The snake slithered into the cavern on its belly, baring its fangs and announcing its arrival with a sibilant hiss. Her body writhed and contracted along the floor towards her stationary destination. She sinuously climbed up the legs of a lone stool, body looping and pushing, until reaching the top and curling in the seat to reclaim her human form.

Readying herself for the final preparations to her sinister plan, she smiled in glee as she thought of the events to come. Painstaking arrangements were made so that everything would end in her favor, the outcome so much sweeter for such careful orchestration.

With a wave of her hand a scene appeared on the wall before her and her heart filled with malice at the sight of the object of her hatred. One of the many objects, for that is what they were to her…objects, not people. The scene changed and then changed again offering up a parade of images. One young attractive girl aften another, interspersed with visions of two young men. Oh what feelings filled her at the sight of them all. Her rage was a living breathing entity unto itself.

But no…she needed to stay in control. Knowing she was close to her breaking point she tried to clear her mind. If she let her anger get the better of her, all her hard work would be for nothing.

For the last few years she'd played the role of a simple friend, doing any and everything to help keep her true intentions hidden. The hated that flowed through her veins swelled once more but this time she merely smiled as she walked over to a nearby opening.

From this vantage point she could see the place where all her enemies would take their last breaths. The thought made her heart skip a beat and she felt almost…giddy, like a child at Christmas, just before she opened up her gifts and realized she'd gotten everything she wanted.

"Mistress, everything is ready," a man with a loin cloth walked up to her alter and bowed before her.

Dimitri. He had always been her most loyal minion and closest confidant. He would and did do anything to make her happy, and she really meant anything. Standing at six foot two and muscularly built he satisfied her every desire. From the moment she first cast her eyes, and her spell, in his direction he's been hers completely. Under her control any thoughts of resisting he may have harbored evaporated as if they'd never been. Dimitri stood off to the side and waited for his mistress' next command.

"Perfect," she smirked as she sat and waved her hand in front of the magically created scene once more.

She banished the spell and turned to her manservant seductively, purring as she walked around him, "You're certain the accommodations are suitable for our incoming guests?"

Pressing herself against his back, she slowly slid her arms around his waist and let her nails lightly mark his body as they traveled upwards until her hands rested on his chest. She reveled in his needful moan and smirked against the skin of his back.

"Yes, mistress."

"Excellent," she smiled cruelly, "Then let the games begin."


To be continued...


author's notes: This chapter had input from woundedhearts.