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Modern day setting.

(Setting. Not the actual fan fiction, don't worry. I don't write like this.)
Mugen convinces Jin to go drinking with him at his favorite bar. With Jin's attention on the strangely friendly version of his old friend, he fails to notice it's a gay bar. Soon with a few drinks Jin is staggering and hanging on Mugen. He is carried back to Mugen's place, of course, being the only one drunk of the two. The moonlight filters barely through the satin curtains to drape over them as they enter the hallway to Mugen's room.

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Jin pulled himself from Mugen's arms and leaned against the door for support.

"I'm fine." He pushed the door open to trip onto the plushy bed.

"Are you blind?" Mugen chuckled as he followed the tipsy man inside his own room. "Last time I go drinking with, nhh you." Mugen sat crossed legged next to Jin.

"You okay?" Mugen ruffled Jin's hair a bit. Jin groaned as he fell into Mugen's weight on the bed and rolled on his back. "No, are you stupid?" Mugen sighed. "Fucking hassle."

Mugen rose up to stride slowly into the bathroom. Jin covered his eyes with his arm from the bright light. As soon as the light disappeared from the bathroom Mugen was at his side again. A damp towel was laid over his forehead.

"Mugen, do you still… want to kill me?" Mugen stared at the wall. "Why ask?" Jin let out a deep, held breath that reeked of alcohol. His hand wrapped over his stomach as it probably ached. "Can I sleep without worry?" Mugen looked down at him. "Just sleep. I don't care anyway."

Jin's hand brushed against Mugen's leg as it fell from his stomach to the bed. "Gunna make it?" Mugen got up again to go get some water.

Jin managed to sit up, tugging the zipper until his hoodie slipped from his shoulders to

pool around his waist and wrists. "Like I wanted to go with him…" he cursed under his breath. He sighed heavily and eased back until his eyes fell to gaze narrowly at the ceiling.

"You can't undress yourself?" Mugen kneeled next to the bed to hold Jin's head up to the glass of water. "Your fault." Mugen pressed the rim of the glass to Jin's lips. The cool water with its savoring vacant flavor rushed down Jin's throat as he sipped it down. "Mugen…" he uttered as the glass was pulled away and set aside on the side table.

Mugen tugged the hoodie out from under him. Jin panted softly. 'What the hell is wrong with him?' Jin nudged Mugen towards the door. Mugen sat next to the hysterically weak man who fell over his lap from struggling. "Alcohol and I don't mix too well… please leave?"

Mugen grabbed Jin's wrists to tug him up to eye level. He held the wrists higher above his head to keep the slouching man up to his level. It looked as though Jin's body was craving. "P-Please." Mugen grinned. "I'm going to kill you, suffocate you, drown you in pleasure." Jin swallowed hard. "You're a beast." Mugen shrugged his shoulders. "Prepare yourself."

Jin didn't struggle as Mugen bent his head closer, forcing his tongue through his own lips. It was only a second or two before Mugen pulled away after studying Jin's still eyes during the kiss. "You're a bad kisser." Jin sighed. "I wasn't trying." Mugen pulled Jin straight into his lap after laying back against the head board, having the legs splay out around his waist and curve to hook around it. "I could've taught you."

Jin looped his arms around the tan boney shoulders. "Jin?" Mugen questioned unsure. "I know how." His words slurred towards the end. His lips crashed against Mugen's. He lapped his tongue against Mugen's, savoring every taste, dragging it slowly against the roof of his mouth. The friction tied in with the exchange of silent moans set Jin body ablaze.

"Your body is damned honest." Mugen smirked. He bowed his head lower. His teeth raked over the sensitive skin of Jin's neck, "Nhh, Mugen." Jin shuddered. "Let me." Mugen held Jin in the dip of his lap, brining his hand down the smooth planes of his back. When low enough he gripped Jin's ass, smiling devilishly at the feel. "Take your clothes off." Jin pulled at Mugen's shirt. "Yeah, yeah." Mugen stripped the sleeveless shirt.

