Hello and thank you for finding my story A Father Daughter Thing. This is mainly all about Freddy and Kathryn during the movie line, and exactly what they're relationship may have been like. Despite Freddy being a child serial killer and all, in the movie: Freddy's Dead, it showed him as an actual family man. Then again this could just be my fangirl mind screaming at me that Freddy had to have been a good guy to his daughter in order to make up for being such a dick.

Anyways, I don't have a beta so if you see any mistakes please contact me. Leave a review, karma's nice and will have mercy on your life if you do.

It was one of the good old days, back before it would have ever passed in his mind that he would be invading dreams and killing children as they slept.

It was a sunny day, with small shaped clouds in the bright blue sky and birds singing in the branches. She had pointed out every small face she saw and he laid down with her in the grass and encouraged her with his own faces and creatures of the clouds.

The day he would chase her around the garden of the back yard and hold her in his arms, while she laughed and tried to get away from his tickling fingers. The day he would count to ten and she would hide as best as she could behind tree's and in the little playhouse she had.

He taught her tag that day.

"One two, one two, Daddy's coming for you." He laughed and ducked under the branches as he circled around the tree. He found her frame huddled against the bark, peeking around the opposite corner he came from.

He surprised her, poking her stomach and getting an eruption of giggles. He ran off playfully, making sure she was given the chance to keep up with him. "You're it." He teased and zagged back and forth. "You know what you gotta do now?" He smiled as she ran around, trying to catch him.

"You gotta tag me." She laughed and ran to him her arms stretched out to catch him. He couldn't help but smile and reach down with his arms outreached. "That's right." He grinned "Come to, Daddy."

He taught her tag, that day.