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Chapter three the for earth begins and ends with an elemental storm

Standing on opposite sides of the battle field the rangers and the generals of Lothor's army had a stare off "Are you guys ready to kick some alien ninja ass" Naruto said "Yeah" the other rangers shouted.

"You won't defeat us that easily" general Zergain said even though they could tell he was scared shitless. Choobo stood off to the side also scared but willing to fight anyway Blue face was eager thinking he could defeat any human like an arrogant someone we all know from the narutoverse.

"I am going to beat you rangers and get a promotion from Lothor" said Blue face "Yeah sure you will I know for a fact that I could beat you without the others while they take on the other 2 that are with you" "No we will beat you Kelzacks". out of nowhere a whole bunch of weirdly dressed humanoid creatures came out of nowhere and started fighting the rangers. Naruto said

Hey Tori who ever gets the most kills on the kelzacks gets to do what ever they want to the other deal" "Deal" Naruto took out one of his infinite windmill shurikens and made it bigger by about 3 feet and threw it at a group of about 40 kelzacks. "I got 40 Tori I am way ahead" "I am at 35 I am so catching up" Tori said as she blasted them away with the tanto laser blaster

mode. Dustin and Shane were their specialized morphers using the laser fire mode that cam just told them about "Hey Shane what do you think Naruto will show us next" "don't know but it will most likely be bad ass".

Naruto was indeed getting ready to do something bad ass he had just gotten a message from cam for the speed mode naruto made cam just added it. "Aright so speed claw mode lets try it" "Speed claw mode" all of a sudden 2 claw gauntlets formed on his hands and his suit gained golden streaks that looked like lightning. "Lets see what this mode can do". Naruto started running and became invisible to everybody and reappeared behind all the kelzacks and they all fell down and disappeared. "that's 300 Tori I win".

"Damn it Oh well when we get back you can choose what you want me to do".

"Not so fast rangers" general Zergain said "Blue face take on the red blue and yellow ranger I have something special for the white ranger." "Choobo release project 4457 k." "you got it General Zergain." "Come on out Bladedillo" (think shredder from the newest ninja turtles movie only with a shell and blades all over it and an armadillo head). I'm here I'm feared and I am

ready to rock". "OH hell this is going to suck". Said Naruto as he saw his own opponent already in super sized mode. Cam I need you to send me the Kyubbi zord and the elemental storm dragon and elemental griffon Zord I am going to make the Megazord" "Bro its untested you need to test it first if you don't you don't know what will happen" "I know cam but the others

Megazord that you sent nice job by the way on how they look won't have enough power to defeat both" "I know but" "No buts cam just send them" "Alright sending the elemental kyubbi, dragon, and griffon zords be careful Tori would bring you back to life just to kick your ass and kill you again if you died you know that right." "Yeah alright they are here thanks cam" "No prob".

"Form Elemental Chimera Zord". The Kyubbi Zord started standing on its hind legs and the tails started coming off and turned into armor and bladed spikes the storm dragon came out of what looked like a thunder cloud while shooting lightning everywhere and turned into the left arm and turning into a cannon arm and sporting blades also then the griffon Zord came out of a

giant funnel cloud the head popped off and turned into a different head with a spiky helmet and the body turned into the right arm with a sword like tail coming off and turning into a hilt and going onto the side of his hip the arm formed a hand and spikes popped out of the arm. "Lets go elemental storm chimera Zord" "ROAAAAAAAR it yelled and started running towards the

bladedillo and opened up his cannon arm and started forming an orb it came out and turned into a beam that went right through the bladedillo he fell down and exploded in a shower of sparks but then his soul rose up and said he would return stronger and with upgrades to defeat him and flew back to Choobo and went inside his backpack thing.

Naruto turned just in time to see blue face go down in a shower of sparks.

3 hours later

"Alright Naruto what do you want me to do f-". she was stopped mid sentence by Naruto's lips crashing right into hers. MMM she moaned as his tongue forcefully opened her mouth and entered her mouth and battled with her tongue. Tori was getting very horny just from the way naruto was kissing her she then notice that she was on the bed in his room and wondered

when they got there because they were in his homes family room before. "Tori I want you now I know we are ready and I want you fully I want us to become one with each other mentally and physically I want to make love to you my sweet water princess". "Naruto I know we are ready and I have been waiting for this for a while I want you to make love to me also so please just take my clothes off and fuck me show me what a wild beast you are". Naruto walked over to Tori and literally ripped her top and bottoms off leaving her in only her thong since she had

not put a bra on that day. "Wow you did not wear a bra at all were you expecting this or did you forget" "I was hoping for this now lets do this". Tori started taking off Naruto's shirt after that was off she got down on her knees and started taking off his pants and when she got to the zipper she used her teeth to take them off after that was done and his pants were off she saw a giant tent in his boxers and knew he was extremely excited. "Wow someone is happy to see me topless" Naruto could not wait any longer and pushed tori on the bed and ripped her

thong off and attacked her pussy with his tongue. Tori was moaning real loud but did manage to say "Naruto I want to try something I have seen in a few of those pornos my brother owns" Naruto reluctantly got up and Tori pushed him down and made him sit at the edge of the bed. She pulled his boxers down and his dick popped out and slapped her in the face. "Wow little White ranger looks like he wants a cave to rest in for a while" before naruto could retort Tori started to lick the tip of his head and the bottom and the sides Naruto gasped when he felt the

pleasure of his fianc├ęs tongue and mouth using his dick like a lollipop. Tori started to bob her head up and down while Naruto was trying so hard not to release so soon. After about 3 minutes of Tori sucking Naruto said "I'm gonna cum". Tori stopped and said go ahead and cum in my mouth I want to taste your sweet essence in my mouth I want you to coat my throat with

your cum" Tori put her mouth back on to his dick and started bobbing up and down again. Soon Naruto grunted and released so much seed that Tori's mouth was leaking cum from the sides and at the top and bottom". Naruto was looking wide eyed at tori while she was taking his dick out of her mouth and swallowed his cum and then took her hand and scooped up all the extra that was on her mouth and her tits. "Now for the main course Naruto shove that huge man meat inside my throbbing pussy I need you right now I am so horny"

"As you wish my water princess" Naruto put his dick at Tori's pussy lips and said "are you sure about this I heard it is very painful for a girl the first time" Tori just nodded and Naruto shoved it in real fast Tori cried out in pain and Naruto stopped and kissed her lips after about 2 minutes Tori started thrusting her hips telling Naruto he could start Naruto started going at a moderate pace at first and Tori said "Fuck me faster I want you to fuck me until I go unconscious from pleasure overload so fuck me faster and harder" Naruto complied with her request and started pumping faster and harder. Tori was Moaning so loud Naruto was glad he had a sound proof room. "I'm gonna cum Tori I am pulling out" But before Naruto could pull out Tori wrapped

her legs around his waist and said "Don't you dare I want you to release inside me I won't get pregnant because I am on the new pill that is 100% accurate and works for a month and I just took one yesterday so cum inside me I want to feel you release inside my womb". Naruto grunted and released inside Tori and she screamed in orgasmic bliss as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her toes curled so far back you would think they were broken. Naruto pulled the covers over them and they both fell asleep not knowing that the sound barrier in the room was not working because Naruto forgot to turn it on so everyone in the home/base had heard them going at it like rabbits in heat.

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