Title: Compromised 1/?
Rating: PG-13 (violence and swearing)
Summary: For once Jensen isn't on the front lines during a mission, but he still finds a way to get into trouble.
Disclaimer: Not mine, which is sad. No profit, even sadder.
Author's notes: I have fallen in obsessive love with this fandom and I hope you guys enjoy my first foray into Losers ficdom. Movie-verse (as I just finished the comics and, wow, just a little different!). It's mainly Jensen-centric with some Cougar badassery coming up later! Enjoy!

"All right Team Leader, you are clear to head up to the Penthouse. According to the security feeds there are three security guards waiting, as predicted. I'm sure it's nothing you and our new chica can't handle though."

Jensen leaned back in his chair after making his transmission and waited for the rebuttal from the other end. For once he got to relax on the job as he wasn't the one risking his neck by breaking into a secure building alone and he planned to enjoy it. He remembered when Clay had asked if Jensen could hack into the security systems at GenuGlobe Industries to get the information about Max they were sure they were holding. Jensen had answered with an enthusiastic, "Definitely. But not in person."

After explaining that the security in the building was so high tech that he wouldn't be able to break it with just a laptop and a cover story, Clay had conceded that Jensen needed to stay behind at the rendezvous point and run his hacking from an elaborate, non-portable computer he had built specifically for high levels hacks while the rest of them infiltrated the building a mile away.

Aisha seemed especially unhappy about being on the front lines of the break in.

"Hey Jensen, remember when I told you about my ear collection? Call me 'chica' again and I'll be adding a new one to it."

"Play nice," Clay ordered as he and Aisha travelled up the elevator to the penthouse, both of them pulling out flash grenades to use on the guards.

"Yeah, you have to be nice to me as I'm the only reason you haven't tripped about a dozen alarms that would have sent a small army running in your direction with guns a blazin' otherwise. Then again, knowing you, you'd probably like that," Jensen replied, feeling cocky with his mile of distance safety buffer currently between him and Aisha.

"Okay, we're almost at the Penthouse," Clay interrupted. "Coug, you got eyes on the floor?"

"Si," Cougar answered and that's all they needed to know he was in position in the building down the street, scope trained on the windows of the floor Aisha and Clay would be stopping at.

"Pooch, transportation?"

"I'm all set around the corner, doesn't look like anyone's noticed me. I'll pull up when you're coming down," Pooch answered.

"Well then, I guess that just leaves us," Clay said to Aisha with a smirk as they both looked up to see the numbers above the elevator quickly reaching the penthouse.

"Let's do it then," Aisha suggested and they both pulled the pins on their flash grenades just as the elevator doors chimed open. Tossing the explosives out immediately they both pushed into the corner of the elevator and closed their eyes to block out the sulfur flash. In the hallway they heard surprised shouting from the guards followed by screams of pain as they were blinded by the sudden explosion.

The two stepped out of the elevator, tranquilized the blinded guards and moved swiftly down the hall that opened up in front of them that led to a door locked with swipe card access only.

"Jensen, we're at the first door," Clay reported.

"Swipe the RFID card I gave you," Jensen said. As Clay did so Jensen's computer was fed with streams of code and information from the card reader and he typed furiously.

Back at the building, Aisha tapped her foot impatiently, hating to wait and really hating to have to rely on Jensen to do a lot of the leg work of this break in from so far away.

"And … open sesame," Jensen announced a few seconds later just as the indicator light switched to green. Clay pulled the door open and they both went in to reveal a huge server farm with almost a dozen massive towers, all storing crucial information of some kind.

"All right, we're in," Clay reported and pulled the external hard drive Jensen had given him out of a side pocket. "I'm plugging in your drive."

"Excellent. All right, even the internal servers have impressive encryption on them so I'm going to need at least two minutes to hack this to make sure it can't get traced," Jensen told them. "Please don't touch anything until I'm done."

"Just make it quick Jensen," Clay ordered.

