Hey guys KingSithis here with a brand new story about Naruto and Power Rangers Ninja Storm now I do not own Naruto or Power Rangers ninja storm the only things I own are the White Elemental ranger morphed the Kyubbi Zord the Elemental Storm Dragon Zord the Elemental Darkness Griffon Zord the White Battlizer powers the Kyubbi Shadow laser Scythe the Battlizer Bladed laser bo-staff and the elemental Chimera Kyubbi Megazord and all of its weapons and abilities are original here is the prologue hope you enjoy please give reviews and if you must Constructive Criticism on with the story if I say I do own something in parenthesis that is not in the list above it is because I thought of it later now Narrator go ahead and begin

Narrator-deep in the mountains secret ninja academies train our future protectors ancient scrolls told of 3 that would rise above the others three that would become

Go power rangers go ninja storm lets go -

KingSithis you idiot you did the original from the ninja storm you suppose to do that and then add the part that goes with my story I swear I should not hire you anymore.

After that part is said it was suppose to say but there was also a hidden scroll that said that a baby from another universe would grace the world and save it from the evil that would reside in 1 of the families he would have 3 girls that loved him and did not care if he had all three 2 would be half alien but then turned full human he would save the world from the evils of a ninja who wanted vengeance on his brother and his family. This scroll only went to the headmaster of the wind ninja academy so only the headmasters saw it past present and if need be future now let us see what is happening

It was a dark day in the ninja village of Konoha why you may ask a giant 9 tailed fox was attacking the village now you may be wondering why this is happening well lets rewind 3 hours shall we.


The first ever beautiful green beast might Gai was doing his extreme workout when he ran into a cave now in this cave there was a being that was recharging it's energy when Gai came in and shouted "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY EVERBODY SHOULD BE YOUTHFUL AND TALK ABOUT YOUTH".


Flashback End-

(You guys know what happens the fourth arrives seals it in his son but what you don't know is that after getting sealed it transported baby Naruto to earth lets see what happened)

Kyubbi had just transported Baby Naruto into the wind ninja academy where the headmaster lives the Sensei saw Baby Naruto in front of his home and picked him up and took him inside to his very pregnant wife who was 6 months pregnant with Cam. "Jennifer this baby was in front of our house with the White elemental morpher of legend and that means that the great evil will happen in about 17 years we must prepare for what is to come and I know it involves my brother Lothor" "Jack can we adopt him with the spiral on his stomach we could name him Naruto which means maelstrom". "Yes we will adopt him."

17 years later a blonde teen stands at about 6 foot 5 in white ninja gear signaling him as the elemental ninja meaning he can use all the elements and is the youngest sensei to ever be there next to him was the young women that his adopted parents betrothed him to Tori from the water ninjas they were floating in the air and dancing using Naruto's wind manipulation lets see what they are saying "Tori you are the most beautiful women I have ever met even if we are already suppose to get married I would like to do this: gets on 1 knee (Gasp) Tori had just gasped because she was getting her dream come true her Naruto proposing even if they were betrothed to each other. "Tori will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the world" "Yes I will marry you." Tori jumps onto Naruto and kisses him. Naruto wrapped his arms around her hips and she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. This is the scene Cam Naruto's baby brother came upon. "Bro not again anyway father wants to see you and me so we need to go." Naruto nods and said "Sorry my sweet water princess I need to go but I will make it up to you I promise and you know I never break my promises." Tori nodded while blushing at being called water princess again. "So Cam it has begun hasn't it" Cam just nodded and said that father had seen a space ship that looked extremely evil and had Uncle Lothor's symbol on it meaning that they would have to reveal the white elemental ranger sooner then they wanted.

In a spaceship getting closer to the earth a lone figure can be seen standing looking at the earth.

"Soon brother I will rule the world and destroy you and your son Cam." not knowing his brother adopted Naruto or that they would have to fight power rangers.

End chapter 1 prologue

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