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Jin searched for a pulse on Mugen's wrist. A faint thump vibrated through his fingers. He threw himself towards the phone and quickly dialed his friend's number, whom was luckily a doctor.

A subtle voice came to the phone. "Hello?" Jin took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself. "Hello?" the gentle voice came again. Jin swallowed hard as he glanced back at Mugen.

"Yukimaru… get your ass over here," Jin replied in a shaky voice.

Yukimaru hummed into the phone, "Why?"

Jin reached back to brush aside the wet strands of hair the stuck to Mugen's forehead. "Obviously, something happened. Mugen won't wake up…" The voice on the other line suddenly hardened. "What happened? I'm coming over now."

Jin pulled on his black and white polka dotted boxers as he began to explain Mugen's fight and their evening. He set the phone on speaker and set it aside to see to Mugen. He removed the soaked comforter and laid Mugen on the cool sheets. A very soft sound left Mugen's slightly parted lips, "Jin…"

Jin froze for a moment as his name echoed in his ears. He leaned over the bed still entranced, brushing his lips very lightly against Mugen's forehead.

"Jin, are you there?"

Jin grabbed his phone and answered in a hushed exhale of an answer, "Yeah. His fever is rising..." In the background Jin heard a car door shutting. "Get a cold pack, I'll be right up." No sooner did Jin get the cold pack on Mugen's head did the door to their room open.

He went over to see Yukimaru in.

Yukimaru grabbed Jin by the arm and held him still at the door. "Let go, Yuki." Yukimaru tightened his grip and turned the shaken man around. He saw the stains streaking down the pale face from the tears. "You have to calm down for me." He felt Jin shake in his grip and stepped closer. Jin bore his teeth into his lip and nodded, leaving his gaze down at the wooden floor.

Yukimaru sighed and released Jin, following him back to the room. "Jin, get me some damp towels." Jin reluctantly left Mugen's side, releasing the heated, boney hand, and got a few light towels wet. He rung the fabric out and carried them back to the room. Yukimaru was testing Mugen's muscles and responses.

Jin waited for Yukimaru to finish and laid the towel over Mugen's chest and stomach. "Jin…" Jin ignored Yukimaru and stared at Mugen's shut eyes. "Jin…" Jin shot a look at Yukimaru. The doctor snickered and stroked the soft dark hair out of the pale face.

"Mugen is fine. Heat exhaustion weakened his body. Maybe having sex for nearly a month straight each night isn't a good idea." Jin looked at Yukimaru strangely. "How can you tell?" Yukimaru nudged the towel aside to point out the fresh and old, faded scratch marks etched across the toned flesh.

Jin blushed furiously. Something wrapped around his hand and entangled between his fingers under the jumbled mess of sheets.

"Well. Since he's fine, I'll be going." Yukimaru leaned over and kissed Jin on the forehead. Long fingers tangled in his hair to yank him away.

Jin let his gaze fall until he saw Mugen glaring through one eye at Yukimaru. "…" Yukimaru swallowed hard and slipped from the apartment room. Jin and Mugen were left staring at each other.

Mugen peeled the blankets off himself and let the cool pack slip off to the side as he sat up. His ran his free hand back through the long free locks of dark hair and kneaded behind Jin's ear. Jin purred softly and tightened his grip on Mugen's hand beneath the sheets.

"You should rest." Mugen nuzzled his head into Jin's neck and rested against him.

"Why were you crying…?" Mugen kissed Jin's neck softly, lapping his tongue across the skin with the urge to push Jin to the bed strangely not there.

"Because… you baka… You worried me…" Jin pushed Mugen back to the bed and placed the towels back over his chest and stomach, as well as the cold pack for his hot head.

Mugen stayed were he was put, staring blankly at flustered Jin through his tired eyes. "I always hurt you Jin…" He rested his body onto the plushy bed and squeezed Jin's hand. Jin squeezed back.