"Always trying to rush perfection," Jensen muttered, already at work on the codes streaming in front of him. Meanwhile, Aisha had her gun drawn and was doing a sweep of the server room from front to back. Their intel had said it would be empty this late at night but she liked to be sure. Clay stayed to watch the numbers scroll by on the monitor, but nodded to her as she disappeared around a bay of servers.

"All bow down and worship the master of the hack … and, uplink. I'm through. Good work baby."

"Excuse me," Clay said deeply, eyebrows raised.

"Oh uh … not you baby … uh, boss, I was talking to Nancy here. Nancy-baby. She did a good job," Jensen explained hastily and could hear Pooch laughing from the car. They all knew of course that Nancy was what Jensen had named the computer he built and was now patting fondly back at the warehouse. "She ran like a trooper. Just need another two minutes to upload the information and … what the hell?"

Around the corner from Clay, Aisha was slinking into the darkest end of the room and was pressed up tightly against one of the servers as a force of habit.

"Jensen, what's going on?" Clay demanded.

"No, no, no!" Jensen was muttering. "I told you not to touch anything! I was very clear! I've got alerts popping up all over the place!"

"We didn't touch anything!" Clay yelled back then looked at Aisha to confirm.

She shrugged, "I leaned against a wall. Now what's happening?"

"Dammit. The servers are very temperature sensitive. Your skin contact sent up a red flag with the temperature controls, which sent up a red flag with the diagnostic system, which will send an alert to main security next door and so on and so forth until you've got a couple dozen armed Par Sec security guards breathing down your neck!" Jensen explained in a fury.

"Screw the explanations Jensen, what do we do?" Pooch demanded from the street as he turned on the ignition of their getaway van.

"All right, Clay, leave the drive plugged in, I'll keep downloading, you two get out of there. I'm going to try to trace and delete each alert as it goes out, hopefully before it ever reaches a human eye, but no guarantees. Watch your backs!"

"You heard him. Come on," Clay said, pushing Aisha out the door first as they ran for the elevator and hit the down button. "Pooch, be ready for us."

"You know it. Tell me when you're near the lobby, I'm going to do a pull up, get us out of here as fast as possible."

The plan hit a snag however when the elevator abruptly stopped on the 24th floor. Clay and Aisha shared a look of concern before Clay spoke into his comm.

"Jensen, the elevator's not moving, anything you can do about that?"

"Dammit. Give me a second," the hacker requested but didn't sound hopeful.

"We don't have seconds, get us out of here!" Aisha demanded, frustrated by the idea of being trapped.

"Hey! I am trying to type faster than information travels! Now back off!" Jensen yelled back, then closed his eyes in resignation from his empty room at their warehouse rendezvous. A frontal assault hack was his only choice.

Clay almost laughed at the anger that appeared on Aisha's face from being yelled at by Jensen of all people, but now was not the time.

"Pooch, Coug, how's it looking out there?" he asked instead.

"I don't see any movement yet. Unless they're coming in very stealth no one's coming in after you as far as I can tell," Pooch answered.

"Same," Cougar added, not seeing any additional men from his vantage point as he scoured the ground through his rifle scope.

Back at the rendezvous Jensen felt dirty and classless doing such a straightforward, ugly hack job but time was of the essence and there was no place for art in his work at the moment.

In the elevator time was ticking by and Clay could see that Aisha was about to start yelling again, but Jensen spoke first.

"That should do it. You guys moving yet?"

They both looked up to see the numbers above them starting to change as they dropped.

"Yeah, we're moving, good work."

"Finally," Aisha added, mumbling.

Jensen bit back his retort as he was still working furiously to stop alerts and alarms from popping up all over the place in the building, even as he mentally pictured a clock above his own head counting down how much time he had. Knowing Par Sec security, not much.

"Whoa guys, we got dudes heading to the lobby with guns," Pooch suddenly reported. "There's only six or so right now but I'm betting they got friends on the way. They're staking out the elevator banks."

"I'm up for it," Aisha told Clay, cocking her gun.

"Let's see if we can avoid a fight where we start off backed into a corner. Jensen, we set up for Exit B?" Clay asked.

