Never had to have a chaperone, no sir,
I'm there to keep my eye on her

"Need anything, Lieutenant?"

Jadzia glanced down at Rom and smiled at him. "No thanks. I'm fine." The young woman was leaning against one of the pillars holding up Quark's Casino and Bar, eyes flickering over the crowd below. Rom stood at her side, trying to figure out what she was looking at with such dedication.

Finally he saw. Major Kira was seated at the bar, chatting gaily with a man Rom recognized as one of his brother's regular 'trading partners'. He grew uneasy; that man was not to be trusted under any circumstances, especially not with a woman. The dimuntive Ferengi began to go to them, to force the man to leave Kira alone and stop seducing her with his lies.

Then he stopped and looked at Jadzia's face. The Trill had forgotten that Rom was there, so focused was she on watching over the major. The man made a move to touch Kira and the lines of Dax's body grew tense, hard. She was ready to spring to the aid of her friend.

Kira took her date's hand and smiled. Jadzia relaxed, but still she watched. Rom was not nearly stupid enough to think that Kira Nerys really needed someone to take care of her, the major could take care of herself. But looking at Dax's devoted watch, he suddenly wished that he had someone looking out for him too.