"Mugen, I love you. If it didn't hurt then it wouldn't be right." Jin smiled at his weakened lover.

Mugen half smiled and stared up at the ceiling, hazing eyes slowly starting to close.

"You okay Mugen?" Jin leaned over Mugen and felt his forehead again.

"Just tired..." Mugen pulled Jin over him and cuddled his body closer as he drifted asleep.

Jin nuzzled his head against Mugen and pulled on his messy dark hair.

"Don't fall asleep. We have to cool your body down." Jin pulled the blankets away, yes that he placed there, and looped Mugen's arm over his shoulder. He did his best to get Mugen to the bath even though his back ringed with pain. Each step forced the strings of pain to echo back and forth through his hips and back. Luckily, before he knew it, he was at the bath. Mugen rested on the side of it while Jin leaned over to turn the faucet on. Cool, soothing water streamed into the base and quickly filled it half way.

"A bath…?" Mugen questioned with so much enthusiasm.

Jin glanced at Mugen with a nod.

"Is there a problem?" Jin leaned over Mugen and gently shoved him in. (Can you gently shove someone?) Mugen shook out his wet hair and leaned against the wall, clearly drained of all his energy. His dark hair was strung behind his ears by Jin's long fingers.

Mugen smirked to himself, spying as Jin's kneeled over the edge of the tub to fix his hair. He reached his hand up and spread his fingers out along Jin's flat stomach. Jin glanced down and placed a kiss in the mess of dark hair. The hand on his stomach slyly hooked around his waist and quickly tugged him into the water.

Water splashed across the room and splattered on the cold floor. Jin shook out his long, wet, darkened hair and glared at Mugen. The beast snickered until he broke out into a laugh and threw his head back. Jin rubbed his nose and sighed heavily, bringing his hand up Mugen's body to latch onto his shoulder. His head rested on the prominent collar bone as his body laid out between Mugen's legs.

Mugen raised those legs until his knees broke the water's surface to cradled Jin's body. His chin rested on the soaking mess of long hair and his arms draped over his knees.

A good soak in the cooling water was probably what Mugen's body needed. After a small lapse of time, Jin brought his lips up to Mugen's forehead. He hummed softly and brushed back Mugen's dark nearly dry hair with his long fingers.

"Steadily dropping to normal… That's good." Jin smiled relieved and kissed Mugen on the cheek.

When he didn't respond, Jin noticed he was asleep. With a snicker he rose from the bath and stripped his soaking polka dotted boxers and started to dry off.

Meanwhile, Mugen roused from his sweet light dreams. He rubbed his head and glanced around. The first thing he saw was Jin naked with a towel loosely off his hips and his fine curves. From the thighs to his ass to his hips. Everything was so perfect. He crept forward in the water to place his head on the edge of the tub. His boney fingers wrapped around those perfect hips and kneaded around the bones. With a grip, Mugen leaned forward to drag his tongue down Jin's back and into the cleft above his ass.

Jin shuddered and let out a loud moan, clearly surprised by the feel. He glanced over his shoulders and nudged his glasses back onto his nose as a smirk crept across his lips.

"We can't Mugen. You're body is too weak and I can't endure riding you." He turned fully to Mugen and knelt by the tub.

His long fingers framed Mugen's cute pouting face. Jin noticed he looked adorable with his hair wet and straight as it gently brushed over his shoulders.

"You do me." Jin was shocked at the suggestion. Then, thinking back to how cute he was even with his rough stubble that a devilish grin replaced the stunned open mouth.

He shook his head violently and rested his temple on his palm.

"Keh, you can't seriously be thinking that Jin. I wouldn't let you." Mugen laughed under his breath as Jin's face flamed up red.

"It's not the same anyway…" He replied.

Mugen rubbed his nose and leaned in a bit closer to Jin. Their lips were nearly inches away and the tips of their noses brushes together. Jin's lips parted slightly and his eyes narrowed. Mugen slanted his head to the side as his hands crept into the long wet hair. Mugen gently pulled Jin's lips against his own. His tongue found his way through the soft lips and rubbed against Jin's, pulling the gentle, uncontrollable moan from his throat in the sweet sound only Jin could make.