Jensen was tempted to swear but held it in, picturing his clock ticking down as he answered, "Yeah, I'll cancel your elevator stop in the lobby and send you straight to the parking garage."

"Pooch, you know where to go," Clay instructed.

"On my way," Pooch answered. "Jensen, am I going to have any trouble getting through the garage doors?"

"You guys don't ask for much do you?" Jensen mumbled as he typed furiously to try to cover all his bases.

"That wasn't an answer Jensen!" Pooch scolded him as he rounded the corner.

"You'll have to take out the guard but I can make sure the doors open," Jensen promised. "They're going to be coming out of the elevator on the lower parking level, so once you get in you'll have to go down a level."

"Got it," Pooch answered and they could all hear the safety of a gun being released over the comm lines.

Back in the elevator the doors opened and Clay and Aisha peered out cautiously.

"Looks clear," Clay mumbled, gun drawn as they both slunk around corners in the shadowy recesses of the garage.

"Pooch, your six," Cougar said over the comm line, obviously having spotted something from his vantage point.

"Yeah, I see them," Pooch answered. "Clay, I got dark SUV's behind me and they don't look friendly. I'm coming in but I might have company."

"Understood. Jensen, after you open the doors for Pooch can you lock 'em down again?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, shouldn't be a problem, especially since I don't really have to worry about these alarms anymore. Damage is done. Doors are open Pooch."

"I see them," Pooch answered from outside and they all heard gunshots being fired and returned on the other end. "Sons of bitches didn't even let me shoot first. Close it down Jensen, now!"

"On it!"

"I'm coming to you guys," Pooch reported but Aisha huffed.

"Great, but with an army at the doors that's not going to help us get out of here. We should go to Exit C," she suggested forcefully.

Clay nodded and pulled out the electronic tablet with the maps they needed for Exit C downloaded onto it.

"All right Pooch, we're going to Exit C. Once you get down here we'll break out the C4. Coug, we're not gonna need cover underground, fall back and head to the rendezvous."

"Negative! Do not go to rendezvous!" Jensen piped in suddenly, still typing furiously as he worked at locking down all the doors to the building to give the team more time to escape. "Rendezvous is compromised."

"Jensen, you're at the rendezvous!" Pooch pointed out, his tone a mix of disbelief and concern.

"Tell me about it. Don't come here, just trust me. I'll meet you at the secondary location," Jensen promised.

"How did the rendezvous get compromised?" Clay asked and waved as he saw and heard Pooch's van coming around the corner.

"Short version? That hack I did on the elevators left my IP address wide open. Probably took about ten seconds for them to trace it," he answered unhappily.

"They traced you?" Aisha asked incredulously. "I thought you were supposed to be the best."

"I am the best. You guys on the other hand, suck. Setting off alarms and touching things that I said not to touch! Getting stuck in elevators I have to make move. You're welcome by the way," the hacker replied, almost sulking.

"I'll thank you when we get out of here alive," Aisha promised.

"No you won't," Jensen muttered to which Aisha shrugged in agreement.

Meanwhile Pooch jumped out of the van, several huge guns hanging off his shoulders as he held up the brick of C4 he had brought with him.

"Where's this going?"

Clay handed him the electronic map and said, "Follow the red dot. Jensen, finish up what you're doing and then get the hell out of there. Cougar, we'll meet you at the secondary rendezvous."

"Understood," Cougar answered.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't blow the floor yet!" Jensen yelled.

"What now?" Aisha asked.

"I'm shutting down the motion sensors so they can't track you once you're down. Just give me a few more seconds," Jensen explained.

"Motion sensors in the sewer lines? Man, this place really loves its security," Pooch commented just as they turned to hear the sound of bullets ricocheting off metal behind them. They all drew their weapons and then relaxed marginally when they realized the sounds were coming from behind the doors Jensen had locked down.

"Sounds like they want to have a chat with us," Clay commented. "Jensen, we gotta blow this floor."

"Okay, you're good. Also, the comms are probably going to go dark once you're down there so if you want to tell me how much you love me, do it now," Jensen joked.

