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She's beautiful, and she knows it. She dates guys, plays with them and then tosses them aside when she gets bored of them. But even though she's dated the whole male population of their high school, she's never really been in love. He's a new transfer student, second cousin's with Aimee. He's laid-back, sweet and loves music and art though he acts like an arrogant, indifferent outcast. When Finn transfers into Baker High, Megan rises up to the challenge of taking this little boy out. She soon finds out that her player reputation will be altered drastically when she finally feels what it's like to be in love.

"Jake, I'm really sorry, but things weren't working out between us. I want to be with a man that knows who he is and what he wants to do in life," I started off. It was only day 4 of my 'Jake' relationship and I was already starting to get bored. This guy didn't have his looks nor his brain working for him. I really don't know what I was thinking, getting into this relationship in the first place. The confused look on his face triggered yet another snarky chuckle, something that I had been experiencing a lot since about four days ago. I'm surprised he isn't drool coming out of his mou-

I stopped myself. Feeling a little bit guilty for hurting yet another boy, I tried to sound as sympathetic as possible.

"Jake, what we have between us, it's not the sort of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that I want. But we could still be friends, right?"

"Friends? Of course we're friends babe! We're going out! Just you an' me yeah?" His voice was slurred and he sounded drunk.

"Sorry Jake but we're over."

Without waiting to hear his reply, which was surely going to prove to me that he didn't understand the concept of 'breaking up,' I walked away to join my friends on the dance floor.

Really Megan, really? That's all you have to say to the poor guy?

In any other situation I might have gone up to talk to him again. Maybe been a bit kinder with the break-up. Maybe I would have re-thought my decision. But I was tipsy and the night was young and I was out to have as much fun as possible.

"So who's the next lucky victim?" Aimee teased as I approached them.

"Any suggestions," I asked, waggling my eyebrows.

"Mmm..." She looked around, as if she was hunting for my next 'victim' but something told me that she was a little out of it today.

"Its a surprise that these guys still agree to go out with me, even after hearing about my killer reputation." I gave her a hopeful glance, trying to get a decent reply out of her.

"No, not really. All these guys want to prove to their mates that they can't get played by the famous Megan Meade. But they all get hooked and don't have the guts to break up with you, even if they know you're toying with them."

I tried to glance at her without raising suspicion which was accomplished easily enough, except I didn't really like what I saw in her eyes.

"Aimee, I-"

"Look I don't need to hear your pity speech. I don't need a guy to make me happy." She smiled at me and I felt bad for even bringing it up.

Be a bit more sympathetic will you? Just because she's your best friend-

I squeezed my eyes shut, I didn't want to deal with inner Megan right now. I wanted to have fun.

"Come on Aimee, no fun comes to those who lean against the wall all night."

She smiled and let herself be dragged into the throng of sweaty teenagers pulsating the the hypnotic beat of the music, completely under the control of alcohol and hormones.

"Whoooo! C'mon girls lets get this party started!"

Note to self: that is the last time I pretend to get drunk and make out with an ex.

That information could've been a little bit more helpful a few hours ago before I started making out with Jake just a few minutes after dumping him.

"You really need to stop making out with puppies like that." Ria's words came out slurred. She wasn't pretending to be drunk.

"Ria!" Jenna hissed. "That puppy is right behind us." Neither was Jenna.

"So? It's not like he can hear us or understand us, he's got a brain the size of a pea."

"Guys just can it," Aimee giggled.

Rolling my eyes, I linked arms with Aimee. My cheeks were hurting from all the smiling that I was doing and my head I was still breathless from making out with Jake.

"Meeeaaaagaaan! I loooove yooou baaaaabee!"

"Wow, Megan seriously why did you even go out with that guy?" Pearl hiccuped.

"Cause she's dated practically the whole male population of our school yeah Megs?" Ria winked at me.

"You better be careful! Soon enough there'll be no more guys to play around with and you'll have to start hitting on girls!"

"I'm not the one who should be taking care," I winked as they giggled, venturing further and further away from soberness with each passing second.

"Okay guys catch you later! We need to crash before school tomorrow!" Jenna smiled.

We all said our goodbyes and they all left until it was just me and Aimee walking towards my house. The night was cold and the moon was full. I looked up at the billions of twinkling stars in the sky. I took a look at Aimee who was aimlessly walking with a smile on her face. She didn't seem to be paying any attention.

"Hey Aimee, what's up with you? You look so... dreamy."

She smiled again. Whatever it was that was making Aimee this happy must be something absolutely amazing. Something along the lines of a new man.

"Any new guys in your life?"

Aimee really needs a distraction right about now.

"My second cousin is coming from the airport this weekend."

Oh, that could work too. I smiled to myself. Being around family would be good for her.

"Oh really? Maybe she wants to hang around with us at school?."

"She's a guy," she said smirking, "And his name is Finn."

"Oh? And why, pray tell, is Sir Finn visiting in the middle of the semester?"

"His parents want him to get to know more people cause apparently he's acting all moody and stuff lately. They think a change or scenery will help him out. They really think that if I'm there for him, he might start fitting into the category of normalcy."

"Oh, so does that mean you'll be hanging out with him a lot?"

"Oh Megan! Don't worry, I'll still sit with you at lunch. I don't think Sir Finn wants my help any more than I want to give it right now."

