Title: Compromised 4/4
Rating: PG-13 (violence and swearing)
Summary: For once Jensen isn't on the front lines during a mission, but he still finds a way to get into trouble.
Disclaimer: Not mine, which is sad. No profit, even sadder.
Author's notes: Sorry for the delay. This has actually been mostly done for almost a week but I kept forgetting to email myself the version I was working on at my job, where firewalls block my posting sites. Anyway, here it is and it is COMPLETE! It's been fun. Hope you all enjoyed!

It took Cougar two minutes to climb down off the building he was on, sprint silently across the dark parking lot and kick in the nearest door of the warehouse. Those two minutes felt like eternity as he was forced to leave Jensen alone in the warehouse, tied up and bleeding, without cover. This was why Clay had told him to wait - he simply couldn't be in enough places at once to attempt a rescue on his own, but it was a chance he had to take. Once he had gotten into position there was no way he was going to watch their youngest team member be beaten in front of him. Not while there were bullets in his gun and breath in his body.

Now he was stalking across the large open warehouse, checking corners for ambushes and trying not to let his sight tunnel vision on the blond haired body on the floor across the room.

Jensen was lying on his side, blinking slowly. It looked like he was trying to breathe deeply but his body tensed and shuddered every time his lungs reached half capacity. As Cougar moved closer he could see the hacker's face was bruised and bloody – his lip was split and his left cheek was swelling badly, but his main concern was the blood seeping through Jensen's t-shirt.

"I really hope that's you Cougar … and not some Par Sec guy with the same hat," Jensen muttered softly as he squinted across the room, blind without his glasses. "Cause that's your look … and I hate imitators."

Satisfied the warehouse was clear for the moment Cougar knelt beside the hacker but kept his gun up and ready.

"Jensen," he said, not sure if it was a greeting or an exclamation of relief.

"My hero," Jensen replied with a pained grin, still chatty despite his various injuries. "Nice shooting."

Cougar was about to reply but flinched instead and touched his ear.

"I've got him. Warehouse is clear," he said into his comm. "There are still some patrols outside … He's … conscious."

"Where's Clay?" Jensen asked, scouring the room again, knowing that was who the sniper had been talking to.

"They're on their way. Hold still," Cougar answered as he tore the hacker's shirt to get a better look at the wound underneath.

"Ah god!" Jensen yelled in surprise as the movement ignited the pain again. "You get straight to business huh? You could … at least buy me … dinner first."

Cougar didn't respond, instead opting to silently examine the wound. It looked like the bullet had hit mostly rib, which must have hurt like hell, but at least meant there was probably no internal bleeding.

Cougar didn't have a medkit on him but kept emergency bandages in the pockets of his cargo pants. He tore one open and applied it to the wound, wincing along with Jensen as the pressure sent spikes of pain through the techie, making him arch off the floor.

"Sonofa…! Okay, breathe. Breathing … so … you came in without the others?" Jensen asked, needing the distraction of conversation, even if it was one-sided. "Clay's gonna tear you a new one … when he gets here."

Cougar didn't even bother to shrug, he cared that little for what Clay would do. Instead he ran his hands down the hacker's ribs, exerting just enough pressure to see if any bones cracked or gave out and tried to ignore the tense, breathless pain Jensen was obviously in as he did so.

"What's the verdict, Dr. Cougar?" Jensen asked tightly as he focused on the ceiling.

"Don't breathe too deeply. None are broken but a few could go any time. You'll live," he announced when he was done, to which Jensen let out a breath and rolled his head back.

"Great, just when I feel like I'd rather not."

Now assured Jensen's injuries weren't life-threatening, Cougar rolled the hacker over just enough to see that his wrists were handcuffed, not bound with rope.

"Keys?" he asked Jensen.

"No idea man," Jensen answered, shaking his head and sounding truly exhausted for the first time since Cougar came in.

Cougar looked at the bodies around him then touched Jensen's cheek lightly to make sure the hacker was looking at him.

"I'll be right back," he promised firmly. Jensen just huffed out the ghost of a laugh.

"Yeah Coug, I know. Thanks."

Nodding, Cougar sprinted across the room and snagged a set of keys off the dead guard a few feet away. Coming back over he put an arm behind the hacker's shoulders and helped him sit up, hating when Jensen hissed in pain.

"Sorry," Cougar said reflexively as he carefully supported Jensen with one arm and unlocked the cuffs with the other.

"No worries man … I'd be way worse off if you weren't here," Jensen replied, then hissed again in a mix of pain and relief as the cuffs came loose and his arms were able to fall forward. "Oh god … arm movement is such sweet sorrow. Thanks."

Jensen was about to suggest they get out of there but was cut off by a loud groan from across the room.

