Breaking Point

By: Wolflover77

Yes, I know… I haven't updated this story in… a very long time. I guess my DP obsession faded into Kingdom Hearts for a while, but I've decided to dig this story up from the grave! I know I promised a sequel for this and my story Captive to Insanity, but I just never got around to it.

Part of it, I guess, is that I began writing both of these stories when I was twelve, and didn't have adequate writing skills. But now I think I'm ready to pick up again… well sort of.

This is just a SHORT little filler to see if you guys like it, and to see if I have the time to continue this story in a sequel.


I do not own DP!

Two days. Two days since that day…

Danny's head had finally ceased it's seemingly endless throbbing, and now only his aching heart remained in existence. It seemed to be the only thing he could focus on at the moment. How could all of this happened so quickly? It had been completely unexpected, and had turned into something bigger than even his worst nightmare.

Actually, this was his worst nightmare, he decided.

He had planned to tell his parents someday, he just didn't expect it to be like this. Those moments in the past few days when he'd felt that his parents loved him no more than an experiment… they killed him. He'd strived for almost three years to save his city from evil spirits, only to be trapped in a lab for someone to dissect. He'd never wanted this to happen, not this way, anyway.

But, he thought, mom and dad know about my secret now, and I guess I have to accept that it's gonna be a little awkward for a while. Until my parents finally wrap their ghost-crazed minds around the fact that their number one prized ghost has been living under their roof for quite a while, at least.

He sighed heavily, and rolled over on his stomach. His room was dark and it was raining outside. Sam had had to leave, and his injuries had to heal on their own. His ghostly healing abilities had been constricted due to the whatever-it-was his parents had injected him with and blah, blah, blah. He'd stopped listening to his parents drawn out explanation as to why his injuries would have to heal on their own. He honestly didn't care. He wanted his normal life back. Well, maybe not normal… but he wanted the life before all of this happened… the one where his parents didn't know he was a ghost.

Well, He thought to himself, I guess I'll just have to deal. It can't be that bad. After all, I just used my ghost powers to kick Dan's ass. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Danny moaned into his pillow, hoping his sorrows would just leak out of him. He wanted no more pain, no more sorrow… he just wanted to be the same again.


He was startled by the noise his stomach made… although he hadn't eaten in two days. Danny gathered himself from under his thick blankets, and dragged himself onto the wooden floor. His fractured right leg ached, and the wound in his chest stung, but nothing stood in the way of a hungry teenage male.

He limped to the door, and when his hand made contact with the cold metal of the doorknob, he heard voices on the other side.

Crap. Mom and dad.

His first instinct was to find a place to hide. They want to hurt me again! He thought. They're coming to get me!

It took him a few seconds, but he calmed himself; the thought of two days of getting experimented on by your parents doesn't go away over night.

By the time he'd gained control of his thoughts, the doorknob began to turn. He let go of the knob and held his breath. He could feel his muscles tense… he didn't know what to expect. Were his parents going to be mad at him? Were-

His thoughts were interrupted when the door slowly creaked open and light from the hallway seeped in his dark room.

"Danny…?" It was his mother's soft voice- the one she used when he was sick and needed to be treated gently.

He didn't answer, though. He waited a few seconds, and his mother opened the door completely, revealing a sickly looking Maddi and Jack Fenton. Both had dark circles under their red-rimmed eyes, and had an aura of sadness surrounding them. Danny didn't think he looked any better himself.

A small whimper came from Danny's throat as the door opened and he saw their faces. He was still a little jumpy.

"Danny, what are you doing up? Your leg…" His father began, but Maddi gently touches his arm. Now was not the time to be harassing Danny with questions.

"M-mom… what are you doing up here?" Danny questioned softly.

"We brought you some chocolate milk, it's your favorite." Jack said, Maddi still remaining quiet.

An uneasy silence occurred for a few seconds, but was broken by a cracked sob from Maddi. She put her hand to her lips, trying to conceal her cries.

"D-Danny… I don't know how to-"

She was interrupted by someone's arms around her.

She was surprised to look down and find Danny, teary-eyed and broken, holding onto her like she was his last hope. And she realized… that she probably was.

"Apology accepted," Danny sobbed, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

And there it is!

Now, I don't know if this story should just be finished, or if I should make a sequel. I mean, there's not much to continue :P (PM me if you have ideas/ requests!)

I'm so happy I finally wrapped this one up, though! It's been a big hit (for me at least) and I'm glad to have worked on it. Again, thanks to all who reviewed… YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!