"Nhh, I want to taste you…" Jin slid down onto his stomach. His teeth undid the button and pulled the zipper to Mugen's baggy pants down. "Tch." Mugen gripped Jin's head. He was taken in a firm grip, already stroking briskly.

"Suck it." Jin rubbed his lips over the head. "Look how big it got," he teased. Jin snickered as he licked over the head. Mugen groaned and rolled his hips against Jin's mouth. "Be patient." Jin cupped Mugen's balls in his free hand, groping them as he slid his lips around the head. 'If I shove it he'll hurl…tsk…'

Jin, to Mugen's misconception, shoved the hardened dick cupped between his lips all the way in, feeling it rub against the back of his throat, then back out to drag his tongue over the head in a full, wide lap. His lips hooked back around the head, tongue licking under the crown to come up in the slit. He looked up at Mugen with his tongue still prodding in the slit.

"Ahh! Jin…" Mugen groaned. He tilted his head back with Jin's hands stroking so furiously with his nails grazing the skin and the tongue working great friction against the head and slipping further down to tease the 'beast' of a man.

"Shit, almost- Jin!" Jin went along with the large hands pressing to the back of his head and swallowed Mugen to the base, bobbing his head back and forth from the hilt to the very tip. "Mugen," he moaned over the hardened skin. Mugen shuddered from the vibrations of his name being moaned over his dick. Jin's fingers caressed the tensing muscles in his thighs as the orgasm washed over him like a deafening wave crashing against the still shore.

"Haahh… good boy heh." Mugen brought Jin's head up to kiss his swollen lips softly. "Mugen-" Jin groaned as his body rubbed against the others.

Mugen tugged his fingers through the luscious locks of hair, soon yanking the tie free. The dark strands fluttered down around their bodies like wings spreading from a bird. It settled down against Jin's sweat slickened back. 'Beautiful…' Mugen droned over in his head.

Jin licked along Mugen's lips as he was lost in thought. "Jin, so perverted." He muttered before taking the soft lips against his again. "Here too." Mugen trailed his fingers down Jin's chest to hook a finger in the tight belt.

Jin leaned against Mugen on his knees. He tried to work the belt undone while kissing his one night lover again. Mugen slid his hands under Jin's to help, yanking the button undone and letting the waist fall low on the slimmer hips.

"Lewd, uncouth, a simple beast, Mugen." Jin whispered into Mugen's ear softly before nibbling on the lobe and sweeping his tongue along the edge of the shell. "What about you?" Mugen cupped his hand around the visible bulge in Jin's loose cargo pants. "Nhh, natural reaction…" Mugen pushed Jin's head back to look up into his glazed over eyes.

"What about the moans, sucking my dick like that?" Jin grunted as Mugen tightened his grip. "I like… you…" Mugen froze in his disbelief. Was his mind playing more tricks on him? "How I can… unh… never beat you, so carelessly perfect. I… Mugen?" Mugen licked along Jin's collar bone. "This won't make me go easy on you." Despite his words, Mugen grazed the sensitive skin along Jin's neck very gently, licking and sucking with some form of care.

Jin held Mugen's head close as his body was slowly unraveled. He felt his pants being pulled from his legs. He held still kneeling, straddling over Mugen's lap. "Here." Mugen stripped Jin of his boxers.

"Must be a lady's man," he snickered as he lowered Jin onto his lap. The tips of their erections rubbed together. "Move your hips." Mugen commanded as he licked up Jin's chest to steal his lips for another ravenous kiss.

Jin wrapped his arms around Mugen's shoulders and slowly rocked his hips against the others. Mugen moaned into Jin's mouth as his lips parted. He gripped Jin's ass with one hand and used the other to nudge his hardened nipple. He swept his tongue along the roof of Jin's mouth and rubbed it against the other wanting tongue. Jin still ground his fully erect dick against Mugen's larger one as he attempted to tame his sanity.