"What the hell? Was that me? I feel like shit but I don't think that was me," Jensen rambled while Cougar just shook his head and gave him a look that said 'stay here' as he stood up and walked away, leaving the hacker sitting, clutching his ribs and wishing he could find his glasses. Moments later a body dropped almost directly in front of him; from the color of the clothes and the man's build he knew it was Havers. Cougar must have thrown him across the room.

"If this is a present … I don't want it," Jensen told him, but then his eyes widened when Havers groaned again, clearly regaining consciousness. Jensen was only surprised because he assumed the man was dead. "Man Cougar, I don't think I ever … saw you miss before."

"I didn't," Cougar said firmly as he drew a handgun. The message was clear: some things you do face to face.

"Got it," Jensen said, his tone muted by Cougar's dark implications. They were both saved from talking when Havers finally regained consciousness.

"Son of a bitch," the man muttered as he started to roll over then stopped and gasped when the pain from his bullet wound hit him. Jensen thought it looked like Havers had been shot in the collarbone, which would hurt like nothing else if the bone shattered underneath, but he still saw the man lift his head off the ground to see who was with him.

Jensen waved smugly, "Hey Sparky. This is my friend Cougar … I have a feeling you're probably not going to get along."

"You cocky little son of a bitch, you think I'm scared of some …"

Cougar shot him in the calf with his silenced handgun.

Havers screamed for a moment in which Jensen was surprisingly quiet. When Havers ran out of air Cougar asked his question.

"How many men are around the building?"

"Go to hell!" Havers yelled in response.

Cougar shot him in his other leg.

"See, that's how you interrogate someone!" Jensen blurted out suddenly, as though coming to a great revelation. "Notice how we're not punching you in the jaw … and then asking you to talk!"

"Cocky little bastard," Havers growled, still rolling on the ground in pain. "When I get my hands on you …"

Cougar shot him in the hand.

"Not going to happen," the sniper whispered darkly. "One more chance; how many men?"

"Go ask them yourself!" Havers yelled, to which Cougar arched an eyebrow.

"Good idea."

A final bullet left Cougar's gun and Havers was put out of his misery.

Jensen shuddered at seeing Cougar's cold indifference; the sniper hadn't hesitated to pull the trigger as Havers squirmed helplessly on the floor, and suddenly the hacker was glad he couldn't see clearly because he wasn't sure he wanted to have this cold, emotionless Cougar imprinted in his memory.

At the moment Cougar was pulling something off Havers' belt and Jensen squinted to see what it was. He got his answer when Cougar came back over and held out a radio for him to take.

"Can you do some acting?" Cougar asked seriously, not so much asking if he would, but if he was able to.

Jensen nodded and took the radio, "Yeah, I think so. Give me a sec."

He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, willing himself to sound angry, loud and not in agony.

"This is Havers. All units check in! You spot anyone yet?" Jensen demanded over the radio, lowering his voice and changing his speech pattern to match the dead man across the room. As the radio crackled to life in response he held it out for them both to hear.

"East side's quiet," a voice called in quickly.

"Same with the west."

"Nothing from the roof. Thought I saw some kind of light earlier though across the lot. I sent Marshall to check it out."

"This is Marshall, there's nothing here. I checked the whole building. Might have been a reflection from a car headlight."

Voices continued to check in for another thirty seconds or so, at the end of which Jensen brought the radio back up.

"All right. Maintain positions. Report everything. Over," he said gruffly, then dropped the radio as the voice he was putting on made him start to cough. This immediately bent him over in pain and his body trembled from the waves of agony each spasm caused.

Cougar put a hand on his shoulder to keep him upright and waited tensely for the coughing fit to pass. It took a few moments but eventually Jensen nodded that Cougar could let him go.

"Oh man, that sucked worse than Hanson," Jensen remarked when he was able to slowly push himself into a more upright position. "You remember Hanson? Looked like girls, man … I counted eight guys."

"I took out a pair on the way in," Cougar replied.

"Okay, so we have to assume every guy … who checked in had a partner with him, so about sixteen," Jensen figured.

Cougar nodded in agreement then touched his ear, obviously listening to Clay who had overheard everything.

"Understood," the sniper replied to whatever he was told then looked at Jensen. "We're too exposed here."

Jensen had to agree, they were in the middle of the open area of the warehouse, with no cover, surrounded by bodies.

"That means I gotta move, huh?" Jensen asked with a groan. Before he could begin to start the process of standing though Cougar was at his side, taking his arm that was opposite the bullet wound and pulling him to his feet as gently as possible.

"Thanks … ah!" Jensen was cut off by his own movements as each footstep sent spikes of pain radiating from his ribs and head. Cougar wordlessly took more of his weight and practically carried the hacker to a more concealed area behind a stack of metal shipping crates. As he lowered Jensen to the ground to lean against the crates he saw the younger man was blinking heavily and looked close to passing out. For now that was too risky so Cougar shook Jensen's leg, one of the only places on him that seemed uninjured, and made sure the hacker looked up at him.

