Betrayal by Nehan Shinzui

A/N: I shouldn't be writing this because I have so many other stories to work on but I can't help it dammit! This little plotbunny attacked me when I was reading a BSC book recently and they said something about David Michael showing them the cheers at school that got me thinking. I had already thought of Logan being gay but then I just had to morph the two together. I suppose this is kinda borderline pedohilish but hey, it's . Now hurry up and read and review! :)

Summary: "I've watched you grow into a beautiful young man and now you're mine". Logan Bruno is having an affair with David Michael and all parties seem to be unaware or satisfied. But what happens when things go too far? Will things ever be the sam between them? Slash.

Chapter One: Affair

"I forgot how long we've been doing this. And I know you're too young to understand. But I love you too much to care."

David Michael Thomas was in his room minding his own business when his sister Kristy called him from StonybrookHigh(1). He really didn't feel like talking right now because he was so exhausted from last night's...erm...activities.

"David Michael!" Kristy nearly blew out his eardrums. "Is you're stomach still hurting?"

"Yes," he murmered weakly. It wasn't exactly his stomach that was the problem though. "I've just been laying down all day-mostly sleeping."

"Okay well, I have practice with the team today so Logan volunteered again to babysit for Andrew and Emily Michelle. You and Karen can do what you want but just be home before too late."

The boy let a smile sneak it's way onto his face before replying in a dreary voice. "Okay."

"It's funny."Kristy continued. "The BSC hasn't been in function with him for awhile but Logan is always ready to go take care of the little ones lately. He never passes up an excuse to come over to Watson's either."

David Michael grew a little apprehensive. "That's not weird." he replied hastily. "We've been good friends. It's cool to have an older guy around. He's so mature." He tried to keep the admiration out of his voice.

Kristy's shrug could almost be heard over the phone. "Well, I've got to catch up with Mary Anne. Logan should be there at around three-thirty. Later." Click.

David Michael flopped onto his bed for a second, then crawled into the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and let the water run over it to wash his face. He combed back his hair and tried to unwrinkle his clothes as best he could. Finally satisfied with his appearance he went downstairs. Andrew and Emily Michelle were intently focused on their coloring books so the boy didn't worry too much about them. He gave a quiet hi and then sat on the couch closest to the door. He was so nervous. They'd been doing this for a while but...sometimes he had such regrets. Finally, the door bell rang. He let Andrew rush towards the door and answer it. He heard the child exclaim when he saw Logan standing once again in the doorway.

"Logan's here!" he squealed dragging the man inside by the hand. Emily Michelle beamed. She'd always been a quiet one.

"Hey darlin'". (ugh i can't believe i wrote that) This was meant to be targeted at Emily but he looked at David Michael when he said it, causing the boy to faintly blush. "You kids want something to eat?"

The little ones nodded and so Logan moved towards the kitchen, David Michael trailing after.

As David Michael spread some peanut butter on a slice of bread for the little ones he felt a strong arm wrap around his waist and felt Logan's mouth nuzzle his ear. The younger one flushed as he continued spreading and put the sandwiches together.

"Me and Mary Anne are going to the junior prom this year. So I'm probably gonna be busy for a while."

"Oh". David Michael responded monotonously. He let Logan hold him for a little while longer, then loosed himself from his grip and turned to serve the kids. He and logan sat and watched them for a while then David Michael decided to go upstairs and resume his napping. he and Logan never got to spend time the way he wanted to.

He was awoken by the soft fondling of his inner thigh. He let out a soft shudder. Logan loomed over him on his bed bending over his body placing gentle kisses along the boy's neck.

"Where's Andrew and Emily Michelle?" he asked anxiously growing flustered as Logan's hands began to rub against his crotch and clothes began to be peeled off.

"Asleep." Was the answer. "Where's Karen?"

"She went to...ah..her friends house." David forced out as Logan began to dry hump him.

"Good." Logan breathed into his ear as their chests touched. He lifted the boy's legs up and plunged itno him. Logan never prepared him except for the first time and it always hurt at first. He said it was because he loved him so much that he couldn't wait to get inside and that Mary Anne always held back so all this pent up frustration so he couldn't help being a bit reckless. It was okay though-David Michael was just glad he could please him the way he did.

Logan thrust more harshly then usual and at a quicker pace than the boy was used to and he had to bite his tounge to keep from screaming. The older bit into the boy's neck as he savagely battered his prostate mercilessly lifting his legs over his shoulders to gain easier access. David Michael let out a loud moan by mistake and Logan snatched his hair and hissed into his ear.

"You can't be loud sweetheart. You might wake the kids."

"Uh huh." David Michael nodded with a whimper. His body was drenched with sweat as he grabbed onto the man above him's shoulders. He couldn't help making small puppy like squeals as Logan rode him like a racehorse. Logan wasn't helping keep quiet either with the way he kept causing the headboard to slam into the wall. After a few more minutes of this his movements became more violent and he released. He held onto him with his mouth then quietly stood up and began to get dressed. Checking his watch he noticed David Michael's distressed expression.

Logan sat down on the soiled sheets with him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"I'm sorry, love. It's just that by the time the kids Andrew and Emily it was almost time for your mother to come back. So I had to hurry. I'm really sorry."

"It-it's okay. I understand." he said.

Logan gave him a soft smile then brushed the child's hair out of his face. "You should really rest for the rest of the day. You should probably wash might be a-scent." They both gave a small laugh. David Michael yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"You're so beautiful, love." His pupils seemed dilated as he laid a trembling hand on David Michael's face. He looked like he wanted to pounce on him. Logan settled for tucking him into the blankets and jabbing his toungue down his throat. He held it for so long that David Michael had to push him off to regain air. For a split second Logan looked completely outraged; his eyes went dark and a frown darkened his face. David Michael gasped at his expression and he hastily changed it to a look of concern and benevolence.

"I'm sorry." the football star replied quietly. "It's're so pretty. I love you so much but I hardly ever get to see you by yourself."

David smiled reassured that everything was fine. "I love you too." He accepted the kiss this time, allowing full access for his tongue to explore.

The doorbell rang and they broke apart. "Get to sleep." Logan advised. "And I'll try to catch up with you as soon as I can, okay love?"

David Michael nodded already drifting off to sleep.

A/N: So I decided to stop there for some reason. I've had this on my mind for a while and it took me only two days to write this so it probably kinda sucks but whatev. I hope you like it.:) I just started re-reading the BSC and I haven't read all of them so I apologize if everything isn't accurate I was like really young when they were in print. So...yeah. This wasn't my best sex scene.

1. This is set three years after the end of the series so Logan Bruno is about 17 I wanna say and so David Michael I think was around 8 in the series so he'd be about 12 now I guess. Sick, huh? Please review at least the first chapter. This is my first BSC fic sooo...also if you liked this you might also like my other stories so go on my account and check 'em out! :)

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