'I never thought… I'd get a chance to do this…' he silently thought in the back of his mind as the lower half of his body screamed for release. Mugen gripped Jin's ass to spread the cheeks out. He pinched and twisted the taunting, perk nub, spreading his long boney fingers across the sculpted, so perfectly carved, chest to nudge and bend both.

"Nhh… Mugen stop, I'm going to…" Jin managed to get through his panting and past Mugen's lips. With a grin Mugen separated their lips and dragged his fingers down to wind them around both their cocks, stroking in opposition to Jin's movements. "Don't- Mugen—"His plead fell into a long moan. His nails dug deep into the tan shoulders as he climaxed over their stomachs.

"It's thick. Don't you do this alone?" Mugen questioned with a smirk. Jin pressed his body to Mugen's. "No it's a waste of time." Mugen kissed Jin again. "You can come as much as you want." Jin smiled at Mugen's soft words.

"Mugen, take me." Mugen pet Jin's head as he nuzzled it into the crook of his neck and shoulder. His words floated like bubbles across his skin. "Jin…" Jin brought both their lips back to level to plant a soft, gentle kiss on Mugen. "Would you understand if I said fuck me?" Mugen sighed inwardly. "I know what you mean. Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

Jin was laid back against the comforting touch of the silken sheets. His head imprinted the pillow with swirls of dark hair surrounding him. Mugen whispered softly in his ear, "I'll be gentle." Jin relaxed from Mugen's soft tone. His legs were spread out enough for Mugen to wedge himself between them, also raised up into an angle.

"This really hahh isn't like yo—ah Mugen!" Mugen wiggled the tip of his finger into Jin. "Does it hurt?" He thrust it in half way. "Yes it hurts! But… it feels better when – ahh you do it." Mugen's gaze rose up Jin's body. His beautiful body, so perfect. His head tilted back, muscles tensing along his arms as he clenched the sheets, up his legs as his toes curled and in his stomach as he moaned and panted.

"Damn. You do this-"He slowly moved it out to the tip of his finger and stretched the hole out. "-while thinking of me?" Pre-cum leaked down Jin's already hardened cock. "Yeah," he moaned. "Jin…" Mugen dug another finger in to stretch it even more. "Nngh, Mugen…" Mugen retrieved his hand to his lips to lap over two of his fingers. They slid through his lips to be lavished by his tongue.

"More, please," Jin begged. Mugen bit his lip hard. He slipped his wet middle finger about midway into Jin's puckering ass. His cock twitched at the thought of being indulged in such tight walls and heat. "Fuck," Mugen groaned. "It's hard to wait." Mugen mumbled as he bent his head down and licked at Jin's chest. He swirled his tongue around the perk pink nub as he slowly inserted a second finger.

"Mu…gennhh…" Jin moaned softly as he dug his nails into the smooth planes of Mugen's back, tossing his head back and forth across the pillows. Mugen bit on the nub and tugged on it. He tugged in time with each thrust of his fingers. "N-No… ahh it's too much…" Mugen looked up at Jin and pressed his lips to the others. He ran his tongue over the plump lips begging for entrance. Jin wrapped his arms around Mugen's shoulders and pushed his tongue through. "Mugen… nhh… more." Jin begged as their tongues danced, rubbing against each other.

Mugen scissored his fingers in the slick entrance as he bit Jin's bottom lip. He licked along Jin's jaw, down his neck until he reached his chest. With his free hand he trailed the tips of his fingers up Jin's spine to make him arch. Mugen smirked as he laid Jin down, the twisting fingers still pressing deep in him, and started to lick down his abdomen.

"How is it?" He teased while lapping over the head. "G-Good… mhh." Jin moaned as Mugen lowered his head farther. He ran his tongue over the underside and licked at the slit, savoring the unique taste on his tongue.

He slipped in the third finger, then without warning, rammed it in with the other two. With his quickening pace he continued to search for that one spot.

