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"Train Heartnet" human talking

'Train Heartnet' human thoughts

"Stupefy" spells

Fourteen year old Harry James Potter grumbled as his uncle had a huge fit with him listening to the news. "Geez... didn't know that that wanting to listening to the freaking news was a huge crime." he grumbled to himself.

The teenaged wizard let out a heavy sigh as he sat down on a swing. He swung back and forth on the swung before he was racked with agonizing pain through his head and body, and he collapsed to the ground and convulsed.

Harry gripped his skull as he laid on the ground in pain as his head and brain was filled with knowledge of fighting, marksmanship, and stealth.

It wasn't until about four hours that the Boy Who Lived was able to get up from the ground, and walked back to #4 Privet Drive to take a long, hot shower. When he did, Harry pulled out some clothes to change into after his shower, and when he finished with his shower and unfogged the mirror the fourteen year old gaped at his reflection that stared back at himself.

His once 5 foot 4 inch frame was now 5 feet 8 inches tall, his pich black hair had been replaced with spiky, light brown ruffled hair that had long enough bangs to cover his lightning bolt scar, and his bright emerald green eyes had been replaced with striking, gold cat like slitted eyes.

As he looked at himself, he remembered all of his past life as Train Heartnet, also known as the Black Cat and Number XIII (Thirteen). As he went over his memories, the reincarnated sweeper realized that all his years at Hogwarts he was being tested by that old headmaster and decided that he needed to show these magical people what it meant to have bad luck.

Smirking he walked into his room and sketched out what Hades looked like his Chronos number and all, and planned on having the goblins at Gringotts remake his gun. He then grabbed a black baseball cap and his key and slinked out of his window before he summoned the Knight Bus, and got on.

Harry took a seat next to a girl, that was about his age. She had dirty blonde hair that reached the middle of her back, a beautiful silvery grey eye color, and a lovely pale skin color. She was dressed in firm fitting brown jeans, a white blouse with a cresent moon at the stomach area, and white sneakers. She, also, had a butterbeer cork necklace, and dirigible plum (radish) earrings, and had her wand securely placed behind her left ear.

"Hey what is your name?" when she spoke it was with a dreamy, serene voice that reminded Harry of Eve. "My name is Luna Lovegood."

The teenager gave it some thought before he spoke. "The name is Train Heartnet. Nice to meet you, Luna." he gave his past life's name for the sole fact that he didn't want her to know that he was the famous Boy Who Lived. "So where do you have to go?"

"Oh I am going to meet up with my father to hunt for some Nargles over the rest of summer break." she said, and it made the former assasian let out small smile as they began to talk about many things and before long Harry had to get off the bus. "Good-bye Harry."

The teenager froze as he realized that the dirty blonde girl had known who he was the whole time. "See you at Hogwarts, Luna." he spoke and got off the Knight Bus. Smirking as he passed through the Leaky Cauldron to the entrance of Diagon Alley, and entered the shopping area.

He walked into the bank before heading straight for the nearest goblin. "Excuse me?"

"Yes." the goblin sneered at him with its glaring beady eyes, making the teen's gold cat like eyes narrow more and stare at the creature.

"I would like to check my bank account and make a withdrawl."

The goblin stared at him. "Name?"

"Potter, Harry."

This made the goblin look at him in slight surprise. "Follow me please."

About three hours later, found Harry leaving the bank with a bottomless pouch that was connected to his vault and a muggle credit card, that was also connected to his vault, so he could use it in the muggle world.

He had the newly created Hades, it was self-fixing and resistant to spells and weather and had been charmed to have an endless amount of bullets,in a Basilik hide holster on his left leg, and his scar was gone when him and the goblins found out that it had connected him to Voldemort had it had been removed leaving an unmarked forehead.

He headed to Flourish and Blotts, and bought books on how to become an Animagus, wandless magic, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and then headed to the nearest potion shop and bought the required potion ingredients. Harry then headed into the muggle part of London and bought himself new clothes like jeans, shirts, and a black choker with a tiny gold bell attached to it.

As he walked into the Dursley household he found the big, beefy form of Vernon Dursley in front of him with a red face from anger.

"BOY! Where have you been and where did you get all of those clothes?" the man roared at him and started to take a threatening step towards Harry when Vernon found an ornate black revolver, with an XIII engraved into its side, pointed at his face with the cold, glaring gold slitted eyes of his nephew looking at him.

"Let's make one thing clear, uncle." Harry's voice was nonchalant as he spoke, it was the same voice he spoke with when he worked for Chronos. "I hate you and this whole family, and you hate me this is quite clear. So hear is the deal... until I leave I will stay out of you and your families way and you all will stay out off my way. Do we have a deal, uncle Vernon?"