"Madame Aimee, not wanting to help out a lost soul. Oh dear! What ever has this world come to!"

She looked at me, laughter in her eyes. "Trust me. He probably doesn't want my help."

"Oh hush! As if that'll stop you."

"And as always you know me better than I know myself but I think I'll reward him with some time away from me before I bombard him."

She dropped me off at my front door and, after we hugged goodnight, I went up to me room and stared out the window. The billions of stars in the sky were twinkling so bright, it made me feel safe in this dark night. Smiling at my poetic randomness, I tucked myself in for bed and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

"I need a painkiller and some vitamin water," I groaned, letting myself fall on top of the cafeteria table. It was lunch time and I had gone the entire morning with a headache and an empty stomach. Aimee handed me her bag and pushed her bottle of pink liquid towards me. "Okay guys please, it's enough to have one of my friends drooling over my cousin, but all three of you?" Aimee sighed exasperatedly.

I looked up, only to notice than none of my friends had taken notice of me. My arrival at the table stirred no attention whatsoever, most likely because all of their attention was directed to a black figure across the cafeteria.

"C'mon Aimee, aren't you going to introduce us?" Aimee almost choked on her salad as Ria licked her lips.

"Ria please. This is just as disturbing as hearing about your brother getting laid."

"Okay eww but still. Finn's hot."

"So Megs, you going to go and try this guy out?" Jenna asked me.

"Uhh I don't think that's such a good idea, him being related to Aimee and all." I forced a smile, hoping they'd take a hint. There's no way I'd put Aimee through that.

"Ha! Good luck trying to play him! You'd be lucky enough to get him to ask you out." Great with Aimee's approval, nothing was stopping me from going over there right now. Oh well, a challenge is a challenge.

I looked over to where he was sitting, alone on the complete opposite side of the cafeteria, with his back facing me. Come on Megs, you have a rep to protect. I took my lunch tray and marched right up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. I could feel the eyes of all at my table boring into my back, waiting to see if the famous Megan Meade could crack this boy.

I walked around the table and sat down facing him. He looked up from his book. His eyes, which were so obviously lost in thought a split second ago, bore right into mine with a curious, but humorous glint.

Oh God those eyes.

"Reading? In the cafeteria? You do know we have a library for that." I teased.

Deep breaths Megan. I forced myself to look up from the ground and into his eyes. They were a soft blue, not too bright but not too pale either. One corner of his lip turned up slightly as he replied, "Yes well what kind of impression would that be giving? The new boy hiding away in the library on his first day? Wouldn't want that kind of rep now would we?"

I looked to him as a shoved a piece of lasagna into my mouth. He went back to his book.

I chewed on the pasta slowly watching the way his cheekbones made a subtle move up in reaction to whatever he was reading. My eyes scanned the way the dust particles danced in the sunlight which also illuminated the messy head of hair that was barely blocking the view of my friends, and the entire male population of our school, watching us with complete and utter silence. He must have noticed that I was staring at him, or maybe he noticed that the cafeteria had suddenly become as silent as a library, because he closed his book and rested his head in his hands and looked at me, curious but teasing.

"So, what's a girl like Megan Meade doing sitting with the new guy. Could I possible be your next victim?" He fake-gasped right before he chuckled to himself, amused with his own wit.

"How do you know who I am?"

"I live at your best friend's house. There are pictures of you guys everywhere. And videos. And you also look strangely like the girl who tripped me over at Aimee's 9th birthday party."

No freaking way!

"You're Finn?"

"I thought the whole school already knew." He really seemed to like teasing me.

"No, I know you're Finn, but are you the Finn."

"Wow. The Finn. Sounds like I'm already famous here."

"You wouldn't happen to be the Finn that was at Aimee's 10th birthday too, would you?"

"The very same. Oh and by the way. I still have that card you sent me. Oh how did it go again? Something like, 'I'm going to take you to my homecoming and to my wedding and we're going to get married.' Now do you still have that attitude about me Megs? I'm flattered!" He started laughing, so much that his eyes began to water.

But I was embarrassed. He still remembered that? Oh God, what am I going to do now!

I decided to make a run for it, but Finn caught my wrist before I could even stand up fully.

"Hungry much? You eat more than I do," he said smiling.

"Jealous much? Scared that you would lose in a eating competition against a girl?"

"You're on. This afternoon, The Pizza Parlor, pizza race." He started to get up before adding, "Oh and Megan Meade, don't think I'll be going easy on you because something tells me that you're no ordinary girl." He winked and left the table.

Before I could process what just happened, or recover from the heat of the conversation I just had, Aimee, Ria, Jenna and Pearl came running to my table.

"So? How'd it go?"

"I think I just got a date."

All four of them simultaneously dropped their jaws, I had to hold in the giggles. Then I took one look at Aimee and decided to ask the question that was probing in my mind ever since I set eyes on his beautiful face.

"Aimee how come you didn't tell me that Finn was so damn gorgeous?" I demanded.

"Finn...Gorgeous? Tell you? Please since when did that matter to you?" she said jokingly, "As long as he's a guy right?" She winked. I gave an exasperated sigh.

"Though I am surprised he asked you on a date," she added.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, suddenly worried thinking my facade of natural "playgirl" was wearing off.

"He's been a bit anti-date ever since..." she trailed off.

"Ever since?"

"Ever since his last girlfriend broke his heart."