Mugen slid the hardened cock into his mouth and reveled at the sweet moans that Jin sang out. "Mugenn!" he slurred as the fire coursed through his veins. Mugen thrust his fingers in and out of Jin, grazing his teeth over the hardened skin to have him arch again as he brushed his fingers along the inner walls. "Ahh, there?" Mugen rubbed it again. Jin shuddered as he neared climax.

"W-Wait! Mugen… I want to come… together." Mugen ran his free hand back through his hair. "You know just the right words." His lapped his tongue over his dry lips and returned to Jin's level for a much needed gentle, slow kiss. Their tongues slowly ventured the others mouth, sliding and slurping.

Mugen pulled back to suck on Jin's lower lip. "Ready?" Mugen nudged the tip against the entrance. Jin slid his hand down his body to spread it out more. "Please, fill me."

Mugen rocked his hips forward to slide in a small portion of the way. Jin's head jerked back with the blankets tangling in his free hand next to his head. 'So cute…' Mugen continuously thought over in his head, watching Jin squirm beneath him from the slightest movements.

He lifted Jin's hips up to thrust in halfway, slowly feeling the sweet tight bliss tense around him. "M-Mugen…!" Jin's hips pushed up to meet Mugen's, sliding the throbbing dick further into him. "Mhh ahh, you can move..."

Mugen gripped the supple thighs and bent the legs up further to get a better angle. With a fluid thrust he buried himself deep in the other. With their harmony of moans and grunts, Mugen heard Jin whimpers and cries. Tears trekked down his flushed cheeks as he held back the pain.

"Does it hurt?" Mugen questioned unlike he usually did. He usually ignored it and kept going. He slid to temporary stop, hugging the legs resting on his shoulders closer to his neck. He tilted his head to the side to kiss up along Jin's leg. "Yeah, it h-hurts. But… don't st-stop…"

Mugen kissed the corner of Jin's eye to lap up the salty tears. He pulled his hips back to thrust back in, hard. The pure impulse of being indulged by the swarming heat was enough to push his body over the edge and lose control.

The body beneath him shuddered as he plunged deep, searching for that sweet spot again. With some good precision he struck it again with his quickened movements. Jin jerked as his back arched off the bed, long hair swirling in the meshed sheets as their bodies connected deeper.

"Jin… you can come." He nudged the tip of Jin's twitching cock as he continued to rub and grind his dick against that spot. Jin tightened around the pulsing dick deep in him, loving the way Mugen moaned and cringed at the tight heat when he thrust in.

"N-No… with me, nyaahh!" Jin threw his head back as the orgasm washed over him, digging his nails deep into Mugen's shoulders. Mugen took a final thrust with a snap of his hips to bury himself deep within his drunken lover. Bruises of his fingers lined Jin's sides as he gripped the pale skin. His come spilled out into Jin as Jin's splattered across their stomachs. The mixing of the high moans and deep groans sang through the musty air that hung in the room.

They both settled a bit as their bodies relaxed. Mugen tugged his hips back to roll them back in. Jin grunted as his eyes sprouted with those same tears. "What the hell you dumb ass!" With a smirk Mugen gently rocked his hips into Jin. His dick quickly hardened from the pleasant feel.

"C'mon, let's go again." Jin smacked Mugen across the face, soon bringing the same hand up to brush the fine fingers over the heated skin. "Whatever…" he mumbled. Mugen grinned as he pulled Jin up into his lap. "Ahh, nice and deep." Jin gripped Mugen's hair and tugged at it as he blushed furiously. "Ah, ahh… I really nhh hate you… sh- don't stop…" he pleaded softly as Mugen forced up into him. "Didn't plan on it." He chuckled.

The night slowly dragged on as they indulged themselves with each other, wrapping their bodies in tight holds so they would never have to let go. Right as they finished and Mugen rolled over next to the withered Jin he whispered softly into the reddened ear, "I love ya." The sobered man managed a smile before the spirals of sweet dreams enveloped him and he was cradled tightly in strong arms. They would surely never forget this night.

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