"Stay awake," he instructed.

"Go away Mom," Jensen said with a half smile. "Just wake me when the others get here with the car. Or if Angelina Jolie shows up. That'd be awesome … don't let me sleep through that."

"Hey!" Cougar admonished him again when he saw the tech's eyes closing. Jensen snapped his head up then groaned and flinched. Cougar leaned forward to see the cause, turning Jensen's head slightly to get a better look.

The sniper growled when he saw the angry, circular burn near Jensen's Adam's apple and the hacker knew then that if there was anyone left alive in the warehouse, Cougar would have killed them.

"I'm all right Coug," he tried to assure his teammate, but the exhaustion and pain in his voice said the exact opposite.

Cougar remained silent as he brought a hand up and gently probed the left side of Jensen's face to see if his jaw or cheek bone was broken from the punishment he had taken. Jensen flinched but didn't pull away, allowing the examination.

"No," Cougar decided as he dropped his hand, satisfied. "But you will be."

"I'll hold you to that," Jensen muttered, eyes slipping closed once more. He knew they weren't out of danger yet, but with Cougar there he felt safe, and that feeling was enough for his body to decide to start shutting down into repair mode.

Cougar watched as Jensen shifted and flinched, clearly uncomfortable supporting his own weight in the upright position. Sighing, Cougar shuffled backwards, still crouched on one knee, watchful, but now with his back also against the shipping crate allowing Jensen to lean against his shoulder.

"Thanks man," the hacker breathed out in relieved exhaustion.

"Don't sleep," Cougar warned again, but it was admittedly half-hearted.

"Sure … just …"

Ten minutes later Clay, Pooch and Aisha crept silently into the warehouse to find the sniper crouched protectively next to Jensen who was bloody and unconscious.

"How's he doing?" Clay asked, crouching down to examine the hacker himself.

"Lost some blood. Not in shock. His ribs are bad. We need to move him," Cougar answered, his eyes still sweeping all corners of the warehouse for danger as they had been doing since Jensen passed out.

"Damn. We can't leave this kid alone for ten minutes," Pooch muttered as he looked over Jensen's injuries, unable to believe the hacker had gotten himself captured on a mission he hadn't even been on the front lines for.

"We're gonna have to be fast and quiet," Aisha pointed out. "We only took out four guys coming in here. There could be up to a dozen more outside, AND a Blackhawk with a cannon on it hovering around somewhere."

"Let's move then," Pooch suggested, kneeling down next to the hacker. "Cougs, take his other arm."

"No, we can't move him yet," Clay stopped them.

"Why?" Pooch demanded, still holding Jensen's wrist, ready to get him home.

Clay looked at Cougar. "Did Jensen tell you where the information from GenuGlobe's hidden?"

Cougar shook his head.

"Dammit," Clay muttered, sharing a look with Aisha who seemed equally upset.

"Screw GenuGlobe," Pooch announced. "We got ParSec crawling all over this place and we're not armed to fight an army right now, so let's get out of here."

"Jensen got his ass handed to him to protect that information for us. We can't come back to this warehouse after we leave, which means if he did hide it in here somewhere then it's gone for good, and this was all for nothing," Clay explained, looking mostly at Pooch but noticing Cougar's expression had darkened as well. "I want to get him out of here too, but first we wake him up, ask him where the information is, then we go."

Pooch huffed but nodded, "Yeah, all right, but we make it quick."

Kneeling down again Pooch lightly tapped the hacker's less swollen cheek in an attempt to wake him.

"Jensen, hey man, come on, we gotta talk to you," Pooch tried to rouse him but the hacker remained unresponsive. "Jensen, wake up, Angelina Jolie's here, she needs ya, bad. Her and Meghan Fox both lost their email passwords and need your help. Jensen!"

When there was still no response Aisha shook her head and stomped through the boys, pushing Pooch aside and muttering, "Amateurs."

Pooch and Clay stepped back for her, assuming she was going to use some kind of feminine trick to wake Jensen up.

None of them expected her to dig her thumb deep into the bullet wound in the hacker's side instead.


Jensen bolted awake with a scream at the same moment that Cougar lunged at Aisha, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her against the wall.

She growled in response but it was nothing compared to the fire in Cougar's eyes and the knife in his free hand that he brought dangerously close to her neck. He leaned in close to her face and whispered a warning she knew she would only get once.

"Never. Touch. Him. Again."

She smiled, showing no fear, and replied with fake innocence, "I was just trying to help."

"Don't." He told her, letting her go roughly and walking back over to Jensen with the others. She straightened her clothes and shrugged off the attack; apparently he hadn't forgiven her for shooting Jensen that one time.

