Breaking point

By: Wolflover77


I've found out from past stories that I'm somewhat good at writing angst. I'm not that good, but I'm getting there.

I LOVE torturing Danny, so just get used to it if you read my stories. And if you like torturing him too, HIGH FIVE!

So, anyway, this is just a random idea of what I think would happen if Maddie and Jack finally captured Danny.

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Enjoy! Thank all of you guys!

Danny flew through the late afternoon sky, enjoying the cool breeze blowing his white locks. He always enjoyed flying. There was no one else around, and it gave the half ghost time to think about things that a half ghost needs to think about. Things like the fact that he had just escaped a near death experience with his parents.

They had had him cornered, gun ready and aimed for his head. He couldn't hide it. He had truly been scared. He had been known to be hunted down by his ghost crazy parents, but they always screwed something up. But not tonight. Tonight it actually seemed as if they had spent months, maybe years strategizing this plan. They knew his every move, almost as if they could read his mind. The gleam in their eyes actually seemed serious… full of malice. They wanted him dead. No more and no less.

But he had managed to slip out of their grip with major effort. Enough effort that he knew he would be sore tomorrow.

The only thing that bothered the hybrid was the fact that the ghost hunters were his parents. He had been perfectly normal until the day of that life changing accident. The day that started all this mess. If the boy thought about it, it wasn't his fault. After all, his parents did build the portal in the first place… They hadn't been watching Danny when he stepped into the portal…

But on the upside, Danny did manage to find some good things about his being half ghost. Besides the powers, fast healing, and major fangirls, he had the best feeling of knowing that he was a hero. That feeling is what kept him on his feet during battles, and when his opponent called him the enemy.

Maybe I should tell them…

The boy thought in the back of his mind. It was his little secret, but he sometimes had small quarrels with the voice in his head about whether or not to tell his parents. He knew he should, it was the right thing to do. They were his parents; they would love him no matter what. But there was always the possibility that they could turn on him and… rip him apart… molecule by molecule. He shuddered at the thought of that horrific picture.

He didn't notice where he was flying until he arrived. He had been on auto pilot the entire time. But his final destination gave him butterflies in his stomach. He had flown to Sam's house, and he did it without even knowing. It must've been important, then.

He landed where he normally did when coming to her house as Phantom, on her windowsill. He lightly tapped on the window, and waited for Sam to open the curtains and smile at him.

Sam peeked through the curtains, and saw it was Danny. The biggest smile crossed her face, and she unlocked the window to let him in. He stepped in and looked at Sam, and she looked back at him.

"What's up? Why'd you come here Danny? Is everything okay?" She asked, beginning to worry. Danny simply looked back at her.

"Well…" He started to say, thinking whether he should talk about it with Sam. She was his girlfriend; he should feel the need to talk about anything with her.

"What is it Danny?" Sam urged, grabbing Danny's wrist and pulling him with her to sit on her bed. He just put his head in his hands and sighed. Sam rubbed his back reassuringly, and told him, "You don't have to tell me."

Danny had to talk about it with someone; it might as well be Sam. "It's just, I… I…" he couldn't get the words out. Deep down he knew he was scared. It made him feel scared and unsafe to know that his parents only loved half of him.

"What Danny? It's alright. You can tell me." Sam comforted, brushing his cheek with her lips. Danny sighed and decided he should just come out with it.

"Sam, it's my parents. I don't know what to do." He put his head back in his hands, on the verge of crying.

"Oh, Danny!" Sam shouted, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend. "Danny, did they try to catch you again? Are you okay?" She asked, worrying for him. Danny nodded, and Sam squeezed him tighter.

"Should I tell them? Or just leave it like it is?" He turned to look at Sam, who's eyes were dull with sadness. She cared for Danny. The last thing she wanted was for him to be captured by his own parents.

"Danny, you're sixteen. You decide." Sam said, urging him to make his own decisions. "They're your parents. What's the worst they could do? Ground you?"Sam asked, laughing a little. But Danny clearly didn't think it was funny. He glared at Sam. "Sorry." She defended.

"I know they're my parents, but they've had their eyes on Phantom ever since he came to Amity. What if their scientific side gets the better of them, and they… they…" Danny hadn't noticed he had started hyperventilating.

"Calm down Danny. Do what you think is best. The time will come." She assured him. She put her hand on his face and he turned to face her. "I know you'll make the right decision. You always do." She whispered. They were inches away from each other's faces, and were staring into each other's eyes.

"Thanks Sam." Danny barely whispered, tucking some of Sam's loose hair behind her ear.

"You're welcome." She said, and then went in for the kiss. All of Danny's worries left him for those short ten seconds. He forgot about everything except the pure bliss of kissing Sam. He always felt this way around her.

"Um, you should get going," Sam said, blushing.

"Right. Um, I'll see you tomorrow." Danny said, climbing out the window again. "Bye Sam." He said, jumping out and flying towards his house.

"Bye, Danny." She said, secretly still worrying about him. Danny had been her friend for as long as she could remember, and she had always cared about him as a friend. But now, it was more than that.

Danny flew back to his house, thinking about the whole conversation he and Sam had just had. He knew she was right. He needed to tell his parents, before it was too late.

His house was just coming into view when he felt a sharp pain in his thigh. He hissed in pain, and looked down. To his horrible surprise, he noticed the source of the pain. It was a small tranquilizer dart that had been shot from below. But from who?

He looked ahead and held his head as his world changed from pink to green to blue. He was getting dizzy, and couldn't focus. Finally, he gave into the darkness of unconsciousness, muttering something about penguins, and then began to plummet towards the Earth at sixty miles an hour. And even though he was unconscious, he still heard the voices screaming from below,

"YES! Yes Maddie! We finally caught the ghost boy!"

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