Jin quickly pulled his lips away and turned his head to the side.

Mugen pressed his fingers to the pale cheeks and pulled Jin back for another kiss. The lips pressed against his own obediently parted, allowing for the tour through the sweet caverns of the hot mouth.

Mugen ran his fingers down Jin's arm to his hand, flipping it over and tightly entangling their fingers.

"M-Mugen…!" Jin hardly managed as his mouth was ravaged.

Mugen licked his lips and let Jin take a short breath. "What?"

He had that snarky tone to his voice again that made Jin sigh heavily in defeat.

"Jin." Mugen pulled Jin's eyes to his own. "You know that my body gets hot when I'm inside you. No matter what damn position we're in. And, I'm going to hm… make love to you. Now stop trying to back out."

Jin pulled a towel around Mugen's waist and helped him out of the tub as it drained. He was just quiet…

"Mugen. Why did you say it like that? Its not like you. And it makes it hard to resist…" Jin nuzzled his head against Mugen's shoulder and gently kissed his neck.

The boney fingers ran up through his hair and cradled his head to the tanned skin.

"Does it matter? C'mon, I can't wait much longer." Mugen raised an eyebrow and glanced down between them.

'Does that mean he wants something more then physical…?' Jin smiled at the thought and looked where Mugen was.

"… A blow job… Or nothing." He stated bluntly.

Mugen scratched his head and groaned.

"Mhn… Jin really…"

Jin tilted his head back and pressed his forefinger to his tongue. "Don't you like being in my mouth. Being licked and sucked and-" He ran his tongue over the tip of his finger. "Simply caressed and rubbed by my soft, wet tongue?"

Mugen swallowed hard before pinning Jin to the wall. He grazed his teeth over the collar bone and traced his tongue along it, smirking at the soft sounds that came from Jin's throat.

"W-Wait… Let me taste you." Jin pulled Mugen's lips away from his body and sank to his knees. His treat was hidden beneath the thin layer of fabric of the shorts he threw on Mugen before Yukimaru arrived. He latched fingers around the button and popped it undone. No sooner did the fabric hit to wet floor did Jin have his lips around the hard length and was already at the base. His tongue worked to hard skin while he sucked and tormented Mugen by the quick, precise movements.

Mugen laid his arm against the wall and rested his head on it as he couldn't resist panting at the sudden heat wrapped around his length. His other hand gripped the back of Jin's head to cushion it from the wall every time he couldn't help but thrust deeper into his mouth.

Jin pulled back to lick his lips and quickly wrapped his lips back around the hard, throbbing shaft which was thrust deep into his throat.

Mugen pulled at Jin's hair as his body shuddered. Jin went with the motion of the hand and pulled away. Cum splattered up his face and dripped off his glasses. Mugen sank to his knees and licked it off the glass. Then, off Jin's nose, working his way down to the lips to kiss so sweetly as he would when he was sated and still recovering.

"That was fast." Jin stated bluntly once again. He pulled his glasses off and set them on the counter near the sink. His hands ran back through the unruly dark brown hair and pulled Mugen back in for a kiss. The other submitted and laid his body against Jin's. The long fingers in his hair traveled down his back and held his body tightly against the slighter, pale one.

"Urusai… Help me to the bed… I can't move anymore." Mugen groaned and yawned, strangely enough, at the same time. Jin kissed his forehead and just sat there with the other cuddled against him.

"Jin…?" Mugen nuzzled his head against Jin's neck, rubbing his stubble against the sensitive skin and making Jin purr.

"Shh. Just be quiet for once." Jin pulled a towel around Mugen and set his head back against the wall.

His eyes fell shut behind dark lashes and he found himself loving the solace feel of the other body pressed silently to his.

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