"Oh god," Jensen was awake now and muttering obscenities but pulled a weak cocky smile from somewhere when he saw the rest of the team. "Hey Colonel … I can smell that, that sewer escape tunnel was … just awesome."

Even as the hacker spoke his eyes were trying to shut again as the pain drifted away.

"Hey Jensen, look at me, stay awake," Clay ordered, crouching in front of the techie and then asking very slowly. "Jensen, where's the information from GenuGlobe?"

"Nancy," he muttered, head drooping forward.

They all shared a look of confusion – Jensen had assured them all that computer had been completely destroyed.

"Jensen! You burned Nancy – you put the information somewhere else. Where?" Clay asked again.

"Don't worry. 's safe," Jensen answered hazily, his concussion and blood loss clearly catching up with him.

"Jensen! Jensen, where is it safe?" Clay demanded loudly.

The hacker's eyes were closed as he gave his final answer, "Online. Server." And then his head dropped forward into complete unconsciousness once more.

Clay reached a hand out to try to shake the hacker awake, but Cougar grabbed his wrist in mid air.

"He's done," Cougar said sternly. "It's not here."

"Yeah, okay," Clay agreed reluctantly and only then did Cougar release his wrist. "All right, get him up, we gotta get to the car without starting World War III. And then we're going to have a discussion about following orders."

"I don't think you yelling at Cougar for half an hour really qualifies as a discussion, but whatever gets us out of here," Pooch commented as he again knelt down to take one of Jensen's arms. Cougar took his other arm and Aisha led the way back out of the warehouse with Clay covering their six.

They had almost made it to the car when bullets started flying as someone in the distance clearly spotted them. Everyone crouched down and ran faster with Pooch relinquishing Jensen completely to Cougar as he had to jump in the driver's seat.

"Get us somewhere hidden or underground, now. We are in no shape to outmaneuver a Blackhawk," Clay pointed out as he helped Cougar get Jensen into the back with Aisha taking the front seat. Bullets were still landing dangerously close as they started to pull away though so Clay motioned towards the lampposts illuminating the parking lot. "Cougar, make us less of a target, will ya?"

The sniper nodded, rolled down his window and took quick aim. Two shots later glass was raining down on the street and their escape was shrouded in darkness.

As Cougar sat back down, Pooch hit a speed bump in the dark, making Jensen groan loudly even in his unconscious state. Clay sighed and patted the hacker on the back.

"Yeah, sounds about right."

An hour later they made it safely to the secondary rendezvous that Jensen was originally supposed to meet them at. Clay let Cougar get Jensen settled and properly stitched up before he tore into the sniper for not following orders and risking getting himself and Jensen killed for going in alone. Anyone else would have argued the facts with the Colonel but Cougar just sat stoic and unrepentant and let Clay burn himself out yelling until he finally dismissed Cougar with the punishment that he had to look after the hacker until he was back on his feet.

The whole team hid a smile at the idea; as though anyone other than Cougar had the patience to deal with Jensen when he was hurt.

It was another two hours before Cougar heard a moan that made him tilt his hat up and watch as their hacker blinked himself awake. Jensen had made the smallest motion towards trying to sit up when Cougar pushed a hand gently onto his chest.

"Don't. You can't feel it but you're hurt," he warned the techie.

Jensen blinked again then smiled.

"Hey Cougs," then he looked down and saw his chest was heavily bandaged and there was an IV dripping something into his veins. "Morphine! Awesome! I thought I felt … awesome."

"You won't when we run out," Cougar mused but Jensen waved him off.

"Don't ruin my high, man."

Cougar chuckled softly and asked, "Online server?"

"Hmm?" Jensen answered, turning to look at Cougar with his unswollen eye, then seemed to remember something. "Oh, the GenuGlobe stuff. Yeah, I saved it online. I have a private online server to save files so I don't have to switch them from computer to computer. They're just there, on the internet, whenever I need them. It's pretty cool. And if someone ever goes looking, well, good luck to them sorting out my filing system. It's based on a language I invented when I was ten."

Cougar nodded, his way of saying, yes, that is cool, now go back to sleep. But Jensen's drug addled mind was still babbling.

"Yep, right there, on the web, the internet, the wave, the signal. Always right there for me," Jensen muttered, eyes clearly getting heavy, but he managed to turn to Cougar and smile briefly. "Kind of like you. Thanks man."

The hacker was asleep by the time Cougar made it to the window and whispered, "De nada."

The end.

Abrupt I know, but I didn't want to drag out the non-action parts. Hope you enjoyed and if you want to look at this as pre-slash Cougar/Jensen go right ahead, because even though I set out writing this as Gen, these two seemed to just gravitate together naturally, without my consent.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope it's been fun!