This one is real short but that's because I'm trying to get back into the swing of NOES. Its been way too long since I've done one of these, and I hope it gets the reviews and praise it deserves. Anyways, do enjoy.

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She grew up so fast; from a little dress and pigtails, to shorts and her hair cut. It didn't take long for some piggy-less family to catch notice of her in the window, and adopt her in pity from the 'family' events. I watched her, and even as she forgot me, forgot what she did to me, I loomed over her like a hawk.

I damn well made sure her 'daddy' was taking care to make her happy. My story was still on the streets, and people still feared my name, it was easy for me to make my way into his dreams, where I made it clear that if I couldn't grow up with my own daughter, no other wannabe father could.

So, it became just her mother, who was too grief stricken to ever re-marry. From that point on, it was easy.

But then she got older; it was out of shorts, and into skirts. The modern day definition of sex appeal that the fellow teenagers and TV drilled into her head; peer pressure, what a bitch. Her brain was rotting but she still had the common sense to feed it textbooks. She went to college, straight out of high school.

If I had raised her, I'd have the common sense to give her a firm tap if ever she rebelled. 'Mother' was against it, too goody to get a little physical with her punishments. If I had raised her, she would have never gotten her first taste of alcohol at some frat party in room 302. If I had raised her, she would have never of been raped.

But I didn't raise her, I couldn't tell her that she had done wrong. I couldn't hold her when she cried telling me about how she had been violated.

I couldn't raise her.

But I could certainly raise hell on the man who used my little girl as his whore.

Kinda self explainitory, everyone grows up and when you do you get involved in things that most of us regret. Kathryn gets involed in alcohol and one things leads to another. The idea for this chapter came from a story I read on the archive in which Kathryn is in college and gets rape; Freddy take revenge. I'm not going to say anything bad about the story, but it could have been tweeked a little bit.

Like all the others, this is how I saw things might of happening. Please leave a nice review, and I'll try to get back into the mindset of NOES.