Hearing the deal that his freakish nephew make made the man nod. "Fine, Potter." with that the whale of a man turned and walked off.

Shaking his head, Harry put his gun away and walked up to his bedroom and put away his stuff. He looked at the stop where he usually kept Hedwig at until he had found the owl half eaten by wolves with her wings snapped by what had looked like a human, he had then buried his only true friend.

Sighing the former sweeper flopped onto his bed and quickly fell asleep, and dreamt of his past friends and a certain dirty blonde girl.

Half way through July found the now fifthteen year old asleep on his bed, when he jolted awake at the sound of breaking glass. He knew that it wasn't his stupid relatives, who were out for some contest, so no one else could have made the noise.

Narrowing his eyes the brunette stood from his bed and slinked from the room, and used his amazing agility and 60/10 vision to move and see through the darkness, and stopped near the kitchen.

He saw a few dark figures in the kitchen, all wearing wizarding cloaks. Suddenly he blurred into the room taking down each figure's wand from them and came to a stop in front of the group with Hades pointing at them. Suddenly, one of the figures put their arms up, as if signifying surrender.

"Potter, it's Alastor Moody, put that weapon down!"

Harry kept his gun up as the man who claimed to be Mad-Eye Moody turned around. Spinning blue eye, scarred face, missing chunk of nose, yep, it was Mad-Eye.

Harry slowly lowered the arm that held his gun. The other three figures turned around to reveal a tall black man, an attractive witch with purple hair and a pink cheeked, black haired witch, and the familiar form of Remus Lupin. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Fancy seeing you in my house at night professor," he said casually, putting the weapon away. The others watched curiously.

"I'm not your professor lad, never was," Moody growled. "And where is your wand? Shoddy wizard if yer not armed with yer wand boy! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

Harry snorted. "Fat good it'll do me other than get a letter sent by Hopkirk," he shot back. "Besides, this lovely gun can easily pierce through all four of you at this close range, I'd trust it more than my wand."

"Is that so?" Moody snarled, appraising the (much less-) scarred wizard. "Well, if you say so kid. Tonks, fix that glass you broke you clumsy buffoon, and fill it with some water!"

"Sure thing Mad-Eye!" the purple-haired witch said with a smile. "Reparo! Aguamenti!"

The broken glass Harry heard earlier fixed itself and water streamed from her wand as it filled it up. Mad-Eye popped out his whizzing blue eye and plunged it around the glass for a bit. "Never did fit right after that scum wore it," he growled. He squelched it back into his eye socket. "Much better!"

"Not to sound suspicious or anything, but who are all of you people?" Harry asked.

"You know Alastor Moody, the woman with the purple hair is Nymphadora -"

"Don't call me Nymphadora, Remus." the young witch said with a shudder.

" - Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only." Lupin finished.

"So would you if your fool of a mother had called you 'Nymphadora.'" muttered Tonks.

"And the tall, black man is Kingsley Shacklebolt, and the black haired witch is Hestia Jones."

"This is nice and all, but why are you all here?" he spoke bored.

"You mean no one told you Potter?" Mad-Eye roared, Harry just raised a brown eyebrow at the man. "We're the advanced guard, come to pick you up and take you to headquarters!"

"Headquarters?" Harry asked.

"Aye, Dumbledore's headquarters for the -"

"Keep it in your voicebox rookie!" Mad-Eye bellowed, cutting Tonks off. "We don't want to give out information to unknown ears!"

He turned to Harry. "Potter!" he ordered. "Get some warm clothes on, and pack your things! We're leaving!"

"I'll help!" the woman named Tonks volunteered cheerfully, following Harry upstairs. "Cor, is this your room?" she asked upon arrival. "It's tiny!"

"Whatever, just let me get changed." he said as he changed into a pair of grey jeans, a grey t-shirt that showed a tattoo of XIII on his left chest, a long, black worn out trench coat and solid black sneakers.

"Come on," said Moody, unlocking the back door with his wand.

They all stepped outside onto Vernon's beautifully kept lawn, and then took off into the air.

About three hours later, found the ruffled haired teenager standing in front of an empty space that was between numbers 11 and 13 Grimmauld Place. "So... what am I supposed to be looking at?" asked Harry when a piece of paper was shoved in his face.

The headquarters of the Order of Phoenix can be found at # 12 Grimmauld Place, London.

After he read it the teenager looked up and saw the house appear.

Sighing he followed the group into the house, and wasn't very surprised to see Sirius standing in the hallway. "Welcome Harry to #12 Grimmauld Place... also headquarters to the Order of Phoenix." the escaped convict grinned.

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