Kouichi's Hug

A/N: This idea popped into my head when I was re-watching old "Digimon Frontier" episodes. There were a lot of times when Kouichi was looking sad and needed a hug, so I kept telling the other characters, mainly Koji, to give him a hug. The characters may be OOC somewhat. I might do this from Kouichi's side.

"Kouichi, what's wrong?" I asked, when I noticed my brother standing away from the group, looking sad.

"Nothing, really," Kouichi replied, with a slightly forced smile. I knew that there was something wrong. Kouichi was thinking about something, and it obviously got him down, but he never told anyone. I knew what I had to do when Kouichi next looked sad.

A few days later

"Yo! Loner boy! Your turn!" Takuya said as he woke me up for the next watch.

"Yeah, yeah. Ok!" I muttered, annoyed. Pretty soon, Takuya was fast asleep, snoring away as usual. I couldn't help laughing quietly. After a little bit, I heard someone get up and move a little bit away. I turned around and saw it was Kouichi, thinking about something sad.

"Hey bro," I said. Kouichi jumped slightly, apparently not aware that anyone else was up.

"Oh! Hi Koji! What are you doing up?" he asked.

"It's my turn for watch. What are you doing up?" I asked, concerned.

"I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about something," he muttered, not going to tell me.

"Do you want to tell me?" I asked, really hoping he would. He shook his head. Dang. Well, I swore to myself that I would do it the next time he looked down. This was that time.

I got up from the fire and walked toward Kouichi. He was looking at me, wondering what I was doing, most likely. As soon as I was in arms reach, I knelt down, and hugged him. He tensed up as soon as I hugged him, but when he realized what I was doing, he relaxed. Something set him off, because soon he was quietly sobbing. After a few minutes, he started talking about how Crusadermon had told him that he was just a spirit, and that he didn't know how he came to the Digital world, but was still worried. I started comforting Kouichi as soon as he started crying. When he started talking, I couldn't help drawing him closer and hugging him tighter.

"Kouichi, don't listen to Crusadermon, ok? It's just trying to mess with you," I said, trying to comfort my brother even more. Kouichi silently nodded. Soon I realized I had to wake Zoe up for the next watch, but I didn't want to let go of Kouichi, and I doubt he wanted to let go of me.

"Kouichi, I'll be right back. I just have to wake up Zoe, then I'll be back, ok?" I muttered into his ear.

"Ok," he murmured. After I managed to get Zoe to wake up, I went back to Kouichi.
"Hey, how are you holding up? Anything I can do?" I quietly asked.

"Better now. But there is one thing you can do..." Kouichi quietly replied.

"What is it?" I wanted to know

"Would you give me another hug?" he asked shyly.

"Yes! Of course!" I said happily. We hugged again, and that's how we ended up falling asleep.

A/N: Not some of my greatest work, but the idea for this story just kept coming to me. So, I had to write it. Stupid plot bunnies, giving me good ideas! Also, I could just see Takuya calling Koji "loner boy," and also snoring.