, and I could barely make out the words around her sobs.

"I love you, Jacob." She whispered to me. I rubbed my hands on her back in a soothing manner. My eyes almost began to water as well; I was swelling to the point where I was about to burst with emotion.

"I love you too, Bella."

I sighed in pleasure. This moment was amazing. Nothing could have been more perfect. I held my white wolf tightly in my arms, my huge frame surrounding her, protecting her. I would do anything for her. After a long moment of taking in the feeling of this embrace, I felt the urge to touch her again. I would never push her of course, never make her do anything or go farther that she wanted to, but I wanted to make her feel good and so I did what came naturally.

I twisted my head, rolling her back under me, Bella cooperated moving with me and smiling. Gently I kissed her lips, not lingering there for too long. Then I moved my head down, trailing my kisses over her throat, down to her collar bone and back up.

"Jacob." She murmured in bliss, running the tips of her fingers over my sculpted chest. I moved my head across to the other side of her neck, leaving another string of kisses down to her left collar bone, but this time not stopping there, I continued to go lower. Bella shifted slightly, "Jacob, no." I looked at her face, she was smiling still, breathing heavily, but her eyes were weary.

"I don't want you going too far." She explained gently, "not today, anyway." her facial expression was of a teasing seduction.

"Alright, whatever you say." I replied easily, not wanting to pressure her into anything. I didn't want her for her body anyways, I could stay a virgin my entire life if it meant I got to have her. I just wanted her to love me, I wanted her to feel good, and if she was uncomfortable, then I was perfectly fine with stopping.

We sat together for a long, silent moment. I held her close to me and she leaned into my chest wordlessly. I grinned, "So what do we do now?" I asked.

Bella giggled at my oh-so-romantic comment, but then her face suddenly turned very sober.

"I think…" she began hesitantly, "I think I need to talk to Charlie…"

My eyes studied her; I knew this girl like the back of my hand and could interpret her actions very easily. Her eyebrows were knotted and she was biting her lip- clearly she was nervous, but I wasn't very sure why. I knew that Charlie really enjoyed my company and liked the thought of me and Bella together as opposed to that Cullen leach. He once told me straight out that it was very good to have me around for Bella, so I couldn't understand why the idea of telling her dad was making Bella so anxious.

"Don't worry Bells, Charlie likes me. You don't have to be nervous about telling him, I'm all over it" I said with a grin, cupping my hand under her chin and lifting her gaze to mine. She gave weak smile in response.

"I'm not nervous of telling Charlie." She responded, the corner of her mouth was pulled down.

"Then what's the matter? And don't try to make something up." I warned, "You suck at lying."

"Well there are two reasons, first," she held up one finger, "the pack…they won't like this. They don't like me."

"Oh don't talk like that!" I scolded, "The guys love you! Well, except for Paul…but he's just an ass, he doesn't like anybody really." Bella tried to hide a smirk. "Anyway," I continued, "what's the second reason?"

"Telling Charlie…that means leaving this bed and leaving this moment. This moment is so perfect…I don't want to leave it. We'll have to go out and face everybody, I know that, but once we do that…all this becomes very real and to be honest, right now I feel like I'm in a dream. If this is a dream, I don't want to face reality. I never want to wake up."

With every sentence her face got closer to mine, I could hardly control myself and wait till she was finished talking to press my lips against hers. I just couldn't get enough of the feeling of her kiss and the taste of her lips which were sweet like honey. Her tongue danced in my mouth and I smiled through the kiss.

I pulled away for moment so I could catch my breath and speak. "This isn't a dream," I said, smiling ear to ear. "For once, real life is better than my dreams." With that being said, I got up off the bed and took a bow, making Bella giggle. I began to speak again, using a very formal voice, "Your majesty, 'tis time to announce our royal infatuation to the kingdom" I then scooped her up in my arms and carried her like a bride out to the kitchen.

When I saw what was waiting for us there, I immediately placed Bella down and stood protectively in front of her. The whole pack had crammed into my kitchen. None of them looked happy to see us.

"Jacob," Embry growled through clenched teeth, "you're in trouble."