"Just get out of there Jensen. Now. That's an order," Clay reminded him. Pooch held up the detonator for the C4 and indicated they should all cover their ears. The three of them ducked behind a car as Pooch pressed the trigger. The explosion shook the support beams and several car alarms went off but the job was done – there was a gaping hole in the floor of the garage leading to the sewer system below the building.

"Hope you're ready for one nasty ass getaway," Pooch warned as he slung his weapons and dropped down into the hole.

"Ladies first," Clay offered. Aisha didn't even flinch at the smell as she jumped in. Clay was right behind them as was the sound of the door finally being broken down and a lot of heavily armed men bursting into the garage.

"Pooch, blow it behind us," Clay ordered and their demolitions expert wasted no time sticking a second block of C4 against the wall and then running after his teammates.

As the second explosion rocked the foundation of the building, Clay, Aisha and Pooch started their semi-clean getaway while Jensen finished up on his own end.

"Clay? Pooch? Chica?" Jensen called over the comms experimentally just to see if there might be reception, but as predicted the frequencies were quiet. "I guess it's just you and me, Coug. I have a strange feeling that's going to be a pretty one-sided conversation though. You mind if a rant? Of course you don't."

"Are you clear of the rendezvous yet?" Cougar asked as he slunk through alleyways in the street to avoid the many vehicles with sirens flashing that were now heading towards GenuGlobe Industries.

"Coug, so nice of you to join in! Not yet. I gotta save this information we all worked so hard for and then burn Nancy – I'm sorry girl, if there was another way I'd take you with me – and then I'm out of here," Jensen promised still typing even as he pictured his mental clock ticking down.

"Work faster," Cougar urged him, not liking the hacker hanging around in a compromised position.

"I'm going as fast as I can, but I love to know you care. There, everything's saved," he announced as he then hit a couple of keystrokes to activate the self-destruct sequence within the computer. Almost immediately the hard drives started to fritz, short circuit and send smoke out through the vents of the tower. Jensen packed up his bag, checked his weapon in its holster and then laid a fond hand on the computer. "You deserved better Nance. I'll never forget you."

"Jensen," Cougar urged him uncharacteristically, knowing that if the others weren't around he had to keep the hacker on task.

"I'm going, I'm going Coug, geez. For a guy who barely talks you're a nag!" Jensen commented. "I'm heading up to the roof now, okay. Figure there are probably already cop cars on the way here, I'll be better off in a different building."

Jensen bounded up a flight of stairs in the warehouse and then started to climb the metal ladder that would take him to the roof of the building.

As he climbed he, of course, kept talking.

"This must have been a pretty disappointing job for you Cougar. I mean, you never got to shoot anybody!"


"Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you take some kind of sick joy out of shooting people or you're some heartless government built killing machine, but you're damn good at it. That's gotta be kind of fun. Taking people out when they don't know you're there. And you can't even pretend you aren't aware how bad ass it is, shooting guys that look about as big as an ant they're so far away. Watching everyone else scramble around looking for you. You wouldn't time things the way you do if you weren't trying to be kind of bad ass."

Cougar still wasn't saying anything, which wasn't surprising, but he could hear the faint sounds of the sniper's breathing so continued anyway, assured he indeed had an audience.

"Now me on the other hand, I think this mission was a huge success, despite all the touching of things that shouldn't have been touched. We successfully hacked and stole and got away and I didn't get shot at once. That brings my grand total to two missions in a row I haven't been shot, which is one more than Pooch."

Jensen had reached the top of the ladder and pushed open the skylight to climb out on to the roof. When he felt a surprisingly strong breeze on his face he looked up into the dark night sky and felt his stomach drop.

"Oh shit."

"Jensen?" Cougar asked, the unspoken 'what's wrong' lingering in the air.

There was a Blackhawk Stealth M32 helicopter with dual fifty caliber side guns aimed in Jensen's direction hovering about fifty yards away from him.

"Yeah, um, Cougar. I may have spoke too soon about the not getting shot part."


I'm halfway through chapter 2 and hope to have it up for you guys soon! Should only be about three chapters altogether, nothing too epic. Hope you're enjoying thus far!